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  1. Jevil

    Rotting Leviathan

    Ohhh, I don't like it. *Long beat for dramatic effect* I LOVE IT! I almost forgot about the trailer for that Warhammer game, but seeing this, I remember how fantastically Piratey and outlandish it was, with the Vampire pirates, and the massive Golems made from shipwrecks! I especially like the Crab build portion of it, with the unique part usage at play here!
  2. Jevil

    Saber Island using modern parts.

    Oh, this looks wonderful, Baron! As soon as my Finances are in order, I conspire to purchase and download the .PDF File for your Pirate/Spanish Fort you have online!
  3. Jevil

    Lego travel set?

    YES, that's what it was! Thank you so much!
  4. Driving myself nuts right now, I'm looking on E-Bay for a LEGO set, but I forgot what it was called... It was a small set, a 3-in-1, with instructions for a Car, a boat, and a Helicopter, with a guy and a girl minifigure. It was an exclusive, I believe for Europe, and Travel was the central theme of it. Anyone know what I'm talking about???
  5. Jevil

    [MOC] Vampirate ship

    This is remarkable! I like it!
  6. Jevil

    [MOC] Pirate Island vs Imperial fort

    These are brilliant! I'm more partial to the Pirate Hideaway myself, and I especially love the Skull build in the front of it! Reminds me so much of the old Skull Island Stronghold set when I was a wee babby. Does it move like the original? What kind of playfeatures does it have? what did you enjoy the most about building these models?
  7. Jevil

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Soon as the Land Bounty comes out, I might see about making some modifications of it for Lego Pirates, Circa 2015. Or maybe the Dieselnaught.
  8. Jevil

    The Ladybird Pirate books.

    Got the Gold chase and Adventure on Shark Island< with Captain Roger's Birthday on the way.
  9. Jevil

    [MOC] SPACEship

    I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE...! That's very clever and original! I love it!
  10. Jevil

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Reminds me so much of the unreleased Europa theme. It was like Pirates, but more mainland, and had more Red and Blue-Coat Soldiers.
  11. Jevil

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Would it be selfish of me to ask for a gho- *sees the Silent Mary* ... No, I'm still going to ask, because I'd like to see Lego's interpretation of Ghost Pirates. I want to see a sub-theme of Pirates, where there are Ghost pirates floating around spooping it up and covetously guarding their treasures from the Imperials and Redbeard's Crew alike! Plot twist: The Ghost Captain was Classic Readbeard all along! oooOOOooOH!
  12. Jevil

    The Ladybird Pirate books.

    If I may, I have my own personal update regarding the Ladybird books, Having perused Ebay over the past week, I've seen them crop up on Auctions. So far, I have utilized the 'Buy it now!' Feature for Will and the Gold Chase, Adventure on Shark Island, and The Royal Visit. Nothing on Captain Roger's Birthday yet.
  13. Jevil

    [MOC] Mobile Suit: Towser

    So I got the Apocalyptic Cat Lady and Scarfield from The Lego Movie: The Second Part CMF series, and I decided, inspired by the likes of Chubbybots and Machima Productions, to make Scarfield some cutting edge Power Armor. Then an impressive looking gun... Space Ship to follow soon. Partially inspired to try something like this from watching playthroughs of a game on the Playstation Marketplace called Kitty-Robo. It's basically Cat-Metroid. The name 'Towser' I got from something I recalled; Towser was the name of a Cat that was a mouser to one of the Oldest Distilleries in all of Scotland, known for having killed the most mice of any Mouser-Cat that ever lived. I figured the name would be appropriate for some Cat-Piloted Mech armor, for the greatest Exterminator/Bounty-Cat in the Galaxy. Other linear notes: Wanted to make as small and as compact a build as possible; basically a bipedal mech, with articulation, that's as big as a standard minifigure. This one is easily much taller... should have taken a picture of him with minifigure to scale.... Final design of the suit I feel is too clean and too sleek for the Scarfield variant of Lego Cat. Might find some random colored bits to make it look more beat-up or jury rigged, or slip-shod. I intend to make a video showing how I put this character together, and encourage anyone on the Sci-Fi Side of Euro-Bricks to concoct their own Feline/Canine Piloted Mecha!
  14. Jevil

    The Ladybird Pirate books.

    Oh, that's a good development! I look forwards to seeing them! :)
  15. Jevil

    Happy 30th Anniversary PIRATES!

    Amazing series! Sitting through the entire thing right now!