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  1. grepin

    Time Twister

    This MOC is absolutely marvellous!
  2. grepin

    8842-2012 Edition

    These recreations of old models are truly fascinating!
  3. Congrats to both Technicopedia and TechnicBRICKs! And congrats to LEGO, for giving the AFOL community another token of recognition
  4. I'm not entirely sure right now, but I think the mini pump has an escape valve to prevent that. In either case, an air tank wouldn't help. Oh, and great videos there! It's a shame I didn't get to go to the event to see the set in person
  5. grepin

    Computerized Portal Turret

    Despite the limitations, this is quite amazing - great job!
  6. grepin

    Planes, Boats, and Automobiles

    I'd say it's unlikely the OP's intention was to imply that future boats should float and future planes should fly. I'm all for variety, and as a collector enjoy those sets that are outside of the norm. So, it would be nice to get more Technic boats / ships / submarines / aeroplanes / airships, as well as other unusual subjects, such as animals - take the 4958 (technically a Creator set, but quite Technic-ish) and the magnificent dinosaur in 8485.
  7. grepin

    Technic Separator?

    A tool like the one allanp suggests would be very useful indeed! One of the things that I find more difficult to do at times is to accurately place parts in axles, usually requiring additional parts to do it properly. There you go: Taken from the 8856 instructions at
  8. grepin

    LEGO Flex System

    I own a total of 9 sets with the flex system, so I guess I can contribute a bit Most of the cables from my pre-dark ages Technic sets are now broken, but I'd say that was because I didn't store them properly or was too careless at times. The other ones have been holding fairly well, fortunately. Take special care not to store them under tension. This system is useful if you want some linear movement for relatively light loads across non-linear paths - hence the 'flex' name. LEGO sets featuring this system used it mostly to move helicopter rotors (cyclic) and for steering when there's no room for a conventional rack and pinion system.
  9. I'd say you made a sensible choice. 8265 is a great set with lots of room for improvement, and it's no longer sold by LEGO, so it'll be increasingly harder to get one new. Do get the 8043 while you can, though!
  10. grepin

    Rolic's Lego SAAB 9-5 Wagon

    This model is simply brilliant!
  11. grepin

    CHEAP and QUICK 8043 enchancements!

    Thanks for the tips! I'll definitely try this mod out
  12. grepin

    Review: 8457 Technic Power Puller

    This topic made me look into this set again, and a few weeks later (today, to be more precise), I finally got my copy! It's complete, aside from the extra parts for modifications - I didn't check the inventory, only (re-)assembled the set - and so I'm able to provide a few photos of the box and the VHS tape. I'd just like to apologise in advance for the poor quality of the pictures, as my camera isn't that good - and neither is the photographer The inside of the box (1): The inside of the box (2): Box front: Box back (1): Box back (2): The VHS tape (1): The VHS tape (2): And the model itself, in its temporary home (if it gets a place in the showcase I intend to buy): Here's a gallery with the photos:
  13. grepin

    Technic Transition Talk

    Tags would be a great addition to the forums, but I suppose that goes beyond the scope of this topic, since it would affect all the other forums as well and requires changes to the site code. Well, legolijntje has already volunteered, and if other people are willing to help, you wouldn't have much work to do. I'm not volunteering, by the way
  14. grepin

    The Fleet

    I've been in the process of getting a showcase for some of my sets for a while, and will also certainly take the time to snap a few pictures once it's full of plastic :)
  15. grepin

    Technic Transition Talk

    I share your opinion, although for the opposite reason: I'm far more interested in Technic than in Model Team - and anything else, for that matter. The problem is, as Siegfried noted, that Model Team may not be popular enough to have its own forum, even if combined with Creator... Since there's some affinity between MT and Technic, perhaps it could be placed in a sub-forum? As for the sub-forums, my vote went to MOCs + Reviews, but after reading some posts I have the impression it might be a better idea to create separate indexes for those topics instead, if the moderators don't mind the extra work.