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  1. the lead general

    Review: 30050 MINI Republic Attack Shuttle

    Great review and set, pity it will be impossible hard to find in Australia
  2. the lead general

    Review: 30051 MINI X-Wing Fighter

    More the pity. Great review and set.
  3. the lead general

    Your worst fear...

    But we still dont want Lego to go bankrupt so keep buying.
  4. the lead general

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Can you show us pictures of the men in the background? Looks impressive.
  5. the lead general

    Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    Awesome MOC, does it have a interior?
  6. the lead general

    Your worst fear...

    If you type AFOL into google it comes up with Adult fan of Lego. They can infiltrate.
  7. the lead general

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Great armies everyone! I may have an impressive castle/viking army to show if a swap goes well.
  8. the lead general

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Awesome transparency smokebelch real.
  9. the lead general

    Are you addicted to Eurobricks?

    Thats worrying.
  10. the lead general

    Knight Warship

    It is a bit crowded isn't it. Thanks.
  11. the lead general

    Romans or Greeks/Spartans

    I voted Greeks because they have cool hats. (pathetic reason but who cares?).
  12. the lead general

    Knight Warship

    I haven't got any others to use for crests. Thats only 50% of them. I'll sunk you Im a terrible painter! With? Thankyou everyone.
  13. the lead general

    What are you afraid of?

    I've also been chased by a baby emu.
  14. the lead general

    PTVII - Voting STAFF

    SlyOwl 3 great job everyone.
  15. the lead general

    Knight Warship

    Sorry for the delay and small pictures. here are the rest. The lead admiral being knighted. The gun deck. The turret and side gunners. The prison with a inmate and rescuer who is armed with handcuffs, key and sword. The top deck and grog barrel. The troll attack boat prepareing to attack and start the medieval plague. The castle boat launching to repell them. The sea battle. A different view of the top deck. ''When will the evil wizard attack next?'' The king, Lead Admiral and Admiral. The Vice Admiral, Captain and Warrant Officer. The crew. The archers. The gunners and ship's boy. Bigger versions of the small pictures. Comments and constructive criticsm welcome.