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    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    What? *Barfs* LEGO Cuusoo being replaced by.........LEGO ideas? Hm? Nice idea! I love it! keep it up! *Self destructs the LEGO Cuusoo Ship and it exploded* Gone. :P
  2. AgentImagination

    AgentImagination's Introdiction

    Hello I'm Back! Miss me? Also,sorry for inactiveness! Let's party!
  3. AgentImagination

    Orðlokarr Castle

    Woah! Oh My BRICK! That is SOOOOOO 100% COOL! Can I have your Autograph? *Gets out Autograph book and pen*
  4. AgentImagination

    The Lost City

    Woah! Oh My BRICK! That is SOOOOOOO COOL! May I have your autograph? *Gets out a Autograph book and pen*
  5. AgentImagination

    AgentImagination's Introdiction

    Yes! *Jumps up and down, very excited!:P* We will be friends forever! *Starts walking around and starts mumbling about LEGO:P* We will be friends forever! We will be friends forever!:P
  6. AgentImagination

    LEGO Castle II Café

    Welcome to the LEGO Castle II Café Please come, Have a Cup of Coffee, and talk about LEGO Castle II!
  7. AgentImagination

    LEGO Castle II Club

    Welcome to the LEGO Castle II Club Please come and talk about LEGO Castle II!
  8. AgentImagination

    AgentImagination's Introdiction

    Shall we be friends? *Gets a Cup of Coffee and drinks it*:P
  9. AgentImagination

    AgentImagination's Introdiction

    Hello Everyone! I'm AgentImagination! AKA AI! I joined EuroBricks Forum on Wednesday 11th September 2013! I'm a 100% Massive Fan of LEGO! My Favourite LEGO Themes are: LEGO City, LEGO Hero Factory, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Legends of Chima, LEGO Galaxy Squad, LEGO Dino, LEGO Alien Conquest, LEGO Space Police III, LEGO Universe, etc. Who likes to be my friend?