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    Freebuild: The Reach

    Stunning, stunning trees, and yes absolutely the purple trees add so much and look right, but then under the trees you see the forest floor and that is just SO right to. It is a majestic area that anyone of us would love to run around in. For me that is what really makes this moc stand out. It is properly atmospheric - something which is usually only attained by having lots of characters around in a dwelling of some sort. You have created an outdoor atmosphere to die for (or huddle down for a snooze under a purple tree for). Bravo.
  2. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    For one - I absolutely agree that Luke's face is tonnes better. Well done Lego on that front. But not sure I can justify the whole set when I already have the Death Star and plenty of guards (though I do want a new DV). Re the Shuttle, it makes me sad, but I will have to leave this too - as I am very lucky to have the UCS and I just don't feel they can sit in the same room together. That said, I would need to get Han and Leia if possible. And then the Assault Carrier. I do like it. I want to build it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the astromech (that really is some figure and I have been collecting all the Astro's), but like others - what a price to pay for Kallus' hair and Sabine's helmet. The other 3 figs could have been so much more (including Tarkin - we surely would not have known it was him from the prelim and no name images). This set will def get to 30% off soon enough. That will have to be my time. No need for the other sets, so in conclusion, there is every chance that I will then HAVE to get all of the Ep7 sets - so good a time as any to save I guess.
  3. Yeah, I have to add that I really enjoyed looking through all these photos. You needed so many as there really is sooo much detail. For me, I just love Vader doing his hot dancing with the stormie groupies behind. And I like that you added a photo of I assume you. You can rightly be proud standing in front of the moc. All your effort, plus the fact that I bet loads of people were happy they got to see the thing up close at the meeting. Cool stuff. Well done and thanks for posting...
  4. AC - you are a master builder and a very funny one too. This pic summarises the hobby for me in one shot. Well done.
  5. Hopefully my Thrawn wanna-be is on the way. 2 troop transport, 2 shadow troopers and 1 Geonosis BP. Army building galore...
  6. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Bottom right. Very thin necks. Are these droid troops?
  7. Love them. Could you add something to the front though to give some extra texture/colour. I cannot work out if it should be a grey grill of some sort, or even just a clear 2 by 1 (not just flat white). And is there anyway of getting any red at the front - I even wondered about taking a Liberty and making the 2 cheese slopes red. I love it though, and most of your figs (especially those you create out of standard parts). Finally, demanding I know, but could you photo these with some small trees and vegetation. This could be a very good scene indeed with great source material. Great stuff.
  8. Yep - I just wanted to add that i really enjoy these types of posts where someone shows what they have been up to, and it all looks really fun. I too wonder about a UCS Falcon, it is the only thing I really want that I am missing, and actually the thought of moding one based on the design - rather than getting everything just so - is more appealing to me. Maybe one day. Anyhow, a great post and thanks for your efforts.
  9. BJM

    Droids Build Prize Droids

    In fairness, I only saw this as it did get bumped and it is a great MOC and very much up my street (I love all things Astromech). I do accept and agree that the conversation has not gone forward though. I am wondering now if ACPin still has this made and is properly excited to get the new clear dome R2 on the way. Here's hoping... I would enjoy an update.
  10. BJM

    [MOC] Old Republic - Crimson Pilgrim

    What can I add. As above, this is just sooo organic looking. The roof and curves looks like the best a rendered CGI film could ever do in 2015 - let alone with Lego. I love the integrated speeder and just the doorways - they look and feel like they might be padded leather and I love that the pilot can walk through the ship. I may have missed it, but can anyone here imagine what the inside of the MF would look like if someone as talented as Bob gave it a go..?
  11. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    In this article they say: For Return of the Jedi you've got what LEGO describes as "two exciting sets launching later this year." What else could RTJ bring us that we have not had recently??? Could include Tyderium I guess?
  12. I found the Rogue Shadow to be a really enjoyable build. The wings are a bit odd, but the cockpit is really well designed and it swoops very nicely indeed. I have limited space on what ships I have out, but this has always remained on the shelf. It looks perfectly imperial - and I think looks way cooler than a lot of the other starships of that size (in fact I have put it on the stand for the UCS shuttle as I like the shuttle sitting on its landing gear - and the Rogue looks good from underneath). It really is a good sized good looking ship and I would highly recommend it.
  13. BJM

    [MOC] - UCS X34 Landspeeder

    Well golly gosh - that really is quite spectacular. The engines, the grille and especially the bonnet work really well. It even some how looks dirty and used with exactly the right amounts of studs showing on the surfaces. In particular the dark red trim on top just looks right. I am sure as you say there could be improvements, but all in all this is very close to looking spot on. I am impressed - and would love to see your tie before anything official comes out. Great job - well done.
  14. BJM

    [MOC] TIE Viper

    Wow - great links, thanks so much. Seeing all the dif types of Vipers together is very inspiring (even a cool Blacktron version). I do now want to try some of these ideas out (especially some of the cool cockpits). Thanks again.
  15. BJM

    [Review]: 75079 - Shadow Troopers

    Yep - thanks for the review and great end photo's. I will have to get 4 packs as I love to get 8 troopers of the same type together (so they have friends to hang with). I have a full large base plate with 50 odd stormies (8 original leg print ones and 8 of the original shadow troopers), 8 new scout troopers and 8 tie pilots etc. These guys (both of them) will really add to my rather basic version of the inspection. Will I dilute it all though with new rebel stormies???
  16. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    No, no, no. I definitely deserve a UCS Falcon and I hope you realise that you NEED one too...
  17. BJM

    [MOC] TIE Viper

    i love it. Looks instantly Empire and fits in with other ties. Looks genuinly like what might have come of the tie after 20 years development. And a very well done on the poster. The whole thing looks great. I will research this further but is there a site page with all the other entries that you could point me too? Happy Christmas. I might be opening a sandcrawler tomorrow...
  18. BJM

    RAS-Republic Assault Speeder

    Yep - really impressed with this little bike. Looks spot on.
  19. BJM

    MOD Cantina

    Hi Blacksad. Great photography you really make it all look very professional - did you see my attempt at a UCS Cantina. Having seen your photos, I really need to go back and improve mine. Thanks for sharing (and love the base to your Ewok Village)
  20. That is really pretty nice. I love the explosion - with the rubble all flung out that works really well giving the whole thing colour and focus away from the figs. Great stuff.
  21. BJM

    MOC Eisley Cantina UCS

    Wow everyone. Thank you all so much for the feedback. Now I am trying out MultiQuote... The angles, especially around the door were really tricky to make work. A lot of time went in to getting the shape something like the plans I have researched. And, yes, I look at it now and feel that I do need to add a bit more to the end behind the bar, I ran out of bricks, but will endeavour... I was watching the extremely awesome GOTG at the cinema when they stopped at their own cantina and that actually made me want to do this justice. It seemed right that some of the gang were hiding in there. Star Lord, the Sakaaran and a Nova Officer are all inside. Right on Chills. We are a sad bunch, but I just love the idea that Chalmun is running the place. Never expected to get blogged. Really honoured - sincerely - thank you all for the encouragement. Yep - it was a free photoshop tool. I will definitely work on my presentation skills (I think I was told that at school a lot too ) Again, thanks all. My dream is that we all deserve a decent Cantina! I have never looked at LDD, but am going to research it. Does anyone have any idea how long this might take me?
  22. BJM

    [MOC] The GHOST from Star Wars: Rebels

    Love it - much better, Great looking feet too. I do just feel that the cockpit piece needs to be bigger, but not sure what would be best piece. I would really love to see it big enough to sit two by two.
  23. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Azure Angel is another must for me with the AT DP. As well as being cool for the series - the fact is that the Angel just looks "hard as nails". I am a Brit, but this ship sure does look like an american muscle space ship and that is fine with me (bet it is rubbish going round corners though...).
  24. BJM

    [MOC] Mount Tantiss - Cloning Chamber

    This really is a great build. I wish you luck. So clean indeed. I have really enjoyed just now reading all the comments too (and your replies). The mighty storm trooper differences debate will be with us for a long time to come. Luckily there are 2 new mods on EB to keep us civil.