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  1. Darth Kram

    Porsche Pricing & Availability

    Just got my shipping notification! Now for the long wait for delivery to begin. Sometimes it's not fun being in New Zealand, so far away from everything!
  2. Darth Kram

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    I'm also a bit annoyed with ToyWorld in Christchurch. Last weekend I went to pick up a Simpsons House when they had 20% off for a few hours but after talking to a salesperson I found out they were holding that and the Parisian Restaurant in the back room until the sale was over, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they're doing for this sale too. I'm still annoyed at them charging $500 for the Lego Technic 41999 Crawler when Lego direct sold it for $300 while it was available.
  3. Darth Kram

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    I just went and added up all the orders I made for the RC version and it came to $947 NZD (about $824 USD). This was for all the pieces (mainly in new condition) except for the 2 IR transmitters and receivers which I already had. About $150-$200NZD of that price was shipping as shipping to New Zealand is not cheap. Keep in mind that I got in early to build this and all the flex axles and red axle connectors #3 were still very cheap.
  4. Wow, this is fantastic! I love the styling of the truck and the three models go together perfectly.
  5. Darth Kram

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    I get the same problem with some gears. I took the gearbox out and made sure all the moving parts were nice and loose and that seems to have helped a bit. It doesn't clack nearly as much as it used to.
  6. Darth Kram

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    I'm very glad I got in early to build this. The hardest part for me to find was 32201 in Red. I had to order from 3 stores to get the 4 needed but even then it was only about $2 total for all 4.
  7. Darth Kram

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    I think they are from Rebrickable as I checked my Bricklink orders against the parts inventory supplied with the instructions and they matched so I can only assume the parts list is wrong. I have put the extra pieces into my collection now so I can't tell you exactly what was extra but it was mainly pins and axle connectors. I think the only thing I came up short with was a 4L axle and a 7L axle but I'm not 100% sure if that was from an error I made during building or from an error in the parts list. I was legitimately short 2 white beam 1 x 2 thin as there were 6 on Rebrickable and in the parts list but the model uses 8. I have got this corrected in Rebrickable though so that should be fine from now on.
  8. Darth Kram

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    Just finished building this (RC version) and it is huge, way bigger than I expected! The gearbox is absolutely fantastic, definitely one of the best Lego constructions I've come across since returning from my dark ages. I ended up with a decent amount of spare parts which was strange since I ordered directly from the Rebrickable list, I was also short a few axles, most notably one 16L link so I had to scavenge a highly chewed one from my almost 20 year old copy of 8235, it'll do till I order another, I also have 4 81.6x34 wheels rather than the 81.6x36 ones as this was a mistake on Rebrickable till recently but the difference is very minor. Anyway, thanks Sheepo for the fantastic building experience, I look forward to your next model!
  9. Darth Kram

    Liebherr L 580

    Any update on when the instructions will be available? I'm quite looking forward to building this!
  10. Darth Kram

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Talked to my local TW the other day and asked when they would be stocking the 2014 Technic and they said not till April, which is a bit annoying. I would get it from S@H but I've got a voucher for TW that I'd like to use.
  11. Darth Kram

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    Rebrickable and the Brickstore file from Sheepo's site show the 81.6 x 34 tyres from 8880 vs the 81.6 x 36 tyres that 42000 has.
  12. Darth Kram

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    Just finished a marathon session ordering all the parts (hope I haven't missed any). Fortunately most of the parts are reasonably common, the only things I had a little bit of trouble with were the soft axles (red 14L the main culprit).
  13. I came out of my dark ages this year in about July, the sets I've bought since then are: 8110 42006 8043 9392 2 x 42009 41999 42000 42008 42005 31313
  14. Darth Kram

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Great review, thanks. If only it didn't come out just after Christmas when I will have already spent a lot of money on presents! Looks like I'll be asking for gift vouchers this year!