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  1. I was going for more of an "Action-Hero" Pose. I'm happy you liked it! yeah... I figured that too, looking at it again now. Looking into other ways to configure the arms, aside from the simple 5 piece assembly... possibly throw in some large, unique-looking accessories for the suits.
  2. Something I made recently, inspired by the new Battle Armor Pieces introduced in the previous wave of Nexo Knights sets. I've made 3 variants of the suit, but I'm hesitant to upload more, because I wanted to submit them to Lego Ideas, However every time I do,it is denied, but rather than giving a specific reason as to why, They keep giving the same cookie cutter message used with every rejected submission, outlining guidelines rather than saying exactly WHY the submission was rejected.
  3. HELP! ! !

    Hey, Jevil here, just to be clear, the second posting mentioned was a SNAFU on my part. Posted from my phone, and somehow, when I checked my phone next, it saved everything about my previous post, and I re-submitted it. shortly thereafter, I saw I double-posted the same topic, so I deleted the content of the post, and asked that everybody disregard it. As well as my problem... Taking pictures of my MOCs with my Samsung Galaxy Sky, and uploaded them to my computer. Uploading them to Brickshelf seems to flip the preview images upside down. Uploading to other outlets, there appears to be no error. After reshooting the pictures with my Logitech C90 Webcam (not too sure on the model exactly) , Thumbnails seemed to be right side up. I've concluded that there must be some degree of error between the Brickshelf Gallery and my Smartphone, nothing I cannot work around. However, I am remiss about the quality of the pictures after shooting them with my Web-Cam. In any case, stay tuned, I've got some fun MOCs I just finished, And I can't wait to share them with you all.
  4. Inverted thumbnails

    A lot less painful than it sounds, I promise. I just finished photographing some MOCs with my phone (Samsung Galaxy Sky, if I recall) and I uploaded them wto LEGO Ideas, and the thumbnails looked fine, nothing out of the ordinary. But then, I got over to Brickshelf.com, and uploaded the same files there, no change in format or anything, but for some odd reason, the preview thumbnails, even after you select them, are upside-down. Only by going completely full view, you can properly view them right side up. Not sure if it's hardware, software, or user error, please advise. Also, if you're reading this, Happy Turkey Day! Gobble till ya Waddle!
  5. Queen Catherine's Revenge

    Another thing that I've found to work, in my experience, is to make a Brickshelf Gallery account at www.brickshelf.com, Creating a new folder, uploading the pictures there, and posting the links to the pictures here. It generates a thumbnail, and routes back directly to your Brickshelf Gallery. Also, welcome to the Pirate Side of the Forums, Matey!
  6. Ranks and positions in the pirates theme.

    No Prob, Bob!
  7. The Biggest, Blockiest Bounty

    I Posted a Video of the most recent build of the ship today, showcasing many of its features and accessories.
  8. Ranks and positions in the pirates theme.

    Everything I know about Pirate ranks came from a book I had when I was younger called "Pirateology", and it gave more of a broad generalization than a clear explaination, but as far as pirates go; The Captain is the commander of the crew, and he leads the other pirates. Usually a Veteran, deserter, or defector from any of the major naval powers at the time. The First Mate is the second in command, a Senior Ranking officer in the crew who acts as captain in the event that the former captain retires, is incapacitated, incarcerated, or killed in action. The Quartermaster was an important person in the crew as well, making sure that payment from successful voyages was distributed fairly among the crew;' They would also keep manifests regarding cargo on the ship, and dealt with the crew's accounting and other bureaucratic business. The navigator/helmsman is tasked with navigation of the ship, reading maps and charts and using advanced instruments, such as the Sextant, to navigate with the stars if need be. The Ship's Surgeon is tasked with making sure everybody's healthy, or as healthy as you can be on a ship. Lots of alcohol and amputation were involved at times. The ship's chef was tasked, of course, with making sure everybody was well fed. Typical meals usually consisted of salt pork, lots of salt pork, because it was recently discovered at the time that meats that were either smoked or preserved with salt did not spoil as quickly as less prepared rations, and Citrus fruits were always in supply to prevent scurvy and other maladies. The Gunner was archetypically the biggest, strongest, meanest pirate on the ship, tasked with the maintenance and upkeep of the ship's guns, and acted as an enforcer for the captain. in fact, one punishment for insubordinate members of the crew was called "Kissing the Gunner's Daughter" where the offending pirate would be bent over a cannon, while the Gunner, with an oar or some other large beating implement, would flog the offender until they were unconcious, or the Gunner was tired. Powder Monkeys were low-ranking crewmen that assisted the Gunner in loading and priming the Cannons on the ship And finally there was the cabin boy, who took stock of the inventory aboard a ship, and made sure everything was tied down and secured for long voyages. I'm not certain if I left anybody out, but along with the skeleton crew, there were of course other pirates/soldiers aboard the ship, who answered to one or all of the above ranks, and assisted with things like the ship's overall maintenance, like rigging, sailing, or repair, and in many cases, some crewmen fulfilled multiple roles. It wasn't too uncommon for the ship's chef to also be the ship's surgeon as well, nor was it uncommon for the first mate to be a quartermaster or a Navigator. I hope what insight I offered was helpful; if not for a British Crew, but any crew in general.
  9. Well, My default pick for a ship's cook is the "Cookie" Figure from The 2015 Brick Bounty Pirate ship set; Apron with fishbone and hairy chest. But the model, from personal experience, costs upwards of $150 and counting, so I'd recommend as a possible alternative, a standard pirate Figure, equipped with a Meat Cleaver (From the Series 6 Butcher Minifigure or the Sushi guy from the series 20 Ninjago Movie minifigures) and a Paper hat (also from the Series 6 Butcher) Or any Chef's Hat for that matter. A second optional accessory would be the Steak Accessory from the series 6 butcher, or a chicken leg. Also, personal preference, give the cook a hook hand. He lost it in a Meat-cleaver related accident.
  10. Nice Pirate SHIP MOC...horrible photo

    What Deraven said. This is absolutely insane and I love it! What does it look like after the rework?! I'm absolutely curious!
  11. Skulltail - The Pirate Ship

    I like the Moc! especially what you did with the skull hull!
  12. [MOC] PAIGE

    The first time I saw this MoC of yours, it was a thumbnail in your signature. I must say, she's absolutely, positively, beautiful!
  13. Lego Pirate fans chatter

    Oh, goodness gracious...Maybe; One of my favorite from the classic line was 6279 Skull Island. That would be among the first to be rebuilt from scratch. If I were to go all out and try to ressurrect my Pirates collection, I'd have to order new pieces from scratch; Maybe deviate from the original instructions... The Masts alone went through 3 major revisions, in regards to design.
  14. Lego Pirate fans chatter

    I've almost collected all of the ships from the Classic Pirates line, and several of the Play sets, but they're all in pieces right now. I've got the instructions in a safe place, and a small legion of pirates, and soldiers and Islanders. Presently, my intact Pirate sets include a heavily modified a 2009 Pirates Hideout, Brickbeard's Bounty (2009) 2 modified Spongebob Flying Dutchman ships, "The Adventure Galleon" Two 2009 Soldiers' Fort sets, one was modified and converted to compatible modules for the other, an Imperial Flag Ship... I got some stuff, yeah.
  15. Lady McZep

    That is a beautiful Zeppy. <3