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  1. vojvoda

    Home Sweet Home - Voting thread

    Category A 3 - 2 point 15 - 2 points Category B 9 - 2 point 17 - 2 points
  2. vojvoda

    Boxes - do you keep them?

    I'm sentimentally connected to the LEGO boxes , especially for older .
  3. vojvoda

    Members on the map

    Belgrade, Serbia :-)
  4. vojvoda

    Hello EB!

    Hi, my name is Dario and I am a member of LUG Skockani from Serbia. I'm interested in Train and Historical (Castle, Western, Vikings) theme. I started with LEGO at the end of 90's but I have had break almost 20 years. Before 3 years I continued with LEGO. On this forum I am active like guest almost 1 year and my favourite topic is LEGO Train Tech. I hope, I will meet somebody from this forum on LFW.