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  1. Darth Doggfather

    Every cat is a potential thief...

    That one is my tag in Counter-Strike Source. The other day, I had literally 20 people from opposite teams, living, and instead of fragging each other, they were looking at my tag, talking about whether the cat was holding the boobs open or if the cleavage was like that. Also discussed: are those real? :-P
  2. Darth Doggfather

    Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360

    Woot off topicness.
  3. Darth Doggfather

    Every cat is a potential thief...

    I have resolved myself to make one of these my tag in Counter-Strike: Source.
  4. Darth Doggfather

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I just saw Borat. Had me in stitches through the entire movie. I watched it twice just this morning. The fight scene is a little.... disturbing, though.
  5. Darth Doggfather

    10124 Wright Flyer

    I actually have one of these, currently its in MIB condition. It's a good model, good parts, but it doesn't feel that sturdy. I have this problem where the wings sag. It annoyed me so much that I smashed the model to bits in a rage. :-P EDIT: List is 49.99 US on this set, but I wouldn't be surprised to find it for less.
  6. Darth Doggfather


    I agree, this is hilarious, but this has already been posted (too lazy to find link). Search before you make a thread!
  7. Nice! Keep up with the Miniland goodness!
  8. Darth Doggfather

    Sweeeet Blacktron MOC !!

  9. Darth Doggfather

    Awesome lego webcomic

    I've been waiting for a while to post this, but I decided now was the time. The site for it also has a lot of sweet MOCs. linky EDIT: To clear up some perceived confusion, this was NOT done by me.
  10. Darth Doggfather

    Create your own fig!

    I think this would go in the general discussion forum, but this lets you create a fig, choose accessories, and even buy it for the low, low price of 4.99 plus shipping!!!
  11. Darth Doggfather

    Building A submarine...

    I like how it's coming so far! For the front torpedo room, I would try to find pictures of real subs' interiors. One thing that may be important is if you want this to be playable with moving parts or just a display model. If you want moving parts, the torpedo tubes will be infinitely more complicated. If it's really good, someone might just shell out for it. I would see if there is interest, then maybe buy one and sell on ebay. I remember someone MOC'd a Republic Gunship and sold it for something like $700 on eBay, but I'm too lazy to grab the link. :-P
  12. Darth Doggfather

    Are you Lost?

    OK, I don't watch Lost, never will, never have, so I have no idea of the context of these vigs. But, I can tell that they have some nicely done minifigs that hopefully look like the TV show characters and interesting building techniques. Nice job!
  13. Darth Doggfather

    2007: Gaming Anticipations And Expectations

    3. Mass Effect - X360 Another BioWare RPG set in space with real-time combat? Yeah, sign me up. 2. Grand Theft Auto IV - X360 Grand Theft Auto IV. What more do you need to hear? :-P 1. Halo 3 - X360 The sequel to the game that made more $$ in a day than blockbuster movies make in a weekend.
  14. Darth Doggfather

    Homba 7033

    A little too SNOTty for my tastes, but otherwise a good ship!
  15. Darth Doggfather

    Lego Star Wars Spring/Summer 07

    Tomorrow being April Fool's Day, I was going to talk about the Hoth Base as an April Fool's Day prank. However, TRU just had to ruin my fun.