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  1. highlandcattle

    The next evolution... ME Track

    My track arrived last week ! Haven't had the chance yet to test is with a train but so far it looks awesome!
  2. highlandcattle

    The next evolution... ME Track

    I just bought three polybags hof the half-lenght track. To me these are the most usefull. I'm super duper curious!
  3. highlandcattle

    REVIEW: 7938 Passenger Train

    Thanks for the review! Best passenger train since the metroliner. It will probably be a 100 euro this winter in the BElgian toy stores.
  4. highlandcattle

    Narrow gauge trains

    I'm currently trying to replicate belgian tramways by simply making them eight or seven wide they look kinda narrow gaugish!
  5. highlandcattle

    Battleship version 2

    Very nice work Legolas! Even if I am not really a space fan this has some very nce features. Not a fan of the pods but I like the scoutship
  6. highlandcattle

    After the civil war...

    I can't find any info about Kotonga, do you mean Katanga?
  7. highlandcattle

    Vintage Minifig Collection Volume 3

    I never liked the yellow spaceman, even as a kid,I thought he was naked.
  8. highlandcattle

    Narrow gauge trains

    The question remains if these tracks are seperate pieces of or a couple of large pieces. It doesn't seem to contain straight pieces. Anyway If you make a six wide tram on these tracks it would look pretty good.
  9. highlandcattle

    Exclusive Train 10194 Emerald Night (Exclusive 2009)

    I do like the new led lights, and I see they have a connector for 9v motors aswell, I gonna buy a few of them since the original 9v lights are quite rare. I have been out of the hobby for half a year or so. But now my interest has been rekindeled by these new things.
  10. highlandcattle

    Exclusive Train 10194 Emerald Night (Exclusive 2009)

    That motorblock would simply be for MOC purposes I guess.
  11. highlandcattle

    Exclusive Train 10194 Emerald Night (Exclusive 2009)

    I didn't like the Emerald train when I saw the Pictures from chechia. But I like these pictures and video with Pierre and Jamie. The flex tracks might look ugly attached to each other but don't forget you can simply add one or two pieces in between the 9v track and your train would still be able to run over it! It would make a world of difference in train layouts. Oh the flexibility! About the price: This is were we sperate the men from the boys. Lego has always said that the PF systme would be for adult fans and not for children. It is more logical that it is more expensive! The market is much smaller. They did all we asked of them and still people whine
  12. highlandcattle

    Exclusive Train 10194 Emerald Night (Exclusive 2009)

    Uh-Oh Must buy! I'll be preordering if possible
  13. highlandcattle

    The US price hike

    In belgium for instance the sale tax is 21%. I believe in holland it is 19%. You should'nt look at the euro as something experimental. It is a done deal, nobody can back out. Years before the currencies were already fixed between the countries. Also the recession has hit european countries much less then the USA. Here in Belgium the speak of a negative growth of 0,05% which is the same as 1993. And we all survived that year. By the way Germany is LEGO's biggest market (not in size,but in numbers of boxes shifted.)
  14. highlandcattle

    Intertoys has Powerminers/City construction

    Jups, but the others will have it too.