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  1. lysander

    Repair Hangar @ City of Theed, Naboo

    As you can see in one of the photo showing the back, the rear part can pass through the open area to the back. For the back of this building, I have no idea for further extension. I guest the two pathway can connect to another similar hangar area. The style is Naboo's typical green dome above but the it Is different from the fighter hangar, it can store two instead of three in vertical manner. I forget to put droid in the hangar......too late to put thm in as the building has already beendismembered for another creation.......
  2. lysander

    Mustafar Duel

    Unfortunately, I built this before the release of 9494 and the MOC was completely dismembered after a Lego completion....
  3. lysander

    Mustafar Duel

    Thanks for watching!
  4. lysander

    Fett escapes Sarlacc

    Nice work! If the back jet pad is on status, it will look much better. By the way, how can you get the key chain away?
  5. lysander

    MOC Jedi Temple @ Coruscant

    Yes I intended to cut down the scale to make easier to build and use less bricks for me. However, i want to build one bigger if i have enough bricks... Sorry wrongly translated the item Yes you provided an excellent idea particularly concerning the ground floor so that i can build multiple room for each sence and the room can be removed individually, just similar to 10188... Really!? The topic using Jedi Temple is rare in fact. Anyway thank you for your appreciation! Thank you. The exterior is inspired by the official SW Book - The Complete Location; in fact I Just referred from one page and the book did have lots of good idea! Yes, i will use the Temple as a background to make more SW short stories! Good observation! in fact i have 2 Mace
  6. lysander

    MOC Jedi Temple @ Coruscant

    Hello, everyone I spend the Easter Holiday to make the Jedi Temple of playing scale My reference book was: Spaceport: Temple entrance is too small for minifigures to go in... Side view: Top view: The roof can be removed easily The floor below was a place for Jei High Council Meeting Anakin was being interviewed by various Jedi Master including Yoda The Second floor can also be removed to expose the ground floor This is a room for Jedi's mental exercise Placement of laser saber The Unvierse Hologram was located in the temple center Rex and 2 troopers were waiting for Anakin at ground floor while one Jedi was reading message from the Council Ashoka was showing two young Padawman about basic laser saber technique Thanks for watching and feel free to comment and share!!!
  7. Hello friends, some of pictures here are following up my previous topic "MOC speeder" Main features include the bike can accommodate laser saber, gun and binoculars. The version 2 (red color one) also can be equipped with mini-cannon (Rex's bike) Thanks for watching and feel free to coment
  8. Hello, my friends! Long time no new post for me. I present my new MOC speeder. Thanks for watching!
  9. Find the SDCC 2010 Exclusive --- Star Wars Cube Dude Set very interesting, of course no money to get this Based on available bricks in my home, i MOC the following: Clone trooper with armor and R4D5 I add the third leg to the R4D5 in walking motion..... And this C-3??..... Please enjoy
  10. lysander

    SW Concept File 019 [DIY series]

    Thank you very much. Vader is so powerful, i just cannot figure out when should i use the damaged Vader there is a place for this!
  11. lysander

    SW Concept File 021 [DIY series]

    Thanks for your comment. Yes the R2D2 is a tarshcan but i will not put rubbish inside of course....It contained lots of Lego Keychain and magnet items. I wish i have lots of bricks to keep this. I have to disassemble it become i can create new DIY.....But i will keep this for at least a couple of months. Will show you soon.....
  12. Hello, everyone. This is the latest DIY by me. In fact the idea is from SW Episode V - Cloud City. I just finished the tower in the city. Here you can see the building process from the beginning - the base area..... Tower's lower half almost finished The extended pathway from the tower. I need extra transparent brick to give the support, otherwise it will bend。 The upper half..... not much space now, i need to transfer to the dinning table.....ha ha Yeah! Finally finished you can see stromtroopers in the corridor..... The other side is connecting to other building...... Do you remember this classical sence? Tower's upper half is just like a big sail...... This is radar like things at the toppest area of the tower。 View from another side..... Another radar like thing..... I don't know what is this in fact? Tower's supporting part the groundfloor is about the story about Leia's chasing after Han solo being captured...... Space lorry. Crossover with space police..... Space Police is useful in SW series! Lego 7119 should be here of course! Thanks for Watching and feel free to comment Please looking forward to my story section.......
  13. lysander

    SW Concept File 019 [DIY series]

    Yes i agreed with you. I had better to place a plain card paper behind for better photo taking......i take your point.
  14. Hello everyone, this is the latest DIY by me - featuring burial event for Darth Vader in Episode VI All the senior Rebel guys did attend the meeting...... There are pilots representatives from X-wing, A-wing, B-wing.....and you can find Ewoks as well Vader is sleeping peacefully on the woods As the son of Vader, he is trying to set fire on the woods......"Goodbye, Vader!" Beside Vader, you can find his lightsaber and his helmet Finally, the eternal image of Master Yoda、Obewan、Anakin appear all together. This marked the end of Starwars film series....... Thanks for watching!