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    [MOC] Zea'x Dauphyz

    I love your ship! One of my favorites that I've seen from this year's SHIPtember. It's got such a great design, with a really organic and futuristic feel to it. That underside/"belly" is amazing!
  2. Is there resource where I can get a data set (or database) of all Lego parts? Part number, name/description, color. Images would be a nice bonus too. Preferably free and open to use. I have an idea for a coding project, but it would need this data. I know BrickLink, BrickSet, LDD, Peeron, etc... all have or use this data on their websites/apps. But is there a way to get this data from them to use on my own? In a legal manner and complying to the source's terms and conditions, of course.
  3. Ok, but what I can't seem to find is where Rebrickable gets these images from Lego. Lego themselves don't seem to provide any API or downloads from what I can tell. Yeah I came across that story. It seems a shame that BrickLink did that, especially since their data seems to come from user contributions as well. It seems like the Lego community has become fragmented when it comes to this data. By my counts, BrickLink, Peeron, LUGNET, Rebrickable, BrickSet, BrickOwl, and LDraw all maintain a version of this data. At least Rebrickable has done the work to map a lot of this data. I just wish there was a more official/authoritative source for this data. Looks like they do. The get_part function returns external_part_ids, which is "Array of related Part IDs used by external systems".
  4. Looks like Brickset's API doesn't provide the parts data. From their API page: I think that's what I wanted when I started the question, an official source for parts (data and images). But it seems like all the available data sets out there are based on community contributions.
  5. Thanks, those links are really helpful! I was doing some research on my own, and I found that LDraw also has a lot of the parts available for download too. And it looks like Rebrickable's data is built from LDraw's.
  6. ClassicSmileyFace

    [MOC] Galaxy Squad - Exterminator Eye

    Hey, This is my first MOC I've ever shared. It's made completely from pieces from the Bug Obliterator (70705), which was a fun challenge. It does use a little bit of the Bug Obliterator's build in the wings and the long beams up top. I'm calling it the Exterminator Eye, "eye" for the double-sided bubble windscreens enclosing the pilot, and "exterminator" because... bugs. I also tried to name it using an alliteration like a lot of the GS sets. I think of it more as a type of support/utility ship for the orange team. Exterminator Eye by Nimaloo, on Flickr Exterminator Eye by Nimaloo, on Flickr The eye even tilts a bit: Exterminator Eye by Nimaloo, on Flickr
  7. ClassicSmileyFace

    [LDD MOC] Dyson AM97-X

    Wow, very nice! You seem to have mastered creating curved/circular structures and incorporating them into your designs.
  8. ClassicSmileyFace

    [MOC] Darvensker

    Yeah, the cockpit/head is beautiful. And great name too! Sometimes that feels like the hardest part to me.
  9. ClassicSmileyFace

    Blacktron - B72 Hangar

    Amazing job! This looks like it came right of the "Lego Space" book that recently came out. I love the design of the Moth!
  10. ClassicSmileyFace

    GS Swarm Sweeper

    Love the use of the red dishes on the front and back, and the way you fit the curved pieces between them. The result is fantastic!
  11. ClassicSmileyFace

    [MOC] Ares - Space Marines heavy fighter

    This is beautiful! Looks great from every angle! I wish I had the parts to actually try building it using your instructions.