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    Micro AT-ST

    Wow, that is amazing!
  2. YouKnowMe


    WOW, awesome MOC, very much nice techniques too ...
  3. YouKnowMe

    Why is the Cloud City set so expensive?

    You have a good point there, afosl, though I think we would have to wait a pretty long time before we see a drop in interest for lego star wars.
  4. YouKnowMe

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hey, thank you very much man!
  5. YouKnowMe

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Could somebody help me? I'm looking for pictures from a Consular-class cruiser in lego. Since I'm planning on making one and I'm having some trouble with parts i'd like to have an example... Thanks in advance. this is what I mean
  6. YouKnowMe


    Do you realise that his might be the most epic misprint of all time?
  7. YouKnowMe

    Jedi Duel - Dueling Thread

    Hey guys, nobody wants to duel me??
  8. YouKnowMe

    UCS questions

    Actually, the MF hasn't been available for about a week now...
  9. YouKnowMe

    Jedi Duel - Dueling Thread

    Yeah, who wants to duel me?
  10. YouKnowMe

    Romans or Greeks/Spartans

    Yeah a theme of them is not so likely... But atleast we get a spartan Hoplite
  11. YouKnowMe

    Romans or Greeks/Spartans

    actually, lego is making them!!! The second line of these "minifigs" will include a roman/greek soldier source: (after the videos you'll see some pics)
  12. YouKnowMe

    The Penguin's SW minifigures..... )

    Your commando droids are great indeed, might have to consider sending you a PM
  13. YouKnowMe

    1st Warrior Collection

    Wow, this is nice dude, a little chrome's always nice, but... This is really wonderful, might have to get some chrome parts too
  14. YouKnowMe

    Jedi Duel - Dueling Thread

    Yeah, Jedi Lhi Kadhar would like to fight his first battle
  15. Jedi Initiate Lhi Kadhar Bio Lhi, an inhabitant of one of the core planets, was gifted with the force but was discovered rather late. At the age of 14 already he was discovered by master Mace Windu during a mission. But, of course, this all happend during the clone wars, and the Jedi were low on stock, so the council decided to train this one. he developed himself well and "graduated". during the wars he did so well that the council intended to promote him to general. But before he would get this promotion, he first had to pass a test, which he failed. In normal conditions he would have been suspended but it being the clone wars made him stay, though, as a regular Jedi. During his life he had always showed a great interest for the light saber and especially for it's hilt. So after his suspension he got into the light saber-hilt production and spent the rest of his days trying to create new and better models, for the future generations to use. Lhi Kadhar in action Wins/Losses W: - L: - (pics are taken with my webcam, quality=horrible)