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  1. metalgearsolid

    More exclusive set info

    Hi, I posted this on my blog, and the answer back from 'SG1974' & 'jsr' and confirmed by 'Captain Angrypants'(from Chicago) is: "The white one is the Aon Center, Chicago; the grey is Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago; and as mentioned above the tan is the Chrysler Building in NYC." If you are interested you can read their replies from HERE.
  2. metalgearsolid

    How Many Minifigs do you own?

    40K minifigs??? I'm in awe... I've a relatively more modest 3K or so... I lost count since the collectible minifig series came along.
  3. metalgearsolid

    The 1st Asia LEGOLAND theme park in Malaysia

    Hi, 2 videos here. Both are about the model builders working on the Malaysia LEGOLAND models. You can also see some of the models. It's pretty near where I stay, so am looking forward to visiting when it is finally open.
  4. metalgearsolid

    Review: 10196 Grand Carousel

    Love the crisp & clear pictures in the review. I think this is a great set which will be a treasured item for years to come. Great 'wow' factor in any display that few sets achieve. Great deal on the set mostlytechnic! Congrats!
  5. metalgearsolid


    4 owls sitting on a tree
  6. metalgearsolid

    Harry Potter 2011 Discussion

    Thanks for the pics and the link Matn! I'm definitely getting the forbidden forest, although I am quite disappointed with how Voldemort looks and am not sure what to do with yet another Hagrid & Harry. Am not thrilled with the Knight bus but since I don't have the previous version and the purple bricks look good... I may actually get a few if they go on discount for the bricks.
  7. metalgearsolid

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Thanks to Grogall for the new pics! Found a Youtube video of the new MF presentation but has background showing the boxes with the dreaded confidential stamp so I'm not sure if I can deeplink. Video can be found here: link to blog post Since I do not have any of the earlier playable MFs, I'm definitely going to get this one.
  8. metalgearsolid

    Contest: Potterize your Avatar

    Oh my gosh, thanks Hinckley! I was traveling in Jan and didn't notice my new tag till today. My 1st tag! Thanks again!
  9. metalgearsolid

    Lego Harry Potter Visual Dictionary

    Hi, just a quick update on this... Also found a prelim pic of the content about Hagrid's hut, so you can get an idea of what the book will be like. Can't deeplink tho so here it is: link to blog post
  10. metalgearsolid

    [MOC] Wax Museum

    I like the wax museum very much! Excellent work. Can you pls share how you did the lighting? Hope you don't mind that I've blogged about it: Link to blog
  11. metalgearsolid

    New DK LEGO books

    Long discussion on this thread: Link to HP book thread
  12. metalgearsolid

    Harry Potter Winter Break Contest Voting Thread

    Clark: 1 Cutlass Iz: 1 Dix: 1 lisqr: 1 yatkuu: 1
  13. metalgearsolid

    Modular Building 2011

    I heard the next modular set number is 10218 and it is a pet shop. So far pet shop info seems to be consistent across geographies?
  14. metalgearsolid

    WINTER BREAK: Shell Cottage

    I remember seeing Shell Cottage before, but I can't remember from where. A quick google image search and... Google images of Shell cottage
  15. metalgearsolid

    MOC: Micro Modular Street

    I just had to blog about these little lovelies... Link Really fantastic work. I would love to have a set of these next to their 'big bros'. Thanks for sharing!