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  1. greenskull139

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    -1 point- 17) Diver, Surfer, and Fisherman entry by Cecilie -1 point- 20) Nurse, Surfer, and Space Villain entry by Darkblane -1 point- 19) Magician, Mime, and Tennis Player entry by CorneliusMurdock Great job and good luck to you three and everyone else who entered.
  2. greenskull139

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    -2 points- 32) Samurai warrior entry by Dannylonglegs -1 point - 41) Space alien entry by Atin) Great job and good luck to you two and to everyone else who entered.
  3. greenskull139

    REVIEW: 7325 Cursed Cobra Statue

    The name of the original female from the Johnny thunder series is Pippin Reed.
  4. greenskull139

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 3 discussion

    A dot system!?!?!?!! Really that just made even more obvious to which are in each . Sad lego, sad.
  5. greenskull139

    New Lego Exclusive 10217 Harry Potter Diagon Alley

    Those pillars...... betternot be stickers!
  6. WhiteFang: I know you answered that you can't use *cut up stickers* but can you use unmodified official stickers?
  7. Oh yes! Oh no! What if we have the same idea? That would be weird.
  8. Ohhoho! I have a most epic idea for category B!
  9. Yes! This is bigger and better. *Cracks neck* No time to waste!
  10. greenskull139

    *VOTE* Tournament of Retribution II *VOTE*

    And my votes go to: 3 points mcfarlandman. You had my laughing the whole comic. The ending was the best part though. 2 points to ZCerberus. Very clever and funny.
  11. Hey KimT, just wondering if you got my message about the contest. =)

  12. greenskull139

    Epic Scenes Small Category Winners

    Thanks everyone. Like a lot say, it was a tough contest. Great job to the other winners and also everyone else that participated.