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  1. PerryDaPirate

    Review: 30040 Atlantis Octopus

    Love this little set. Perfect for black fantasy
  2. PerryDaPirate


    I thought that trailer was pretty cool, but I still liked the ODST one more.
  3. PerryDaPirate


    Gameplay and a VidOC Gameplay This is seriously my most anticipated game of all time.
  4. PerryDaPirate

    What are you reading?

    I'm currently re-reading the Hobbit for the third time.
  5. PerryDaPirate

    What is the most annoying commercial/advert?

    He said I had a boring life
  6. PerryDaPirate

    What is the most annoying commercial/advert?

    This. 'Nuff said. He pretty much insulted me twice.
  7. PerryDaPirate

    Ever seen this man in your dreams?

    I see that guy all the time....but it is even scarier for me because when he talks......*Shudders*
  8. PerryDaPirate


    Some interesting new pics of Reach's armor customization. Also, according to Halopedia, Noble 6, your main playable character in Reach, will be either male or female, as the player can chose, and each gender has a unique voice actor. And, even better, your multiplayer spartan, will be your Noble 6 in the campaign! This just keeps getting better and better! And no, none of this is an April Fools joke. EDIT: I thought this ViDoc was real till I realized it was April 1st
  9. PerryDaPirate

    British Frigate (unnamed)

    Stunning, kv_d! I think you pulled this one off really well, especially the bow! Can't wait to see more from you!
  10. PerryDaPirate

    Collecting non-lego products

    I hope you disposed of the liquid properly
  11. PerryDaPirate

    Major Movies You've Never Seen

    I haven't seen District 9, Star Trek '09, any of the classic Star Treks, or The Hurt Locker.
  12. PerryDaPirate


    They have to make a Halo with a Covenant campaign sometime....
  13. PerryDaPirate


    Damn, double post. Delete.
  14. PerryDaPirate


    Epic. 'Nuff said.
  15. PerryDaPirate

    Golden Knight Quality Issue

    The printing doesn't seem off to me, however, the plastic on my golden knight feels very cheap, and the arms rotate very loosely in they're sockets.