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  1. Hello from Germany

    Willkommen zu Eurobricks! Ich habe von Görlitz gehört weil es gibt eine Personenwaggonfabrik da (ich bin großer Eisenbahnfan).
  2. Hello! My name is ...

    Welcome to the forum! Given your user name, you might find this review I just wrote interesting:
  3. Review: 60059 Logging Truck

    This review is for the set 60059: You get 2 bags, 1 very small sticker sheet, and 1 manual: In common with other 2014 trucks, the Minifigs and truck chassis are in one bag, the wheels and truck body in another: Contents of bag 1: Minifigs from bag 1, both come with an appropriately lumberjack-like appearance (the figure on the left has the kind of facial hair that would also fit in well with a Medieval or Victorian era set): Fire Chief: Nice to see a familiar face! Lumberjack (center): This is coming back in style, I swear! Lumberjack (right): WHAAAAT? Chainsaw: WHHIRRRRRRR!!!! If you've read my other reviews, you know I much prefer brickbuilt to stickerbuilt grilles, and this set does not disappoint. The protective structure on the cab roof is quite nice as well: The crane on the back is particularly well done, with many points of articulation for a variety of poses: In my opinion, this is a superb set. The only complaint I have is that you cannot "fold" the crane for travel, as is often seen on trucks with this kind of crane, but other than that this set is great. 9.5/10 Also, this set nicely complements the lumberjacks and equipment from last year's 60021 Heliplane:
  4. Review: 60056 Tow Truck

    This review is of the 60056 Tow Truck: Set comes with 227 parts, separated into 2 bags (plus a small sticker sheet). Each bag has its own manual: Bag 1 makes the chassis and minifig, while bag 2 makes the upper body plus wheels and tools that clip to the truck's side (a broom and a wrench in this case): Bag 1 after assembly. The minifig is a typical construction/road worker, with blue and orange clothing that fits well with the truck's blue and orange color scheme (I wonder how many Mets fans will buy this set?). The overall truck assembled. Given how many of Lego's truck designs feature the European flat-front design, I was very pleased to see a more American or Australian-style cab: How the crane arm works: These: Go into these: Like so: They clip to the arm of the crane (pictured below on its own): When the arm is raised and lowered, the above parts slide back and forth, like the pistons on the real thing: One other detail that I LOVE is the entirely brick-built grille: The tow truck in action: Towing a car. In all honesty, having this huge truck towing a City-sized car seems like a bit of overkill compared to having this truck towing other trucks: You can also tow with the hook, but unless I'm doing this wrong, it seems like you have to maintain constant tension to avoid the hook dropping down: My overall thoughts: If I must criticize this set for anything, it's that it is a bit oversized for a tow truck, but as I said above, it looks fine towing other trucks. This is an outstanding set. It's a great-looking model with a lot of functions, an attractive color scheme, and a minimum of stickers. A perfect 10! -PS I must admit I may be a bit biased, seeing that "The Castle" (made in 1997) is one of my favorite films and it featured a tow truck driver as the main character
  5. Review 7749 Echo Base

    Update as of 22 March 2014: none of the images are visible anymore
  6. Review: 60060 Auto Transporter

    That's pretty much how I feel about this set as well; I feel that the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.
  7. Review: 60060 Auto Transporter

    Pretty much all of the tires on the cars and trucks I have are the same size, so it doesn't bother me that they're the same size in this set.
  8. Review: 60060 Auto Transporter

    Here's my review for Lego set 60060, Auto Transporter: Contents of set are 3 bags, 3 manuals, and 1 (very small) sticker sheet: Bag 1 makes the 2 cars being transported, as well as the 2 minifigs and their accessories: I really like the 2 cars, I think they're quite stylish (especially the red and black one). The driver's a fairly generic truck driver figure (the mirrored shades are a nice touch, however) while the car dealer seems to be going for the "sleazy car salesman" look (or alternately is a huge fan of Gordon Gekko from "Wall Street"). The clipboard is made from attaching a sticker from the sticker sheet to a 2x2 SNOT brick piece. The 2 figures close-up. Would YOU buy a car from this man? Bag 2 makes the truck, minus the upper level: In bag 3 are the pieces for the trailer as well as the upper part of the truck. One thing I really liked was the use of the ladder pieces in gray to make the "tracks" for the cars to drive onto: The upper levels of the truck and trailer lower for loading like so (note the yellow hook to secure cars on the upper levels): In order to load the top level, the bottom level must be empty: With the top level loaded, you can now drive a car onto the lower level: The set only comes with 2 cars, so if you want to load it fully you must use extra cars: Overview of what you get in a set, truck and trailer, 2 cars, 2 minifigs, clipboard and briefcase: In my opinion, this is a great set. i really like the look of the truck and LOVE the way the upper level raise and lower. The 2 minifigs are perfect for the set (although perhaps a "buyer" minifig [or minifigs] could have been included as well?) As far as having only 2 cars goes, while part of me wishes that they had included all 4 cars for the truck, it may have either raised the price too high or been too repetitive to build 4 of the same car in one kit (and this kit already has plenty of repetition as it is). My score? 9/10.
  9. Review: 60020 Cargo Truck

    Does the cargo area of the 7733 open sideways as well? Also, is the 7733's forklift operated the same way as the one in this set?
  10. Review: 60025 Grand Prix truck

    The black parts I was talking about was the studs sticking up between the red "5" on the front, and the green "Octan" logo on the side.
  11. Review: 60025 Grand Prix truck

    I meant to write this review quite a while back, but a power surge fried my last computer and writing this review kind of slipped through the cracks. Anyway, here's my review of the 60025 set. What you get when you open the bag: The Dreaded Sticker Sheet with plenty of Octan logos (it curled like crazy even before I started peeling them, hence the presence of my fingers at the bottom): Bag 1 contains parts for the car and toolchest, bag 2 contains parts for the truck cab, and bags 3 and 4 contain parts for the truck trailer. The racecar is a nice little set, quite speedy-looking and liberally decorated with everybody's favorite fictitious fuel company. I kind of wished they made it so there weren't those black pieces sticking out from the side of the body between the front wheels (looking from the instructions,however, it seems unavoidable), but otherwise it's excellent. Also included in bag 1 is a toolchest and the 3 figures (racecar driver, mechanic, truck driver/second mechanic) decorated in team logo and colors: The toolchest comes with numerous tools, many (I believe) for the first time ever. I see this having a lot of potential use for a diorama or MOC of a garage or airport hangar or locomotive shed. I wasn't able to fit them all into the toolchest at once; did anyone else have this problem or was it just me?: Bag 2 has parts for the truck cab. It's for the most part a pretty conventional flat-fronted truck cab build, but what I find interesting and welcome is that it uses bricks to duplicate the red and white stripe on the sticker on the roof of the cab. The only problem with that is that the stripe is continued to the bottom, meaning that the license plate must either be: a) Not mounted on the bottom of the front of the cab b) Centered and mounted over 2 separate bricks, effectively "gluing" them together if you want to avoid the sticker tearing c) Like below, placing the sticker to 1 side Despite this, as I said above, I like that Lego is making this stripe with SNOT bricks rather than just stickers. Bags 3 and 4 contain parts for the truck trailer, which carries both the car and the toolchest: The trailer has 2 side openings, as well as the back opening (which doubles as a ramp for the car): The car being transported in the trailer: My overall thoughts: I love this set, everything goes together quite nicely. I I seemed a bit overly critical in the review, to me those are all minor nitpicks and do not significantly take away from a great set. 9.5/10 That said, one car does not a Grand Prix make; I'd love to see Lego make more racecar sets in different colors and with different sponsors (either real-life or in-universe). They need not be more sets like this, with a car and transporter truck; in fact, one set I'd love to see is an announcer's booth and/or pitstop with 3 or 4 different racecars.
  12. What's your favorite railway museum and why?

    Well, Berlin has a much bigger collection of full-size rolling stock, but I thought Nuremberg did a better job presenting the context of the railway system as a whole, with the employee uniforms, dioramas, and information on the railroad's role in Germany's history (good and bad). When was that display put in? I don't remember seeing it when I was there (summer 2011). One Lego thing I did see when I was there, however, was a group of life-size brick-built statues of Chewbacca, Yoda and a Stormtrooper (plus a ~1 meter diameter Death Star) in a display window in Alexanderplatz. Also, in the Alexanderplatz U-Bahn station, I saw this life-size product from a rival company:
  13. Greetings from the USA

    I haven't really done any MOCs yet, just adjusted some details on the trucks here and there. Otherwise, I mostly collect.
  14. What's your favorite railway museum and why?

    My top 3 are: -Railexpo, Quebec, Canada (maybe an hour outside of Montreal) -The DB Museum in Nuremberg, Germany (I also liked the Berlin Technikmuseum, but it has a lot of non-railway content so I'm not sure if it counts) -Illinois Railway Museum: off the beaten path but worth it (in Chicago itself there's the excellent Museum of Science and Industry, which has NYC engine number 999, plus an enormous HO scale layout depicting Chicago to Seattle)
  15. Review: 60020 Cargo Truck

    You can load at least 5 pallets on the plane if you fit them sideways-2 in front, at least 3 in back.