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  1. I posted a Video Recently with my MOC Space Suit Builds. :) Something I failed to mention was that I Built Benny's Chest plate from scratch with pieces from my collection, because they didn't have the piece in Classic Blue.
  2. Jevil

    [LDD]Various Fake Pirate Sets

    These are pretty good! :)
  3. Jevil

    Black Eye's Revenge

    Oh, this is nice! The skull-Hull and the colors remind me of the Red Beard Runner!
  4. Jevil

    Mini Sailing Ships Overview

    Oh, this is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I kept my micro-ship I had together!
  5. Jevil

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Oh yeah, MoC Your Bricks is an amazing Builder!
  6. Jevil

    (MOC) Sky Captain Soto's Aeroship

    New Video up, featuring an updated version of the model!
  7. Jevil

    Captain MetalBeard

    Metalbeard's Duel is my favorite set! I got some duplicates of the instructions, AND I've made a couple MOCs. Give me a second to check something EDIT: CHECKED SOMETHING Yeah, Littleworlds has the hookup. I checked Brickshelf to see if they had an archive of Instructions. No such luck.
  8. Jevil

    (MOC) Sky Captain Soto's Aeroship

    As a matter of fact it is! (well, it's marketed as an Airplane piece; but for the most part, yes) It came in the 2012 Lego Spongebob set, "The Flying Dutchman", and is a major seed piece in a few mini-ship builds I have lying around.
  9. I thought it would be safe to share this latest MoC with you, because it utilizes some discontinued/outdated parts, more specifically 33 stud long Rope and stud pieces for rigging. It's the latest of my Pirate-Airships. Granted, it looks more like its source inspiration, the Raid Zeppelin from the Ninjago "Infinite Skies" line. what separates this creation from the Raid Zeppelin includes the unique shape of the bow of the ship, a Lego Airplane Fuselage piece in Dark Brown, one of my favorite pieces, found in the 2012 Lego Spongebob Flying Dutchman set, acts as the bow of the ship. The aforementioned rigging is attached to the sides of the Zeppelin utilizing some SNOT construction, with a pair of 4X6 Frame pieces with 4 holes on the longer sides, where Technic stud pins securely hold 1X10 plates in place with the rigging configuration, as well as Booster details. I secured the Skeleton to the bow of the ship, utilizing (guestimate) a 22 stud long Bley Chain, wrapped around the Skeleton, twice, making an X around its chest. which holds it in place, and fastened to the bow of the ship. Other details on the Zeppelin include the Sonar computer screen (2X4 Flat plate decal with bricks) from the original Raid Zeppelin set, as well as a functioning spring-loaded cannon (more in a cosmetic state than an actual functional play feature) , and a pair of Stud shooters. The Baloon also has a Round plate in the center of the turbine, with a fan print from the Spider man Vs. Carnage set, which included a small shield Helicraft. I plan to update the thread, with detail shots of the main deck of the craft, with improved lighting.
  10. Jevil

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I prefer calling a heavy mix of Pre-Steam Punk and Pirates Bilge-Punk, personally. They're close to figuring out how Steam Combustion works, but the Pirates pour anything into the Engines, Salt Water, Swill, Rum, and with varying, often times disastrous, results.
  11. Jevil


    Lookimng at this model, I'm immediately thinking about the Lyrics to the opening theme of Team America: World Police. Great work on this particular mech!
  12. Jevil

    Ideas Tall Ship

    Oh god, it's BEAUTIFUL! Reminds me of the Red Beard Runner from the tail end of the Classic Pirates line! My second favorite Pirate Ship when I was little!
  13. I was going for more of an "Action-Hero" Pose. I'm happy you liked it! yeah... I figured that too, looking at it again now. Looking into other ways to configure the arms, aside from the simple 5 piece assembly... possibly throw in some large, unique-looking accessories for the suits.
  14. Something I made recently, inspired by the new Battle Armor Pieces introduced in the previous wave of Nexo Knights sets. I've made 3 variants of the suit, but I'm hesitant to upload more, because I wanted to submit them to Lego Ideas, However every time I do,it is denied, but rather than giving a specific reason as to why, They keep giving the same cookie cutter message used with every rejected submission, outlining guidelines rather than saying exactly WHY the submission was rejected.
  15. Jevil

    HELP! ! !

    Hey, Jevil here, just to be clear, the second posting mentioned was a SNAFU on my part. Posted from my phone, and somehow, when I checked my phone next, it saved everything about my previous post, and I re-submitted it. shortly thereafter, I saw I double-posted the same topic, so I deleted the content of the post, and asked that everybody disregard it. As well as my problem... Taking pictures of my MOCs with my Samsung Galaxy Sky, and uploaded them to my computer. Uploading them to Brickshelf seems to flip the preview images upside down. Uploading to other outlets, there appears to be no error. After reshooting the pictures with my Logitech C90 Webcam (not too sure on the model exactly) , Thumbnails seemed to be right side up. I've concluded that there must be some degree of error between the Brickshelf Gallery and my Smartphone, nothing I cannot work around. However, I am remiss about the quality of the pictures after shooting them with my Web-Cam. In any case, stay tuned, I've got some fun MOCs I just finished, And I can't wait to share them with you all.