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  1. BorgShadow

    [MOC] Transperth B series EMU digital design Cheers Phil B
  2. BorgShadow

    [MOC] Transperth B series EMU digital design

    Zephyr1934 I’ve used a series of 2*1 with 2*2 bracket with a 2*4 (2*2) curve piece to form the lower curve. The brackets used also to form the perimeter of a custom train base so the bogies wont rotate at ridiculous angles. Top of the bracket is a 2 stud wide plate then a series of 2*1 hinge brick to form the remainder of the diaphragm shape when bent. Then the remainder bricks on top as you can see is self explanatory. Due to that chosen design, I cannot use the 2*1 grille tile i assume you are mentioning, the real train does have groove patterns on its shell thou. But I did use those grille tiles for the A/C units on the roof. Cheers.
  3. BorgShadow

    [MOC] Transperth B series EMU digital design

    UPDATE: my picturtes should be visible now. Thanks :)
  4. This is my MOC of a Transperth B series Electrical Multiple Units using Bricklink Studio Lego designer. This train MOC is of the same name based of the real version that is currently in operation in Perth, Western Australia. I'm still creating it's instructions. I will eventually buy the bricks from online (Bricklink), Pfx bricks for realism and showcase it. I hope you will like it.
  5. BorgShadow

    MOC: Traction Substation

    ..Huh, and I thought I was the only one in the land of Oz who did there own Australian city public transport models Steinkopf. Who knew. Do you have any more pics of that Sydney train of yours? oh and the err Traction Substation looks nice to. Here's my Perth public transport models BTW
  6. BorgShadow

    2012 City sets

    I have 2 articulated MOC buses in my brickshelf gallery under 'Transperth buses' based from Perth WA, where I'm from. check 'em out:)
  7. BorgShadow

    MOC: One

    From polygon 9v track to 1-stud trains, I'm curious of how they move? Air hockey style? I'll might have a crack at my own trains in 1 stud style. Brilliant all round Mathis. Cheers. :) Please check out my brickshelf file. Just search 'borgshadow'.
  8. BorgShadow

    [REVIEW] 8070 Supercar

    His brickshelf page is Fase6-Bodywork
  9. BorgShadow


    FOUR?! How about THOR!! .."Well it hurts (Sore lol)"
  10. BorgShadow

    MOC: Train Crossing Signal

    Cool design with crossing mate. I actually have my own crossing design from LDD below.. also the 'over head traction system' to based on Aussie designs but that's later. cheers
  11. BorgShadow

    MOC: Toyworld Store

    Awesome Toyworld store mate. It appears that you based your store from LEGO set 7848. If so, I would imagine what the Toyworld truck would look like?! Keep on bricki'n BorgShadow P.S. Is it just me or does the Grand Imporium 'Shpo' logo look like an 'IKEA' store?
  12. BorgShadow

    City 2010

    Actually I've come up with my own monorail design myself Here's the link... My monorail train design
  13. BorgShadow

    City 2010

    Bloody hell, I start of with a pic of 8404 Lego set, then i get a whole pile of comments over one night. Perhaps I should host a variety TV show lol. My wish list (If any of these show up the light of day at our Aussie shores)... 1) 3221 Truck (x3) 2) 7938 Pass. Train (x2) 3) 7939 Cargo train (x2) 4) 7937 Train Station (x2 with one of them built mirrored and click them together) 5) 7936 Rail Xing (x5) 6) 10211 Grand Imporium (x1) 7) 10213 Space Shuttle (x1) 8) 8403 City house (x1) 9) ...and of course there's 8404 Public Transport center (x2) There, that should beef up my lego city a bit.
  14. BorgShadow

    City 2010

    Here's the happy snap of the 8404 Lego set... (Ooops sorry the pic was too large) Here's the link to itLego set 8404 Enjoy
  15. BorgShadow

    Any Formula 1 racing fans out there?

    Yay!! Webber won, you Aussie battler Woohoo!