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  1. [MOC] PAIGE

    The first time I saw this MoC of yours, it was a thumbnail in your signature. I must say, she's absolutely, positively, beautiful!
  2. Lego Pirate fans chatter

    Oh, goodness gracious...Maybe; One of my favorite from the classic line was 6279 Skull Island. That would be among the first to be rebuilt from scratch. If I were to go all out and try to ressurrect my Pirates collection, I'd have to order new pieces from scratch; Maybe deviate from the original instructions... The Masts alone went through 3 major revisions, in regards to design.
  3. Lego Pirate fans chatter

    I've almost collected all of the ships from the Classic Pirates line, and several of the Play sets, but they're all in pieces right now. I've got the instructions in a safe place, and a small legion of pirates, and soldiers and Islanders. Presently, my intact Pirate sets include a heavily modified a 2009 Pirates Hideout, Brickbeard's Bounty (2009) 2 modified Spongebob Flying Dutchman ships, "The Adventure Galleon" Two 2009 Soldiers' Fort sets, one was modified and converted to compatible modules for the other, an Imperial Flag Ship... I got some stuff, yeah.
  4. Lady McZep

    That is a beautiful Zeppy. <3
  5. Island Outpost

    I really like this! a lot! it reminds me of a Playmobil set, rebuilt in LEGO! In any case, something must be said about the amount of detail you put into this as well!
  6. The Biggest, Blockiest Bounty

    So, I was finally able to replace one of the bulbs in my studio, and without further ado: Title inspired by Cards Against Humanity, I present, The Biggest, Blockiest Bounty. This Beastly, Brutish, Brick-Built Brig was built with Three 70413 Brick Bounties, and the Hull was further supplemented with LEGO Minecraft 21115, The First Night, and countless spare pieces from 3 or more return trips to my local dealer of Discontinued/Hard-To-Find/Exclusive LEGO Sets. The... other side. (Starboard?) A better shot of the other side. Sorry for the quality of this picture in particular; Studio lights were glaring too hard on the crew, and I had no means of softening/dispersing the studio lights, so I thought I would try to compensate by adjusting contrast and brightness. A couple things of significant note: -While I do not collect LEGO Elves at all, I do like Aria's Airship, and I like Dukeblin, mostly because of the eyepatch. So, in this model, he's stowed away aboard the ship, below decks, chasing rats and mooching off the crew rations. - The Shark Army Thugs from the Lego Ninjago line make for excellent Pirates. (Citing Shark Army Thug from 70607 Ninjago City Chase and Great White from 10739 Lego Juniors Shark Attack. I will revisit this thought, as I'm not happy with the body I've given Great White; Red 2015 Pirate Torso and Blue legs.) - Along with the 4 animals on display (Parrot with stand, Rat, Lobster, and Chicken; Cookie's beloved pet.) There's also a Monkey from the Series 5 Zookeeper... or is it the Series 7 Jungle Boy? and there are CRABS. LOTS OF THEM. THE CREW SUBSISTS ON RUM AND CRAB MEAT. One of the things that bothered me about the original Skull Brother Build was that Figures could not stand comfortably below deck. After my modifications, this is no longer the case. There is easily a brick or a minifigure's head's worth of room between the ceiling below decks and a standing figure. I've also gone to town adding all manner of details below decks as well, numerous crates containing food, Rum, Cannonballs, Smaller Casks and crates with Swords, Explosives, etc. The Cabin is next, and I put in such detail. Something I neglected to add was that the hidden chamber playfunction from the previous builds is still intact, and as easy as ever to get to. From this shot, you can see Captain Roger II entertaining Bonnie Lass with Surf and Turf, as Polly watches on. There is also a small ship in a bottle on the right wall as well. From this shot, you can see the Captain's luxurious bed (I really wanted to make a bed with a similar play function to Master Wu's Bed on the Lego Ninjago Movie's 70618 Destiny's Bounty set, but this one is fine as well; Figures can sit on it, and set things on it.) As well as a map mounted on the back wall of the Cabin. And from this side, you can see the rest of the Cabin, featuring the Captain's desk, with quill and ink bottle, Smaller trinkets and baubles from past adventures, a nice desk chair, and again, the mounted Ship in a bottle. Also, The Captain, with his feather in his cap, can stand comfortably inside his cabin again, without hitting the ceiling, thanks to the Captain's Cabin being extended an extra brick higher! This is the Ship Exploded, with the Upper Deck portion and the Navigation deck removed. I really like what I did for the guard rails on either side of the ship as well. Using pieces from my collection, I was able to replace the 8 Black 1X4 Slick tiles that acted as the guard rails with 1X4 Curved Red Arches, ornamented with 1X1 Pearl Gold studs, which add to the uniformity of the color and design of the ship. Also; I was able to fit the 1X2X4 Window pieces (the ones with the sticker lattice patterns on them) into the gaps near the bow of the ship, with the addition of a 1X2 Black slick tile, which makes for a perfect fit!, and to hold them in place, I used the 1X2 Tile Brackets with 4 studs on the side of them. The Back of the ship, again, A detailed shot of the Dinghy on the main deck of the ship. I swapped it out for a Red one from my collection, because Red Seems like the major color in this build. And a final detail shot, where the Pirates make use of their 2X14 Stud Plank to rid themselves of their pesky Ninja guest! Apologies for the varying quality of the pictures, but I hope you enjoyed reading about this build as I have putting it together! In a fight, This ship would handily sink Brickbeard's Bounty, and the Brick Bounty, no contest! However, It would face some manner of difficulty going up against the Imperial Flagship. Until Next time... Adieu.
  7. It's a collectors' thing. The better the condition of a collectible item, the more valuable it is. If something is mint sealed in box, in pristine condition, then the item is worth the most money, 9 times out of 10. As well as LEGO Collectors, Always get at LEAST Two copies of sets that may become collectors' Items. One for you, and one for your portfolio. A great example, citing from heresay, The most valuable Lego Set, based on monetary appreciation over time, is the first edition of the Ultimate Collector Series' Millenium Falcon, which, Mint Sealed in Box, is worth approximately TEN. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. Also speaking from experience, Got the Aqua Sharks' Minisub Mint sealed in box for $14 from my favorite local LEGO Dealer... Tearing into it, building it with all new pieces, reading the enclosed mini catalogue, showing lego sets available for sale, circa 1997... It took me back. Pure Nostalgia. I garantee there are people in the community who would be willing to put a price tag on that kind of nostalgia.
  8. The Biggest, Blockiest Bounty

    Well, Cookie got the rum... Apologies, I still need to get a second studio light, but I can't wait to share the latest revision of this build. 18 Minifigures 4 animals 7 Cannons 4 Stud Shooters 1 Working Compass Two anchors and countless accessories.
  9. LEGO Pirate Photography

    Alright, Following up from my previous thread on the Pirates' Board where my Bilge-Punk Pirate Mech made its debut... I found that the Microsoft Camera Software has superior control over camera focus over the Logitech Webcam software, so I went with that. As well as the included picture. The background is sparse, but I hope the concept is compelling: What if some evil genius, with RPG Maker, and some poorly chopped pngs of LEGO Minifigures decided to create a Homebrew JRPG? Your party would not just consist of LEGO Pirates, but all Minifigures, from all (non-licensed) themes, fulfilling roles from Tanks to Healers, DPS and support as well? In this example, Roger's the Tank, Sky Captain Soto and Romeo are DPS, and Cookie is the designated healer, throwing grog at wounded pirates.
  10. Bilge Punk Pirate Mech

    Opened this on Brickshelf... it is still a little blurry...going to play around with software a little bit, as well as make some edits to this scene and settup. Make your way to Pirate Photography and stay tuned.
  11. Bilge Punk Pirate Mech

    Thank you, thank you! Sorry about the picture quality, I'm rocking a Logitech Pro Webcam C920, with a 6" Tripod, and standard Logitech Webcam Software. I manually adjust the focus until I can see the details on the Minifigure's face. The backdrop, I can switch out with a piece of white poster board. Other than swapping the background out for a flat white and shooting the picture without the tripod (perfectly feasible), What else could I do to improve the quality of my pictures? I plan to produce more pictures of MOCs, and I'd like to take the best pictures I can with what I have available.
  12. Bilge Punk Pirate Mech

    Something I created last night in the studio. Honestly, I wanted to make a gritty, steam-punk inspired airship, mixing pieces parts from the Ninjago: Skybound 70603 Raid Zeppelin, 70601 Sky Shark, and Day of the departed 70592 Salvage M.E.C. All that I got from that was another pile of bricks. Also, a pilotable mech suit for Pirates. My inspiration was the Skeleton Mech that came with Ronin's Salvage M.E.C. Honestly, I wanted to make a diving suit for my LEGO CMF Series 8 Diver. After putting it together and taking it apart and rearranging the pieces so many times, I ultimately converted the Diving suit into a fully weaponized battle suit for the Brickbeard Pirates. Looking at the build, it looks like an extremely scaled down version of Kai's 70721 Fire Mech. Another source of inspiration, is Captain Metalbeard from the LEGO Movie. By far my favorite character, and set, from the entire thing. (I have made heavy modifications to stock Metalbeard from 70807 Metalbeard's Duel, as well as build from scratch with instructions, An Evil Robot variation of Metalbeard I've come to call Steelbeard. The foot on the left leg is the only thing I dislike about the entire build. It seems flimsy as it is supporting the entire thing, and consists of two bricks. I do like the grating on the angle piece, to make it look like a boot tread though. The major difference between this Moc, and traditional Steam Punk, is that this is more in line with the golden age of Piracy. Ergo, in lieu of a Steam Boiler, this battlesuit is fueled by Rum, grog, or anything else foul smelling that can burn in a boiler. Bilge Punk, if you would prefer to call it anything.
  13. The Biggest, Blockiest Bounty

    Oho... It's almost done. Cookie has to order more rum, but it's almost done...!
  14. ohhh nice! The Flying dutchman is my favorite Spongebob model! I love what you've done with it!
  15. Oh, I'd LOVE to see Neo-Blacktron come back as a network of Space Pirates with experimental alien tech, led by an Ogel-lord type. Actually... I shouldn't... but here, lookit-!!! I wanted to save this for a massive project; I'm talking an ARG, Youtube Teasers paying homage to mid 90s ads for Legos, all culminating to a Lego Ideas Campaign to launch Blacktron inspired MoCs. But yeah, I'm all for Trans Green and black (possibly some rogue colonists came into contact with the alien tech from the Mission to Mars line of sets and repurposed it to suit their own ends.) Their ships reflect this as well, utilizing lots of curves and bubble cockpits. (imagine a bigger version of the Blacktron Flagship, the Renegade, but revitalized in a Black and lime green color scheme with pieces and parts from 2015...!!!) They're Space Pirates, minifigures are mostly classic yellow, with Cybernetic augments/detailing on them (think Lego Agents or Ninjago: Rebooted. the bionic arm components as well as cybernetic eye pieces.). They operate on the fringe of space, in the ruins of old Blacktron 2 installations, such as the Alpha Centari Stronghold, and they're regularly "The Villain of the Week" going up against Galaxy Force, using some manner of nefarious tech that ultimately backfires. This particular MoC I have linked here... this one is special. I took the stock model for Kai's Fire Mech ( stock model 70500), Did a palette swap and added shoulder plates and a Stud-shooter, as well as an enclosed cockpit. the back has a simple, yet effective dual thruster jump pack, with Trans green bionicle elements to emulate takeoff jets. The Minifigure inside is the Supreme commander of the Blacktron forces, with black legs, a Space Villain Torso and Helmet, and a solid black visor. I'm not going to mention what head I use, because I want to make a major selling point for this campaign that nobody knows the identity of the new leader of the Blacktron resurgence.