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  1. My modulars are in my city... More on my flickr account
  2. Robiwan

    Help Identifying MOD Fire Brigade 10197

    Hi So now the promised pictures of my 10197 MOD. Pictures are made in my little town. A short description. It is build on a 64x48 baseplate. So I have an Firehouse with 5 garages. The ground floor and the top floor have been completely revised. More Pics here. BS Robiwan
  3. Robiwan

    Help Identifying MOD Fire Brigade 10197

    Hi all for all who want see more of my firebrigade i will make a few photos this weekend. Have a little patience. Robiwan
  4. Robiwan

    Help Identifying MOD Fire Brigade 10197

    Hi scottwb2010 this MOD of 10197 it's from me. When you want more informations, please pm me.
  5. Robiwan

    Rue de la Gare

    Hi Hoexbroe, it looks great, like all your other MOCs. Can't wait to see your MegaMOC 2011. But 2011 ends in a few weeks so we can hope see more next time.
  6. Robiwan

    10218 Pet Shop

    What color have the under stone lines ob both buildings? I belive that is see dark-gray and dark-blue, is that right? Thanks
  7. Robiwan

    Winter Village: Soup Café

    Looks nice, great work. But one question I have. From where is the torso of the mother? I have it never seen bevor.
  8. Robiwan

    City 2010

    Knows anyone what 8403 will be coast?
  9. It gives that windows in tan. Look at the catalogs on the city theme an you can see in the backround many of them
  10. Robiwan

    20 creepy Halloween minifigs

    Hi Morgan, great work I like the german decals. Can I get them from anywhere??? Robiwan
  11. Robiwan

    Decal Wish List

    I searching for deacals of German SS Soldiers in black. Maybe can anyone help me. Thanks ...
  12. Robiwan

    Ideas for new City sets

    I wish me more cars for low prieses like in the '90 .... *wub*
  13. Robiwan

    Ideas for new City sets

    Street baseplates with parking lots, that will be very nice. *wub*
  14. I like it that they build it in minifig scale. *y* But I hate the high entrance fee of around EUR 14 for araund second houres of delay. :-( Thats no comparison opposite the entrance fee in the "real" Legoland where I can stay the hole day.