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  1. Although it's quiet expensive, I ordered a set to use while assembling my Porsche. I love these printed parts!
  2. BrickDafki

    MOD Horizon Express allows fast on/off

    Now that's genuis by simplicity!
  3. BrickDafki

    60051, 60052 set question

    Is the 60052 also compatible with the power function LEDs? I've installed them in my 60051, it looks great. Beautiful head lights and the there is some light spread in the cabin so you can clearly see the driver behind the windscreen. However, I don't see how to install them in the 60052 without modding parts...
  4. BrickDafki

    Model Team scale 70's F1 cars

    Those are really amazing builds...
  5. BrickDafki

    CityMotors - Hot Hatch & Sedan

    They look nice! My favorite is the cabriolet.
  6. BrickDafki

    SBrick makes your trains smarter - Kickstarter

    I've pledged for one, I'm very curious to try this!
  7. oh my... I love your digital(re-)creation! Building a rally and a track version was the first thing that popped up in my mind when the first pictures of the original set surfaced! Now you make me wanting it to build even more. It's a pitty that the piece for the wheel arches doesn't seem exist it many colors
  8. BrickDafki

    MOD - Grand Emporium billboard

    Great billboards! My favorite one so far is Benny
  9. BrickDafki

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    If you need the 1x1 trans red tile, I was in the Lego store in Wijnegem last friday and those we're in the wall :-)
  10. BrickDafki

    MOC SD70M Union Pacific Freight Train

    Wow! You did an amazing job with the design of this engine! I started searching for the parts and started building as soon as I have read this. Many thanks for sharing your design with us!
  11. BrickDafki

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    They are available in Lille now as well. I'm working on updating for that shop. I wish the movie that I've shot with my phone was better quality :-(
  12. Many thanks for the warm welcome to you all. Well, for the moment I'm working on 2 different lay-outs. One is my town-layout, the other is my train lay-out. I don't have such a lot of space and combining the 2 on one of my tables is just to limiting... As soon as I worked out how to post pictures I'll post a topic with my town plan.
  13. BrickDafki

    Review: 10234 Sydney Opera House

    I build it already but I'm afraid I could not write a quality review... As soon as we we're returning from our holiday in Sweden (with a stop @ Legoland Bilund). I went to the LEGO Store in Lille to buy the set. I've build it a week ago, I and my girlfriend build it together with 2 friends and ik took the 4 of us more then 3 hours to complete it :-) The structure is as solid as the video on the S@H website shows. I didn't found a permanent place yet so I moved it around a bit without anything as wood or cardboard under the baseplates. Amazing! (Very different then the Tower Bridge :-s )
  14. Hi, let me introduce myself: I'm 29. I live in Baal, a small town in Belgium and my real name is Dave but as most of my friends call me Dafki, that will be my nickname :-) As a kid the only toy I've really loved was LEGO. During those great years I've managed to acquire some sets and thanks to my father I still have that collection of complete, most of the time even with the boxes, great 80's and early 90's sets. I the end of the day he loved to see the sets but back together to keep them complete. Sometimes he bought me basic sets to make sure I've had enough of spare bricks so I wouldn't have to take apart those nice Town-sets. Thanks to that I've a nice collection of sets (300+). I most like (classic) Town, but here and there I've some sets from other themes as well. A few years ago LEGO came back in my life. (I keep asking myself if it was ever gone completely...) It started with the "Sculpture" of the minifig, since then I buy these sets now and then. In my living room you can find sculptures as the "Eiffel Tower" for example in almost every corner. I just love to build those huge sets together with friends. In the meantime I build a lay-out in the empty room in our house. (yes even my girlfriend is into LEGO now) However it seems that I'm more of a collector, and for my layout it seems that I'm not completely satisfied by a town plan with sets. I have very less experience with MOC'ing as an AFOL but it I see what amazing things can be build on this forum I feel this is the way to go for me... So after some months I decided to join Eurobricks! So, already thank you all for showing me LEGO can be much more (fun) then just collecting!