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  1. Jevil

    Sabre Island Remake

    Oh, now that's BEAUTIFUL.
  2. Jevil

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Know what would be bombastic? If Project Leaf was a Peanut-Butter/Chocolate Theme like Nexo-Knignts, except instead of Castle and space, it'd be Castle/Pirates/Fantasy.
  3. Jevil

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Oh dude, I just had a thought... do you think Metalbeard might be part of project: Leaf? Or am I just reaching??
  4. Jevil

    [MOC] Skull ISland

    That's incredible!
  5. Jevil

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I wish I could thumb-up or favorite comments, just for this. But yeah, I'm holding my bet/wager at Spring 2020; to coinside with 'Year of the Pirate' at Legoland.
  6. Jevil


    Okay; From what I understand, Legoland is going to do an event in April, 2020, the entire thing is going to be billed as 'Year of the Pirate'. Complete with water stunt shows and the like. If LEGO is going to release the Idea set, it would be then. Doubling my bets; Spring 2020.
  7. Jevil


    Willing to wager Winter 2020 or Spring at the very least. Keep your ear to the ground and watch the tubes.
  8. Jevil

    Imperial Dock

    Okay, this, This I like, harkens more to the Golden Age of LEGO Pirates!
  9. Well; Build wise, Yes, you're absolutely right. The fort was a $40 set, the big draw was that the four structure builds could be linked to form a small pirate fortress, or a sub-par imperial fort, and the ship used even fewer pieces than the 2009 Iteration. Heck, They cut corners naming the blasted thing as well! 2009- Brickbeard's Bounty, 2015- Brick Bounty. Only appealing quality about the 2015 line was the Minifigures being updated/refreshed designs for Captain Roger/Redbeard, and Boatswain Will. Also, Bluecoat soldiers for OG-Pirate-heads. I was raised with the 89-97 Pirate line, and will dispute anyone who doesn't think that's the best line of Lego Pirates!
  10. Attention all LEGO Content Creators: The gag in the video aside, the important part is near the end, for the last 20 to 30 seconds. VOICE YOURSELF Let the FTC know COPPA is too aggressive and will harm content creators DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 9TH Leave a comment at Doc ID: FTC-2019-0054-0001 if you're stateside and produce content, do the thing and spread awareness! If you don't produce content, do the thing and tell a friend, Etc, ad.nauseum.
  11. Thus noted, and done! While I do agree on the boat, I feel the color scheme is well in line with at least the 2015 line of Pirate sets, especially with the usage of the dark red brick blocks. Also, it's modular, so you can rearrange the four modules that make up the fort however you like.
  12. ohhhh.,.... that is BEAUTIFUL. You have my support when you post this on Ideas!
  13. Jevil

    Metalbeard MOC

    Ah, thank ya! Metalbeard was a minor support character in the LEGO Movie, and because Pirate, he was my favorite character! I've got several other Mocs of him over here as well!
  14. Jevil

    Metalbeard MOC

    Oi, I've been busy. STILL working on updating my YOUTUBE Channel since.... May this year? Sitting on a litteral HOARD of lego Sets from the last two to five years I want to pull apart and review, and I've got Mocs out the Yin-Yang. This is a recent one I made with the Systar System Party Crew set as a base (Music-Beard/Party-Time Metal Beard) I took the base model for Metalbeard, and pallette-swapped a lot of pieces until the good Captain was in his classic colors again. I took several creative liberties in his design, however I feel that i've hit a happy middle ground between making this an original creation I'm content with, as well as something that can be recognized as, "Oh hey, it's the Robot-Pirate from the LEGO Movie!" A feature I'm proud of including in this MOC is the right leg (The good one) having a functional joint in the knee. well, with the way the parts fit together, I'm pretty happy about that leg. Left leg/peg-leg has a special pin element on the side of it, that the new Grapple/Anchor piece, found in the latest Batman set (Batcycle Vs. Mr.Freeze) can easily attach to, to keep it out of the way when he's gallivanting about. The back of the model. I took the most liberties here, building up the engine on the back. Since his last stint, Metalbeard has overhauled and upgraded his onboard engine. Four cylinders, five exhaust ports, lots of output! Metalbeard with Accessories. Sword clips into his good hand, and he cradles his cannon under his Hook-arm. Against his better judgement, he has a single black cylinder shot for the cannon rattling around loose in his chest O' Innards! The Captain, in all his glory!
  15. Jevil

    Rotting Leviathan

    Ohhh, I don't like it. *Long beat for dramatic effect* I LOVE IT! I almost forgot about the trailer for that Warhammer game, but seeing this, I remember how fantastically Piratey and outlandish it was, with the Vampire pirates, and the massive Golems made from shipwrecks! I especially like the Crab build portion of it, with the unique part usage at play here!