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  1. edgedmangahas

    I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    Any updates on this? Appreciate it! Thanks
  2. edgedmangahas

    GE Retirement date

    I got a MISB GE, Townhall and PR (building in progress). I am really excited to build the GE because of the excellent MODs and MOCs I see here. It seems to be a fav of modular collectors / MOC-cers. IMHO, PR wins in terms of detail but I must agree that in terms of "bigness" the townhall and GE seems to be on top.
  3. edgedmangahas

    Round Office Building

    Awesome! Love the shape. It adds a lot of character to any town layout.
  4. edgedmangahas

    [MOC] Abandoned Factory Modular

    Love the effect of the tattoo stickers.. really looks like a vandal. Good job!
  5. edgedmangahas

    OAM-club (Owners of All Modulars)

    Looking forward to BL-ing the first 4. I just got GE, PC, and TH.. looking to get PS and PC next year.
  6. edgedmangahas

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I would like to see a museum modular. That would be cool.
  7. edgedmangahas

    Lego in Paris, France

    Thanks for the inputs! :)
  8. edgedmangahas


    Mabuhay means "long live" :)
  9. edgedmangahas

    Lego in Paris, France

    Thanks for that Freekysch. Do stores like Carrefour have clearancea on Lego too?
  10. edgedmangahas

    Lego in Paris, France

    Hi Guys, I am visiting Paris in November and would like to know if there are updates to the information above. I know that there is a LEGO Store in So West Mall (how's the PAB selection there?) and there will be one that's gonna open in Disneyland Paris (largest in Europe) by the time I visit. I am also wondering if the mega outlets and department stores have crazy clearance sales ala Target or Kroger in the states? Where else can I find good LEGO deals in Paris? Thanks, EJ
  11. edgedmangahas


    Hi! My name is EJ, an AFOL from the Philippines. We have recently in the last year put up our own LUG. Visit us at: www.phlug.net and http://www.facebook.com/PHLUG?fref=ts :) Mabuhay everyone!