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  1. This is kinda fun reading today. I haven't managed to get one yet either, but I WILL get one. I guess to be fair, I certainly would be narked to arrive in Brighton and to leave disappointed BUT, the fact is - I will get one. And just a year ago-ish, I never thought I would ever get the UCS Falcon at all. It does look stunning. ?
  2. Hello all. Apologies if this is covered already; I am in the U.K. And I may be allowed this for Christmas!!! Is there any good reason to try and get it tomorrow- I would have to make a lot of promises indoors! Are there extra points or anything???
  3. BJM

    [MOC] Bikes Shop Modular

    Yes, I too really love this. The glass middle is excellent and I am also a big fan of the yellow box at the back on top. The building dies feel very real, whilst also Lego modular... great stuff.
  4. BJM

    Retrofuturistic locomotive

    Hi Sundar. These really are so very beautiful and very inspiring indeed. REALLY, these are 'beautiful' - thanks for sharing. Keep it up, and of course you must build some.
  5. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I am with Darth Malgus above. A pretty neat summary. What I would like to add is that my opinion would be different if I hadn't bought the Death Star at the time for my 1 year old daughters birthday. The fact that I (sorry she) owns it now, does make me sad that I cannot immediately justify getting the new one. Though at 6 years old - she could probably help a bit more now with building it. Would have no major issue, but I know I will want the figs and droids. Now, if they redid the falcon, boy would I be happy. I never got that and want it so badly. I wonder how much discontent there would be if they did that. Less I would think, as the falcon left the shelves long long ago. I guess I don't like the fact that there is no gap in the Death Stars. Why not do Cloud City first, and DS in a few years??? Same with Snowspeeded. I never got it, so am super happy with a new one. I just hope, like some have said, that they can give more licence to doing other stuff too. For me, there is no better set than UCS Slave. Wow. And wow again. Yes, we do need Landspeeded and Reys bike in UCS. Please TLG, not many rehashes, and not on top of each other like Hoth and this "new" Death Star. Finally, I bet if we did vote, those most disappointed would mainly be those who already have 10188, arguably those who have already invested a lot in Star Wars Lego. I am therefore left disappointed!
  6. BJM

    Battle Packs - Better models?

    Hi - do tell us where they are £6. Brick set lowest is £9 and nothing doing on Tesco etc?
  7. BJM

    [MOC] The Wanderer's Shadow

    This is a great looking ship indeed. I love rogue shadow, but always had a little reservation on the 'wings'. I am definitely a fan of the left side of your version - it looks so much more crisp.
  8. BJM

    Favorite sets you own?

    Number 1 is definitely UCS slave 1. What a build and it just looks so great up on its stand. Number 2 Jabba and rancor and all their friends. At 3 is Rogue Shadow. A great looking ship, figs and build. 4 I agree that Ghost and Phantom are seeming better and better with the new shows. And 5. I do love swishing the new TFA tie. It is almost perfect.
  9. BJM

    [MOC] First Order Snowspeeder

    Do you know - having read through this thread I am so impressed that I NOW plan to buy the TLG version after all (for the fun of building it and getting troopers) then turn it into this effort. A great looking mod and thanks for sharing. I have never been on LDD! But will make some time and have a look. Thanks matey. Ben
  10. BJM

    [MOC] Jabba's Pimp My Ride..!

    Well done. This simply got me smiling indeed. Love the dangling guard!
  11. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I don't think the actual Death Star troopers were too happy about it!
  12. I am firmly in this camp too. Really great film indeed and in some ways my best film ever. I was born in 77 so only knew ep4 second hand, in fact I think I saw Return first, but in terms of anticipation and just loving both the new and old characters (and wow the ships in this too) this film is just epic. I am trying to think of any film I have seen that I love more - there are not many! Seen it second time tonight. Just great great great and totally gets me drooling for the next one. Star Wars is in great hands. Boy will I have to spend a lot more with TLG...
  13. BJM

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    I have loads of sets here in the uk and have hardly ever had issues. The only thing I can recall is the storm trooper from the cantina was totally cracked down the side, but tlg were very efficient in replacing it - so in fact I have a lot of confidence in Lego, and specifically therefore avoid any other brick!
  14. I have been thinking of doing my own UCS Tantive for a while as I have never seen a 10019 at any reasonable price - and of course both versions of Tantive so far are white - and yet from the studio model shot of all the ships seen together, both the Tantive and Falcon seem to be more or less the same colour. So would the Tantive look better in grey??? I think it quite possibly would! Has anyone seem a grey one?