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    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Waiting six years for the Death Star - sounds like you deserve it. Still by far my best set. Next to it I have thee wok village, but boy o boy, I cannot wait for slave 1. Of course I cannot really afford it, but I now know I have 3 months to save up. £90 a month to save. That is a lot of chores...
  2. BJM

    MOC - Mustafar

    Outstanding work and great photos. Like others - I could not believe it all till the photo with I assume you in. Wow, you will not forget this moc, but neither will I and many others. Thank you for posting. Ben
  3. BJM

    [MOC] "Luke, I am your father"

    Yep - this really is a great piece of work. It is excellent and inspiring. Great photos too. Great job. Well done and good luck. ben
  4. BJM

    EBSWF Blog Interview: markus1984

    It is just great how we can all influence and inspire each other. Well done Markus and thanks so much to the mods team for all your time and effort. My first moc is really close now and has been inspired by EB. Thanks all.
  5. BJM

    Endor Shield Generator [MOC]

    You have inspired me. The bunker really needs a roof anyway, but actually, I think the bunker should be wider too - I have planned for a while to get a second bunker and combine them, so that this all sits better with the ewok village. Great job and looking forward to your final effort.
  6. BJM

    Rogue Sqaudron

    Yep - very cool. Thanks for sharing, I love to see what others are up to and that certainly is a mighty fine squadron. Watch out the Empire...
  7. It's a great moc and I love seeing other's work - so please keep posting. I am keen to moc my own steam punk sith now, cheers.
  8. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    I agree. I really would happily pay a premium for printed bricks. Is it that most parents would not? It does make me sad that they are becoming so rare and she we do get them, it tends to just be one brick!
  9. BJM

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Looks like a great room to have fun in. And who needs a window anyway...
  10. BJM

    Steampunk AT-AT

    Have to agree on how great the furnace looks. This is looking like one of the greatest steam punks I have seen. Would like to see maybe a smoking leather style chair for the commander and a bit if area for him to relax in this behemoth of a tank. Great stuff, good luck,
  11. BJM

    [MOC] Moe's Classic Cantina Redux

    Love it. Great looking beast. Well done.
  12. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Who is Glenn Beck - in fairness he really sounds like a jedi when you think about it - but I am betting this is NOT a confirmed rumour for 2015..?
  13. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Why argue it? We simply all need these new wookies. No Lego room can be without them! And the ship looks like a good fun build.
  14. Great job Benisnow, and great set of pics. Really interesting to see TheBear and your WIP, really is fascinating, thanks. Please do keep us all updated. I have just got my second cantina, I am planning a much smaller MOC, but cannot wait to get loads of different figs in for a lock in...
  15. Sorry - got mixed up when quoting. What I wanted to say is... I would really love to see this thread grow, please do add your photos here - and i'd love others to include good subs on missing characters, such as the Wuher thread using Zoro henchman. The reality for me, is that I would love to have spent the same price as the Ewok Village on the Cantina, so I will take to bricklink. Does anyone have something good in place for Ponda Baba I wonder???
  16. BJM

    The Death Star (Look at the size of that thing!)

    I very deliberately open up all the numbered bags and move them around a bit before I start - even UCS. That's just how crazy/ cool I am. I have the Death Star and it rocks, but it is very very bad what they did. Not true AFOL at all!!!
  17. Thanks both. I've always been a bit scared of bricklink, but how hard can it be! I guess the daunting part is planning it effectively (think I will take the plunge). I have always just made do with what I had, but then I come on here and see some truly awesome work and do feel inspired to get this one right. I love the ewok village on my shelf, I just want a cantina that looks equally impressive. And the thought of populating it with all the good looking aliens about is cool. Just been reading on UCS slave due. Now shuddering with excitement on that too. Mortgage and star wars Lego. What better way to spend money... thanks all. Sorry - meant to quote these as above...
  18. TheBear has started a fantastic looking moc on the cantina. I suggest you all check it out. I have always loved the cantina, and am going to pick up 2 sets and somehow work on mocing up something. My trouble is that I have no spare tan lego. Does anyone know any good big sets that I could ebay for arches and walls etc??? Possibly some prince of persia or Indiana Jones sets? Would love any answers. Cheers all.
  19. Love it. Ok Hoth and the Death Star hanger seem to be the ultimate scenes to MOC, but like you, I have always loved the cantina, and am going to pick up 2 sets and somehow work on mocing up something smaller than your efforts. My trouble is that I have no tan lego. Does anyone know any good big sets that I could ebay for arches and walls etc??? Possibly some prince of persia or Indiana Jones sets? Would love any answers. I reckon you will end up with something looking very great - and I have loved this thread and cannot wait for more... good luck,
  20. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Very good. I really did laugh out loud...
  21. BJM

    (MOC) Royal Guard Legion

    Hi Outworlder. I am flabbergasted by this. The red ties and the gate are so great a background to one of my favourite troopers too. I just want to also say a great big thanks for posting so many images. Great that you get to show off the fun you had, but really great to for me and others to see it. This really is what Eurobricks is for and what makes it such a great site, and why I keep coming back for such inspiration. Keep up this outstanding work - I would love to see this diorama grow. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Well I just got the new visual dictionary. Many have said and I agree that yellow Luke is a bit pants, but at the end of the book is an ordered list of all the figs that we have so far up to 2014. Wow, it is beautiful to look at. I wonder how many people pride themselves on having every normal figure produced? I wonder if anyone has every figure? Maybe not the bronze boba though!
  23. BJM

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    Please do not sweep the lego off the table - it will fall on the floor and could be lost. The thought of you doing so upsets my OCD a great deal
  24. BJM

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    Just wanted to tell you all that technically I am 37 - but when I get this bad boy home and build it, I will definitely pretend to be 12 again. The price certainly is astronomical, but the model itself also looks astronomically good. And... I have never had any Jawas before, so cannot wait on that front too.
  25. Well Mortesv, I hope you are still picking these comments up. I only saw this when it came to the front screen again, but wow. Seriously WOW. I love looking at the artistry of someone creating such a masterpiece. I can only imagine just how long you spent on this but was fun and what a result. You can be rightly proud of your efforts. This truly is the biz. Just great, and do post back if you have started anything since...