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  1. I can confirm that the aluminum foil fix works with Duracell batteries.
  2. pdxbricks

    Help with IR remote for Volvo 42030

    Thank you so much Andy, this fixed it! I can't believe that the remotes wouldn't work with the most common type of batteries! Darko
  3. Hi, I bought my son a Volvo 42030 for X-mass and after building it we found that it wasn't responding to the remote controls from two 8885 remote units: http://shop.lego.com/en-US/LEGO-Power-Functions-IR-Remote-Control-8885?fromListing=listing I tried replacing the batteries, with no success. When I used the speed remote 8879: http://shop.lego.com/en-US/LEGO-Power-Functions-IR-Speed-Remote-Control-8879?fromListing=listing the loader was responding. Finally I did the cell phone camera test where I issued the commands through the remote and used cell phone camera to image the transmitter and I saw no lights on either of the 8885 remotes, but I could clearly see it on 8879. My question is has this happened to someone else and am I doing anything wrong? I did make sure the polarity of the batteries is correct, measured the voltage on all batteries (came at ~1.5) and finally contacted Lego for parts replacement. It just seems strange that two of these receivers would malfunction straight out of the box. Thanks Darko
  4. pdxbricks

    Pillage the Village 2015 Contest: Voting

    Large Category: I 2 G 1 Small Category: I 2 G 1 Digital Category: E 2 D 1
  5. pdxbricks

    China HXN3 diesel engine and C70 boxcar

    Very nice train and rolling stock!
  6. pdxbricks

    Legoland California - when will the Miniland be fixed?

    Paul, great reply, there is really nothing much to add to it! Kim, thank you for your suggestion, I will contact both LEGO and Merlin CS, however as Paul pointed out this is an issue in more than one LEGOLAND park.
  7. First, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this topic, but I think that someone from the Lego group should see this. I understand that Legoland parks are not managed by Lego any more, however since they represent the Lego brand there should at least be some oversight on how this is done. Here is my family's experience with Legoland California: - First visit was in summer of 2008 - it was great, everything that my then 4 year old daughter, my wife and I expected and more! Specifically to Miniland, all exhibits were working, trains were going back and forth (the one around the farm, two monorails in Las Vegas and I think one more), some of the cars were going around the roads in various cities, but some were already broken, as you could clearly see thread marks on the road where they used to go. Being that this was 8-9 years after opening, you could see some of weathering on the buildings and exhibits, which is expected, I suppose. - Second visit was in September/October 2014 - great experience, especially on the first day (Thursday) - no lines on almost any of the rides, we felt like we had the park for ourselves! Then the weekend came and things started getting crowded... but I digress: Miniland - now this is almost 15 years since the opening and 6 years since our last visit, and it looks like nothing was done in the meantime. None of the trains worked, to the disappointment of my 2-year old son who simply adores trains. There was 1 car moving in New York City model, another one in Washington DC, and that was it. There were some boats that were moving, but most were not, since the cables to which they are attached have fallen off the pulleys. You could see some additions, like a brand new firetruck in otherwise weathered New Orleans, and San Francisco display slowly taking shape, but otherwise everything else was just 6 years older and not very well cared about in my opinion. - Third visit was in December 2014 (yes, we bought three memberships for $200 a pop for the three of us, since our son is still younger than 3yr), we actually just came back home tonight and I had to write this and post it - it was crazy, I have never seen so many people in Legoland, which on one hand is good for the revenue but it's terrible if you happen to be there on those days, the lines were 60-90 minutes long on most of the rides. So instead of waiting in line, we went to Miniland. On the bright side, San Francisco model was completed, and it looks great! Unfortunately the street cars are not moving, even though there are rails for them. Also, some of the boats were repaired, as someone finally put the cable back on the pulley. The rest of the Miniland was in a really sad state: there were one or two cars moving in one of the exhibits, no trains were moving (even though the train around the farm exhibit was replaced with a "Christmas train", no one bothered to fix the engine I guess), no cars in Manhattan were moving, the lacquer cover on the MGM hotel in Las Vegas model was peeling off from the side and flailing in the breeze like a tatter from a ghost ship mast, the Santa with reindeer model was sadly sagging from one of the New York skyscrapers, unlike the witches that were spinning around during our previous visit and that everyone was pointing at. A section of the roof of the Sydney Opera caved in. All in all, it was fairly disappointing experience. So there you have it. We are planning to go again sometimes in March (we live ~350 miles away in Phoenix), and I hope that at least some of the things we saw will be repaired. After all, the sign at the entry to the Miniland says that it's the "Heart of Legoland" so I think that it should be kept in a better shape than it is now. You can go to so many other amusement parks for a ride on a roller coaster, to a water park or aquarium, but the Miniland is what should be a really unique experience that sets Legoland apart from so many other amusement parks in southern California, or for that matter Worldwide!
  8. pdxbricks

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Category A; #2 #1 Category B: #4 #2 Category C: #6 #4
  9. @Zblj - thank you, agreed, you can put 53992 onto 56145 in reality, but not in LDD. Also,she needs to use parts from the Mindstorms set, and the only track in it is 53992. @Superkalle - yes, sorry, I didn't put in the part number,it is 53992. Thank you for reporting this, it would be great if LEGO can update this part with one that is more useful.
  10. My daughter is trying to design a Mindstorms robot for her school's FLL league in LDD, and would like to use rubber tracks instead of wheels. Neither of us could figure out how to put two rims into the track, part # 56145 Rim Wide w. Cross 30x20 fits on one side of the track, but not on the other one, like it would on a real model. Has anyone found a way to actually use these rubber tracks successfully in LDD? Thank you!
  11. pdxbricks

    NEWS 2014 trains!

    I like the passenger train set more, the cargo locomotive seems quite short, definitely not in the class of Maersk. But why did they have to use black train wheels (2878c01) on a set that is predominantly grey? I was hoping to see the grey ones re-issued so that I can finisha Santa-fe replica.
  12. pdxbricks

    Discontinuation Speculation

    Just bought my second Maersk train, so now I have two of each: Maersk and EN Each one is great in it's own way. If Maersk train will not be around for long, I'll probably get more.
  13. I saw someone selling on ebay a 'lego cleaning kit' which consisted of a dremel-type rotaty tool and some soft brushes. He has a video of it and it seems to work great. I thought about doing this myself, but haven't tried it yet.
  14. pdxbricks

    Emerald Night with M Motor Issues

    Hi, you may want to check around, people have installed M sized motors before (although the one in the instructions is XL motor). Here is a link to one such mod http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=382705. Have fun!
  15. pdxbricks

    How Many Trains Do You Own?

    2 x 10194 Emerald Nights (one motorized, one soon to be) 2 x 7938 Passenger Train 2 x 3677 Red Cargo Train (thanks to buy one get one 50%off and $30off original price at TRU last weekend) 1 x 7939 Yellow Cargo Train 1 x 10219 Maersk Train (motorized) 1 x 10183 Hobby Train (9V motorized) 1 x 7597 Toy Story train 1 x 163 Cargo Wagon - I've had it for a very long time. Several MOC's in progress (Santa Fe Super Chief in SOO livery, BR50, Hogwarts Express)