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  1. Something_Awesome

    Star Wars is kinda fading

    I don’t want to spoil. I think release day there is a two episode drop? You may overall be fine with the show until week two :/ Oh, and how I got to watch? I live in Los Angeles and know certain people LOL. I do not INTEND to finish the show. May watch a recap of the show or something just to see know for sure the direction Disney is going. Um…. It looks like some directions with story in Ahsoka were influenced by Acolyte. Like, Filoni definitely has taken Acolyte in to consideration :/ Oh and as for LotR, I don’t mean it’s easy to get in to because of the show. But as long as any kid has any fascination with fantasy, they will LOVE the six movies. My baby sister ADORES the six movies, as do my nieces and nephews. I have a niece with LotR prop replicas.
  2. Something_Awesome

    Star Wars is kinda fading

    Ok so, it does seem like the Star Wars demographic is getting much older on average. This is largely due to the youngest generations not being in to Star Wars, and the exit of a lot of much older fans from the franchise who are NOT introducing the franchise to their kids. Star Wars these days is a difficult watch and difficult to pick up more organically compared to franchises like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Maybe even, more recently, Dune. The average age of people that watched the Ahsoka show were older millennials. This is not promising as the show was hoping to appeal to a lot of kids that watched Rebels. The drop off of Ahsoka was also bigger than Mando S3's drop off. I think the only big show where a larger proportion of the viewership did not finish the show was the Lord of the Rings show. But it's not even that. Even the George Lucas stuff from 1977, while considered amazing cinema, is a tough watch for kids that are not nudged in to watching it. Star Wars is just hard to get in to. Also, it looks like display-only sets make up a lot more of the LEGO Star Wars release diet (this is regardless of what age is on the box). Kids want to play. Regarding Star Wars' future, you'd think with The Acolyte there is an opportunity for NEW fans because it takes place in a time period almost independent from every other Star Wars work. However, I've seen the first four episodes. And I am 100% certain that, on the balance, the franchise will end up loosing far more fans than it gains with this show based on how the showrunners have decided to impact Star Wars cannon
  3. Something_Awesome

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Posting this to sort of help me think while sharing LOL: I bought Yavin, the Gunship, and the Phase 2 Clone battlepack all on May the 4th and I structured the purchase of the three sets in a way so that I got two Troop Carriers promos. I am strongly considering returning my purchases and GWP's (even though I love the deal on the gunship I got). I been thinking, Ninjago is just too good, and LotR is going HARD, and I don't think I like the Star Wars franchise anymore. And this timing is weird because I have always wanted a Captain Rex and all these cool clones. Not a fan of LEGO's heavier focus of display-focused Star Wars sets the past few years, but otherwise, LEGO has been killing it with Star Wars. Watch me give up the theme and within like 3 years we get a Jango Slave-1, a Geonosis Arena, and Endor MBS set! LOOLLLLL! I'll totally regret it then!
  4. Something_Awesome

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Yeah, I don't know that the delay thing is true. Whispers of a delay do concern me slightly, but until Falconfan or Brick Clicker say otherwise, I am going to go with a June release.
  5. Something_Awesome

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I've heard that the set is being DELAYED. Not sure why or when it will release. But it would make sense for Rivendell and Barad-Dur to compete with each other. We need system scale sets. I don't remember when, but someone else and I did report that Falcon (extremely reliable) said that LotR is "returning" beyond Barad-Dur. I'd like to see a small wave of LotR ssystem scale sets by the end of the year. Maybe a couple small ones, a medium one, and a bigger one? Would be nice.
  6. Something_Awesome

    Questions for fans of the Castle and Lord of the Rings themes

    All great points. Some I had not considered. Also, Falconfan (who is maybe the most reliable LEGO leaker?) sort of revealed on a small livestream a month or so ago that more LotR is coming BEYOND Barad-Dur. I will say this though. I have a very strong bias towards Orcs, Trolls, and Goblins. This is something we are bound to get for LotR, so it has a huge advantage there for me. However.... if we ever see a return of the Castle Troll line in the form of a large set on the scale of the Castle, or Market or Eldorado, I WILL CRY! I actually got in to Ninjago for this very reason with the Master of the Mountain wave which featured skeletons, orcs, and goblins. That's a top two LEGO wave for me. You're not wrong about Star Wars. Tbh it is not something I have admitted to myself because nobody wants to feel like they are getting exploited. There was a marketing expert who said that it is a viable strategy for LEGO to not make the absolute best and most perfect version of a Star Wars figure so that they have room to make changes on future iterations so that the figure continues to sell sets. I am definitely dialing back my Star Wars collecting. I am hoping for an Endor MBS set. With that said, LEGO has done some pretty cool things with the theme. I think the Mos Eisley set is one of the best sets the theme has ever seen and looks great even though it's all tan LOL!
  7. Something_Awesome

    Questions for fans of the Castle and Lord of the Rings themes

    LOL all I been waiting for to fall in to my lap is a 6 bedroom house.
  8. Something_Awesome

    Questions for fans of the Castle and Lord of the Rings themes

    Yeah, it seems like a lot of people do what you do. You buy the sets that have a lot of the pieces you want. You can also build the set before dismantling it which perhaps introduce you to a build technique you did not think of. This is actually an important point. Not a GUARANTEE, but this anniversary set, which is meant to be a brand flagship set and is selling well for a big set, will probably be around for well over the 2 years we typically see for big sets. This gives me the opportunity to save and to use LEGO's wearhouse as temporary storage.
  9. Obviously, as people that collect LEGO, we are limited by money, space, or both (both for me). Castle themes were what got me in to LEGO when I was a kid, and I love them. However, Lord of the Rings is my favorite franchise. The sets currently available for these themes are amazing, and more amazing sets for these themes are around the corner. I can't afford, and don't have room for, both themes. And more LotR sets are around the corner BEYOND Barad-Dur, and I fully expect more castle and castle-tangent sets to come out after the Market set this year. Any of you in my same predicament? Rivendell and Barad-Dur sets; the idea of that is WILD. But The Lion Knights Castle set is epic and now it's going to have a market expansion? The medieval CMF's we keep getting are also awesome. Don't really know what to do here. The other themes I currently collect: Pirates (luckily, LEGO isn't going "all out" on this theme for the time being) Ninjago (Aside from modulars, Airjitzu-like temple sets, or remakes, I decided to not collect anything from this theme anymore from Dragons Rising and onward) Star Wars (I needed to reduce my collecting here, so I don't but anything that is not George Lucas era anymore) So as you can see, I have made huge cuts to how I collect the above three themes. George Lucas era Star Wars stuff is still a broad timeline, but luckily I have zero interest in large UCS sets like the Falcon, AT-AT, Gunship and X-Wing etc even though they are all from episodes 1 - 6. Still, given the overlap between LotR and Castle, I feel like I can only pick one. The only way I could see myself collecting both is if I sold off all the Ninjago stuff or Star Wars stuff. But I don't really want to do that. Oh, and the viking village set is awesome, too Not sure I am expecting advice here, though it is welcome. I think my main goal here was to write and discuss this issue to help think through it.
  10. Something_Awesome

    Lego Icons 10332 Medieval Town Square Discussion Thread

    LEGO did hint at the return of Wolfpack.
  11. Something_Awesome

    Star Wars is kinda fading

    Episode 4. Picture of Freddie Prinze Jr as Kanan Jarrus when Syndulla is in the Ghost. It's essentially canon now that Kanan looks like Freddie in live live-action. I have A LOT of juicy information. I only provide what is inconsequential. Again, Star Wars merch is very much under performing. LEGO Star Wars is killing it though, carried by a grown generation with a lot of disposable income. The big problem right now is that internal research shows that the incoming generation does not care about Star Wars. Hence the "fade." I also misspoke when I said "met expectations." I should have said "did not necessarily lose money." But if you can imagine, there is an opportunity cost to everything. Especially when talking about store shelves. What you really want is for the merch to fly off the shelves. I will say that toy/merch manufacturers were actually at odds with Disney not too long ago over what should be produced. I can't get too detailed, but Disney got its way, and sales were down.
  12. Something_Awesome

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Could be. But not believable. I mean where it’s just one big set and more brickheadz. Money talks. I think the real decision for LEGO is if the cheaper entries should be playsets and battlepacks, or dioramas.
  13. Something_Awesome

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Oh nice, just saw your post above mine. Yep. My interpretation is a full theme. Not saying this to wish in to existence. I'm actually just here waiting on the sidelines to see if LOTR or Castle comes back before I decide to collect one of the themes. I'm a fan of the castle themes, but LOTR is my favorite IP. I can afford to collect one, not both. If LOTR becomes a theme, then I can just collect that and buy Rivendell instead of the 90th anniversary castle.
  14. Something_Awesome

    Star Wars is kinda fading

    Selling "well" is relative. I probably should have been more careful with my words. I have inside information on stuff of this sort. What I should have said was the sales figures for Star Wars merch for EVERY brand besides LEGO (I mean this in the strictest sense) has met sales expectations. In other words, even where the license was still profitable, it does not mean the brands are happy with performance.
  15. Something_Awesome

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    LOTR Leak information: I was in live stream that featured FalconFan, a reliable leaker of LEGO information. My interest was Ninjago, but he dropped a nice side piece of information. He said "there are plans for Lord of the Rings." Whether this means a full-fledged theme, or more high-priced sets BEYOND Barad Dur is unknown to me. But, essentially, if not a whole theme, you can expect at least another set BEYOND the Barad Dur in 2024. This is a good sign for those of us wanting a playscale theme. The stream was already winding down as this got revealed, but my personal interpretation of this bit of information is that we will be getting a LOTR theme.