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  1. Xiran

    [MOC] Utapau

    I really like some of your ideas, especially the skeleton arch.
  2. Xiran

    The Crowd Favorite

    My vote goes to Felucia: Heart of Darkness by legorevolution. The reasons for this are simple: -It's an epic scenes contest. The scene of clonetroopers, that where very good friends with their previous Jedi generals, assasinating them after Order 66 is one of the most sad and simultaneous epic scenes, since it is the personification of one of the cruelest massacres in the whole saga. -The moment of the scene is chosen very well, you can still see in the face of Aayla how she can't believe what is happening. -The flora is very colourfull and has a hudge variety, like it should be on Felucia. It really makes me happy someone chose this scene and worked on it so well. :)
  3. Xiran