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  1. I drew My version of Darth Vader, it has got a mask (like the one of Alien Conquest's alien), a chest armour and a cape. The top of his helmet is removable.
  2. Thanks to everyone, it's important for me to be criticized by you. So, if you have some ideas but you can't express them (because you can't draw, you don't have the time...) tell it to me and I'll try to do it. I can also do portraits of existing minifigs for avatars, and anything you need. And, last but not least, is there someone with a CUUSOO account ? I'll give him (or her) the permission to post my Darth Vader project, because I don't know how to do it.
  3. Lego lover

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    3) by the watchman - 3 points. It's simply amazing!!
  4. Lego lover

    Super Hero Avatar Contest

    Andrew Nubis is an archeologist... During a work in Egypt he discovered two staffs, the Staff of Sun and the Staff of Moon. In the night, the staffs started to glow... Andrew took them, he started to feel stronger... In ten minutes he was transformed in Anubis, the Egyptian god. So he decided to keep the staffs for him and return to New York. When he returned home, Andrew discovered more super powers. He could run faster than wind, disappear and shoot laser beams from his eyes. So, every night, he fights the crime in his city, under the name of Anubis.
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    Decal Wish List

    Here are Bricky0's Decals. Tim Drake Torso Tim Drake Face Damian Wayne Torso Damian Wayne Face There are the decals I did by now, I'm going to do the others you asked for. Hope you like them. I'm really proud of Tim Drake's torso, it looks likes very lego-ish.
  6. Lego lover

    LDD MOC: ''Rockcastle''

    I was inspired by ''Helm's deep'', because I'm reading the LOTR trilogy, so I started building this castle on LDD. It counts 1098 pieces, but I'm planning to extend it and make it bigger. Now, I want to add a gate in the front and a wall in the back to make it complete. Hope you like it. [2nd edit] I added the front gate and two towers. [3rd edit] Rockcastle is finished!!! I added the wall in the back, now the castle is 2009 pieces!!! I like what I made. It's pretty good for a MOC built in two days, do you think? Now, I'm planning to build other castle-related MOCs, so stay tuned. Good night, my friends!!!
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    LDD MOC: ''Rockcastle''

    Good idea!!! I'm going to modify it in the afternoon.
  8. Lego lover

    LDD MOC: ''Rockcastle''

    Thank you, man !!! Do you think I should add some flags and some minifigs?
  9. Lego lover

    Alternative staff for Loki

    Look there !!! Yes, they made it, and it's available in a lot of sets.
  10. Lego lover

    Alternative staff for Loki

    Can I suggest this ?
  11. Lego lover

    LDD MOC: ''Rockcastle''

    Thank you so much!!
  12. Lego lover

    [LDD] Throne of Babylon

    Simply fantastic, man. I wish I can have your building skills.
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    LOTR Project: The Fellowship of the Ring

    You should work for TLG, my friend. I love what you made, and I want more from you.
  14. Lego lover

    Lego Lover's decals

    Now, two characters played by Johnny Depp. Willy Wonka [Charlie and the chocolate factory] Raoul Duke [Fear and loathing in Las Vegas]
  15. I'm going to post here some decals I made. Let's start with a superhero, Hawkeye. Hope you like it, if you have any suggestions please post them.
  16. Lego lover

    Decal Wish List

    Here are the samurai maskand kimono for MrErikku. Samurai mask Kimono torso Kimono legs Samurai mask without mustaches Grey samurai mask Grey samurai mask without mustaches Grey samurai mask with grey mustaches I didn't have much time to make samurai legs. I will post them soon . I hope you like the decals I've already made for you. Lego Lover
  17. I found the method for putting brick decorations on minifig torsos, heads, legs and every decorable item. I will post a tutorial, if anyone needs it. Now, there is a couple of examples. I was bored so I put the clock' s decoration on a minifig, so... He' s the Lord of Time. Any SW fan will love that... an Astromech Droid T-shirt. I can't download them .
  18. Jack was left with the dory at Tortuga, after promising Giselle and Scarlett a ride on the Black Pearl . Alone, Jack set out in the boat to begin his quest for the Fountain of Youth. If I'd win (I don't think so) I would choose The Mill.
  19. Lego lover

    How many factions in your kingdom?

    I have four factions. Knights of the Crown : Fantasy Era Crownies alleated with Kingdoms Lion Knights. They're commanded by the Crownies' King, father of Jayko and Santis (KKII) and Lord Vladek. Dark Dragons : Kingdoms Dragon Knights alleated with some thiefs. Commanded by Cedric the Bull. Men of the woods : CM S1 forestman, CM S3 Elf and some custom figs. Commanded by Rascus. Paesants : All custom figs. They will show up in my next moc so... Stay tuned.
  20. Lego lover

    LDD MOC: The Queen Anne's Revenge

    I was inspired to build The Queen Anne's Revenge, so I searched an image of Edward Teach's ship and I found that . Then I tried to build it in LDD and I came out with this : I know that it isn't complete but I posted those images to know if you like them and if I'm building right. Hope you like it . LXF
  21. I want a decal option, instead of the decorations one, so we can use our decals in LDD, I want also some pirate parts, like the s4 musketeer's rapier, new Potc parts and so.
  22. Lego lover

    LDD MOC: The Queen Anne's Revenge

    I'm building that ship, who is supposed to be the QAR. I think it's in minifig scale, and not in minifig illusion scale.
  23. Lego lover

    LDD MOC: The Queen Anne's Revenge

    LXF Now the bricks are 707.
  24. Lego lover

    LDD MOC: The Queen Anne's Revenge

    LXF She's 92 studs long and 22 studs wide and she's made with 548 bricks.