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  1. Looks like Lego may read this site... straight and curved rail is now on pick a brick. Price is £1.91 in UK. Not bad for straight compared to Bricklink with a ready supply of large quantities with known postage, but way over Bricklink for curved. The price is also way over the old 7896 pack price where you got 8 of each for about £15. Pick a brick would now be over £30 for that qty - but you could have 16 straight for that. Flex rail is also on there at £0.95 each. Thoughts?
  2. Itrain

    Should Lego change the way they sell Track ?

    Thanks to a poster in the Lego Town theme, the Lego site has been updated. 7499 Flexible Tracks has been added - looks like 8 straights but only 16 flexible pieces = 4 standard piece lengths. Follow this link No price yet. Regards, iTrain
  3. Itrain

    any 2011 lego train news?

    Agreed, a good compromise if this is what is happening, anything to avoid more standard curves. I have two of the full packs of flex-track as I ordered the Emerald Night Power Functions set (included one pack) and got a second flex-track pack free because of late delivery. Add to that the flex-track from the current sets and I have a lot of it. I don’t have space for a permanent layout so I need to build each time usually with help (or not) from my children. It enables them connect up the ends that would not otherwise meet. I use it for wider radius curves when I have to or straight sidings, which is my preference as it frees up the proper straight for the main track. Regards, iTrain
  4. Itrain

    MOC: Öresundstrain

    Really great MOC. I have travelled over the bridge many times in those trains in the last few years and often wondered if anyone had created a MOC of them. Good job. Regards, iTrain
  5. Itrain

    any 2011 lego train news?

    From the product catalogue pictures for 2010/2011 (from that PDF that has been linked elsewhere) it looks like the new set 4799 will have 32 flex pieces and 8 curved pieces. Are these the standard curves? This could be terrible if they have released the flex track with the standard curve - 'the worst of both worlds'. Better would be 8 new radius curve or 8 stright pieces. The best would be separate packs for each or individual on pick-a-brick. Regards, iTrain.
  6. Itrain

    UK Sales

    I visited the Milton Keynes shop 2 weeks ago and asked if they still had the vouchers. They didn't but the shop assistant was very helpful and gave me 20% off without one (I am a VIP card holder, I think you have to be). I used it to buy a Grand Emporium which was a very nice saving. So I would just ask the assistant in the shop, maybe you will also be lucky. regards, iTrain
  7. Itrain

    Sidings on layouts

    The problem I have is the common one of too many curved track pieces and not enough straight pieces. One solution I have thought of but not yet tried out is to make the sidings curved but to alter the radius of the curve for each track by using different amounts of flexible track in between each curved piece. Hopefully in that way you could build 3 or 4 curved sidings close together. Has anybody tried this or something similar ? Cheers iTrain
  8. Itrain

    Review: 8404 Public Transport

    The good news - 8404 Public Transport & 7848 Toys'r'Us truck were in my local Toys'r'Us today (Coventry UK). The really bad news - 8404 was a jaw dropping £99.99 & 7848 was just as bad at £39.99. I cannot see them being big sellers in the UK based on those prices. I got the Public Transport because I want the tram, but an average member of the public isn't going to like those prices. Still, looking forward to putting it together this evening. Cheers, iTrain.
  9. Itrain

    Review: 8404 Public Transport

    I agree completely with Mojolego and other comments on this topic. I would have several trams and busses they are great, but not the rest. Including a street cleaner in a set about public transport is ridiculous; I just don’t see any connection. Why include 3 structures when one better tram/bus station would do, or even just the one with the glass roof would be ok for me. What is the shop with an L shape base for exactly? I also think the car is stretching it a bit as well. If it needs another vehicle then it should be a taxi, perhaps of the minibus variety to differentiate from the train station set. To Lego set design – you lost the plot on this one… To Lego marketing – don’t get so greedy… I will buy it because I want the tram and bus, but the rest will just gather dust.
  10. Itrain

    UK Sales

    Just spotted that all Lego is 3 for 2 at Some items sold out but a lot still available as I type this. Regards, iTrain
  11. Itrain

    2011 themes and sets?

    Last xmas I had the Holiday train (with PF mod) going round the tree with the Winter Toy Shop at the side, looked great. An additional building like the bakery or a station would be great news. A complete train even better to expand the theme, but perhaps that is another year away if the winter theme keeps going ? Cheers, Itrain.
  12. Itrain

    2010 Train Sets

    If it helps anyone I ordered and successfully received the 4 new train sets from Amazon.FR to the UK. Postage was EUR 10,16 and took 4 working days. I know they are now available in the UK on line now at ToysRUS & also my local shop had (only) the Cargo train as of Monday this week. Best Regards, iTrain
  13. Itrain

    2010 Train Sets

    Both trains looking good. Would like to know if the cargo train comes with the yellow, red and green containers ? Also does the red container off the lorry fit the train carriages or not ? p.s. the LEGO 7597 Western Train Chase (based on pictures from another thread) seems to have large red driving wheels ????? Any pics of the Harry Potter train yet ? Regards, iTrain
  14. Itrain

    10199 is back

    Lucky I got mine from a UK Lego store in December. Price then was £39.15. As well as the VAT increase they have added £5 to make it £44.99 in the UK now. I think TLG are gradually changing the £ to € rate. Imperial Flagship 10210 is actually on the wrong side of the exchange rate, while almost all sets have been great value in the UK for a while now - compare those prices to the Green Grocer for instance. Oh well, it was good while it lasted
  15. Itrain

    2010 Train Sets

    Too cheap if you ask me, but it would be great Either the pricing is wrong or this is a new type of battery box as you say. Looking at the size of my rechargeable you could only fit in 4 X AA batteries (6V if you are lucky), and I don't think AAA would be much better, so unless it is bigger we are non the wiser. Speculating on the high res images, I noticed two things. First that it looks like there is a jack point for the power connection to recharge the battery but against that there seems to be a black bottom to the box which is not present on the rechargeable....... Either way I like the look of the new sets, but so long to wait.