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    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    I bet the reason that this is not up on the site proper [the Falcon] is that there are two mistakes in it. Though presumably it would be easy to edit the online version.
  2. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    I wonder how many days it will be before someone finds the 'second' error. No MF for me at this point - so will have to leave that for one of you lot... and yes BrickCommander, please do share any glimpses of the process you go though - in a site like this, your posts are really interesting and appreciated, thank you for taking the trouble. My first FA set is on route - Kylo's shuttle - and I am fairly happy and excited to mod it. Lego really is a great invention. Also, when thinking about colours, again, great that we can change things, and with the MF add touches of replacement panels in older 'stained' colours etc. Looking at some of the basic hasbro iterations - an MF in just one plane light grey colour looks rubbish.
  3. BJM

    [MOC] Fortune's Thorn

    This is really great to look at. Vertical looks super - it feels like a bomber though. Needs some smaller fighters around it to run cover. I like the bottom ladder too. Cool.
  4. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Well I have to say that it has taking me way too long to read through the recent posts as I was away at the weekend, and basically, there is a lot of tosh - of which I realise this post is adding to that (apologies). That said, I do want to point out that EB is most usually a fantastic site and interesting forum - the best in fact imho. I certainly wish to keep TLG on side, and I appreciate the balanced views and efforts of the mods. Not long to go thankfully, and what I really care about is whether C3PO will be on Shop at Home with £50 spent. If so I have some day 1 decisions to make. If not, I shall await legal (you know what I mean) reviews. And a question, is the lead villain vehicle under-scaled. I assume it is similar sized to a Lambada Class, therefore cannot wait to see some serious UCS mocs in 2016. Those would be some heavy wings to make movable, but I am sure there are EB members who could pull it off. And seriously MODS, thanks for your patience with us. ben
  5. BJM

    (MOC) Hangar Bay 327

    I love it. Do you have a ball park estimate on how much you might have spent on just the bricks for the hanger? I do wonder on starting something like this...
  6. BJM

    [MOC] (B)lack Wing

    I really enjoyed looking and reading all of the above. I am interested, in general terms, how much you thought this might have cost in black as opposed to a normal price set (not inc figs). More than half, or even much the same price? It does look cool, and I have thought of doing this with a few sets, thanks,
  7. BJM

    Yinchorr - Royal Guard Academy

    I love the big rock with a landing pad squashed on top. It looks like a big heavy mountain. And I love the lighting. It is a great MOC.
  8. The Noghri assassins of Honoghr are skilled fighters. Although small, they are stealthy, efficient killing machines, with claws, fangs, and a sense of smell so acute they can smell your blood-line. The team are based at the tomb of Rukh, and appear harmless primitive humanoids. But take a closer look and you'll find them hiding in the shrine ready to ambush. Is that really a statue of Rukh on the pedestal (holding a Grand Admiral's head as a trophy), or is it the great warrior Rukh himself, 'hiding' in plain sight?! Open up the shrine walls to find a Noghri has been watching you through the spy hole. And in the second shrine find the team's weapons, helmets and jet packs ready for the next mission. image by bjm bjm, on Flickr image by bjm bjm, on Flickr image by bjm bjm, on Flickr image by bjm bjm, on Flickr image by bjm bjm, on Flickr There are 102 pieces in this set, not including minifigs, guns and jetpacks. It could be 100 on the dot, if I had 2 2x1 doorclips; I had to use 4 pieces. I love my Noghri so much, think I will have to build a bigger Thrawn trilogy MOC!
  9. I will go for... #16 #17 There are some great efforts in there. Cool bananas.
  10. BJM

    [MOC] 1. Battle of Geonosis

    Wow I love the downed ship and the mud / rubble area underneath it and then just the orange as you were saying. So many orange bricks - it looks stunning, it looks like sand. A great moc indeed and very memorable. If anything, you should grow it even bigger and hopefully add another rock column or mound or two for extra height. Cool bananas.
  11. BJM

    [MOC] Pod Racer

    Yeah I really love this. It looks like it is going really fast, but surely that helmet will muck up your mans hair!
  12. BJM

    [SWBP] - Assassins of Honoghr

    Did I not mention that the Noghri are also well renowned for their ultimate skills in miss-direction!
  13. BJM

    [MOC] - X-wing Hangar (Own design)

    Hopefully this post is young enough not to be considered a bumped! I must have missed it but wow o wow. I love anything stone, but never thought of a ship - but it works just so well. And then everything else. I will point out the floor around the power plant, that really looks great. And as others have said, I missed the logo at first. A great great moc.
  14. BJM

    (MOC) Vader vs. Artoo & Threepio

    I really liked this. I can certainly hear 3po saying his lines with distress. Cool. Thanks for posting.
  15. BJM

    [MOC] SW Rebels - Attack on Lothal

    What a great looking thing. Big and brash, but spot on in so many ways. Cool. Also, what a fun Flickr account you have. So many things to laugh at. The Joker with boxing gloves. Excellent.
  16. BJM

    Star Wars Battle Pack Contest

    Here is a link to my Noghri Assassins of Honoghr entry. And if you haven't read the Thrawn trilogy you MUST!
  17. BJM

    Star Wars Battle Pack Contest

    Sorry - being thick. Can it be from Thrawn trilogy - specifically Noghre using Chima figs? Thanks,
  18. BJM

    [SWBP] Cantina party squad

    I want it, but yes 2 birth to complete the band. Way cool.
  19. BJM

    [SWBP] - Ugnaughts Battle Pack

    I really do want some ugnaughts. I really do want some more cloud city...
  20. BJM

    [SWBP] Rebel Base Battlepack

    Yes - absolutely this set works really well as a battle pack, and a really nice little build that does not seem scrimped on in a set this size. Bravo.
  21. BJM

    [SWBP] - Swap market inspection

    Just great. This would certainly sell well, especially with some classic storm troopers. Cool stuff.
  22. BJM

    [SWBP] Gungan Swamp Patrol

    It is a great looking set, but a gungan Jedi is too far!
  23. BJM

    [MOC] CEC G-9 multi purpose Fighter/Bomber

    It sure is "ugly", but I like how it reminds me of Slave 2. I also love to see what people can come up with mashing up 1 set - but perhaps try something a bit more grey next time!!!
  24. Hi all, I saw in a post this quote "What you could do is download the LFX of it, run it through LDD Manager, and see how much it would cost in BrickLink." A couple of questions then: A) Is there a thread on just this subject that I cannot find. B) How hard/ time consuming is Bricklink? I have looked on BL a few times but come away daunted. I am in the UK so cannot be doing with US tax stuff. I have used pick a brick and enjoyed the site, though it is one brick at a time - but you can choose a set and then just tick away at the bits you want. Can you simply get an LFX, stuff it into BL and populate a basket in one or 2 hits (appreciating that not all stores would have all parts). PS - what I want to do is build a 9492 tie with some Rebels colour to it. I would love to know easily how much this would cost so as to know how much effort to put into making the build a reality. In the past, I just ebay a set that has most of the parts and go from there, but am I missing out not using BL?
  25. BJM

    [MOC] Republic Base On Florrum

    Looks great. Busy but not too busy. I like the really good height you have in the cavern and they way that is slips from the steel frame interior to an organic hill side. Nice.