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  1. El Bucanero

    Le Alceste

  2. El Bucanero

    EB Members Title Archive

    Apparently, I like kiwi's.
  3. El Bucanero

    WIP: Superbe, a French 80 gun Ship of the Line

    You might want to change that figurehead's pitchfork for one of these beauties? (pic = link)
  4. El Bucanero

    EB Pirates News - Edition 1

  5. El Bucanero

    The end of LEGO Pirates by mid 2010

    Ah well, perhaps this is it after all.
  6. El Bucanero

    Captain Morgan: Scourge of the Pond

    Nice use of the ice cream
  7. El Bucanero

    Cannon Power

  8. El Bucanero

    Visiting The Amsterdam, 23 August 2009

  9. El Bucanero

    Dutch VOC ship the Prins Willim, minifig scale!

    Ouch, have you seen this yet? Pic = link
  10. El Bucanero

    Coming over the Horizon soon!

    The rigging is looking good, especially the different colours.
  11. El Bucanero

    HMS Vanguard

  12. El Bucanero

    How many cannon do you have?

  13. El Bucanero

    Jamie Waring