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    Some things I've been working on...

    thats amazing work! i really liked the fort and your loot island MOD! the fort looks like a 2009 remake of El Dorado Fortress, which is really cool! do you have a flickr or brickshelf by chance?
  2. Admiral Blue

    Moc - Royale Trading Post - St. Ann's Cliff

    the yellow/white walls and red roof is very classic pirate looking. that color scheme is what makes classic sets classic in my opinion! i really like this fort! good work!
  3. Admiral Blue

    Nancy's Tavern

    very nice job! Alestorm comes to life! i was actually planning to make something similar, and your interior turned out alot like my imagination saw "nancy's tavern cafe".
  4. Admiral Blue

    The Captain Takes a Bride (part 2 of 3)

    that was a really cool idea to use a clear base plate for the window! i've always wanted to look for a superior way to build a window like that and this one seems the most efficient! the window can be very large, easy to make, and still rather see through! nice work!
  5. Admiral Blue

    Presenting my current WIP: HMS Victory

    that's amazing!! i wonder how much you spent on that thing! probably a couple hundred dollars worth of bricks!! can't wait to see the finished product!
  6. Admiral Blue

    The Tragedy of La Mort Royal

    oh man.. that's awful... i dont see how it could ever be reconstructed... it's really sad
  7. Admiral Blue

    POTC or Classic pirates in 2011

    i chose classic pirates, but if they didn't plan on making classic pirate sets in 2011, then why NOT have POTC? it wouldn't do any harm really... other than peaches and yellow heads will finally meet in the pirate world, something i DO NOT look forward to, but it would be worth it in my opinion so we could get official jack sparrow and more big ships.
  8. Admiral Blue

    Pirates or Imperials

    id want to be in charge of the imperial army. not sure what it is, but there's something extraordinary about a huge number of identical soldiers lined up outside a port waiting to fend off against rebel pirates!
  9. Admiral Blue

    LEGO MUJI – bricks and paper

    this looks like a very nifty tool, but can it cut things besides regular old paper? things like making a custom sail from cloth similar to TLG's, and different colored capes. regular printing paper can be ripped easily and is not something i use for making a sail with. it would however be very useful if it could cut thicker material like worn out sails, so your damaged holes may be replaces with a less tattered one. id have to use this thing to really test what it can do.
  10. Admiral Blue

    Which type of flags do you like better?

    i said the new ones because they don't break (unless you yank it from the stick its on) and when worn out they wont fall down the stick, and not stay at the top like good flags should do
  11. Admiral Blue

    32 x 32 blue base plates

    i wish base plates were a lot cheaper. you know it doesn't cost hardly anything to make one, and with little to no packaging... its even cheaper! they should cost like $2 or something. sure would sell alot more.
  12. Signed! It doesn't make any sense why LEGO wouldn't sell a product somewhere, they're just loosing money.