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    [Contest] Space Pirates - Back to the Carribean Galaxy!

    Wow, there were some great entries, thanks everyone for participating and voting and for Eurobricks for organising and to King Kuhuka for being one of the best minifigures, he seems to be my lucky charm
  2. Category A - Pirate Crew The Heterogeneous by Barbarbrick MetalBeard 9000's Crew by JulianH Space Pirates and Space Armada by the Inventor Category B - Sailing the river of time Hover Raft by BrynnOfCastlegate Krakkin Attackin' by BenSpector42 Space Armada Sentry by the Inventor Category C - Rum for everybody! Kahuka-1 by Yatkuu The Rustbucket by JimBaggins Space Station 41c -piratified! by jansued
  3. I've gone for a remake of 6236: King Kahuka, with a side helping of 6806: Surface Hopper A few more pictures on my Instagram
  4. The SS Carrot, scourge of bustling farmers markets and isolated bio-research outposts alike. Throughout The Seven Galexseas no vegetable is safe from a nibble from these rouge rabbits. Captain Jack Rabbit – Inventor of the rabbit operated pirate-mech, a lover of carrot juice grog and fancy hats. Bosun B. Buns – Jack's Right hand rabbit, likes shiny things and horizontal strips Mr. Huggles – A sentient soft toy and the crew's heavy weapons expert. He developed the rapid fire rotten carrot cannon "Hey, Up There" - The crew's lookout, scouts for vegetables from his mobile crow's nest C.A.A.R.A.T – Carrot Aquiring and Redistrubution Autonomus Technology, but likes to think they are more than just a single-minded automaton Roger "Definately a Rabbit" – Faced with the constant stress of finding their prized marrow with tiny teeth marks in it some farmers gave up, others found novel ways hiding their love of vegatables from the space pirates, Roger did neither of these things because he is definately a Rabbit, ok?
  5. kritch

    SPC [Cat A] : The Crew of the SS Carrot

    Quick bios added
  6. Floating silently through the depths of space, the Blackhole Sunfish waits.....
  7. I managed 4 builds this Febrovery, all small animals in domed vehicles. Instructions are avaliable on my Rebrickable page
  8. Santa's Rudolph Mech. Useful for deep snow and hard to reach chimneys More pictures on Instagram Instructions on Rebrickable.
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    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - WINNERS

    Well done everybody, The 4 sets look great together in the top image, and thanks to @Mister Phes for organising it There were lots of great entries If anyone wants to build King Kahuka's Outrigger Boat the instructions are avaliable here for free, Rebrick wouldn't let me add a discount code to make my premium builds free, but for the next week if anyone here also wants instructions for those, send me a message here and I will send you a PDF copy.
  10. An entry to the category 1 of the Mini Set competition. It uses 44 pieces. Although thinking about it now it's probably not very classic in its styling. I should have made it red, but I didn't have the right pieces I'll leave it here anyway
  11. Thanks very much, I don't quite believe it, I won't celebrate until the official announcement is made (there seems to be a lot of chat in the voting thread), I felt sure you were going to win. Well done on coming 2nd, Sloop Windy is definitely a set I would have liked to see as a kid. I've just download your very nicely produced instructions from Rebrickable
  12. kritch


    Main Building Category Caribbean Shipyard by Cincinnati Short Pork Island by Yogginton The Lost Lagoon by The Brick Stop Saber Island 2023 by TomSkippy 6279 Skull Island - Remake by MyFirstMOC-Hun Mini Set Building Category Fortune Idol by Oky Treasure Island by Oky Sloop Windy by Marooned Marin Hidden Cache by LetsBrick 1872 Imperial Guard Camp by Thewatchman
  13. I've made some of the suggested changes, not sure if I'll change the offical entry, but I thought I'd put it here for people to see. I also realised that I hadn't used the offical King kahuka in my first Build New on the left
  14. 4 = 1 point 8 = 1 point 12 = 1 point
  15. 12 = 1 point 13 = 2 points
  16. 04 - 1 point 06 - 1 point 18 - 1 point
  17. I hadn't thought of that, unfortunately I don't have any in brown, just tried red and it might look too narrow. I will leave it for a bit and see if it grows on me. Thanks
  18. Yes, I struggle with my lighting setup and the Scottish weather doesn't produce much natural light unfortunately. I took lots of photos and lightened them in photoshop, and this one was the most natural I could get (believe it or not that is a blue background). I will just have to pretend he's out for a dusk fishing trip. Thanks for the suggestions, I do tend to go for muted colours and a limited pallet, but I have switched these out on my model to see how it looks. At the moment I'm not sure, the extra red and white seem to make the King's mask too prominent. If I get time I will try to take some photos of this more classic colour variant. Although I will take the opportunity to link to one of my most colourful builds (although the picture itself is still dark Yes this bothers me too. Some of the Polynesian outrigger boats I was using as reference have a little upright on the prow, and I wanted to do something like that, but the symmetrical SNOT design limited what I could do. I tried 1x1 tiles but that produced an even harder edge. Thanks for the constructive feedback everyone, it's very much appreciated
  19. Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I've just added instructions to Rebrickable if you are intrested.
  20. This is great, so many details to enjoy, with the Anubis jar being one of the best
  21. Dr. Kilroy's Sky Car is a converted tram carriage and has everything he needs for adventure. It's compact size and vertical takeoff and landing capability allows it to reach the remotest areas. Inside there is a bed, shelves full of travel guides and specimen jars, a microscope, maps and charts and ample storage. At the back is a viewing platform with a camera and additional storage is found on the roof. Lots more pictures on Instagram.
  22. This started out as me trying to come up with an idea for Cat. A, I was imagining the top of a huge Mesoamerican pyramid emerging from the cloud canopy but it was quickly obvious I didn't have enough bricks to build a 48 x48 square cloud so I had to settle for an update of 5906: Ruler of the Jungle I decided to change the original blue to teal, which caused it to look like a Monkie Kid set, but I carried on anyway. I wasn't going to enter it it but @Oky suggested it might fit in Cat. B as Achu's office. I'll leave it here in case I don't come up with any other ideas Also on Instagram
  23. Yes, you might be right, in my memory Adventurers was more fantastical that it actually was. My thinking was Dr. Kilroy was able to adapt whatever technology he mastered for this and scale it up.