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    Impossible LEGO

    Aha, I didn’t read too well... Nice to see you tried and tested it yourself!
  2. rener

    Impossible LEGO

    I’d rather assume there are no pins in the lower back...;)
  3. rener

    Mining truck II

    This looks great, seems really compact and sturdy. Both colours look nice, white fits better with the Liebherr, but yellow possibly fits better with my own parts pile...;) looking forward to instructions!
  4. rener

    Technic Model Comparison

    Thanks for this! Confirms my thought that the mini Xerion is the only “must-buy” set of 1H...;)
  5. rener

    [REVIEW] 42108 - Mobile Crane

    Nice to know you already tried that. Nice review btw, which confirmed my idea about this set: nice for kids, but not really worth it for AFOL’s (like me...)
  6. rener

    [REVIEW] 42108 - Mobile Crane

    The first (12-20) seem to beg to be turned around. That would reduce the number of twists for raising the boom considerably. The official instruction almost seems like a mistake to me...
  7. rener

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    This looks really great! I think it would really be cool if a model like this would appear as a set. Maybe you can submit it for IDEAS?
  8. rener

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Aurelien Rouffiange you mean...😏
  9. That would be 10269
  10. rener

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Probably because it seems illogical to shift forward for driving could wonder why real cars have it the other way around🙃
  11. rener

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    The complete steering train seems to run left from the gearbox, the HOG is on the left side of the roof and runs under the left chair...
  12. rener

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Could the orange thingies on the roof be used for changing the transmission?
  13. Indeed very nice, great looks and functionality seems very interesting. Instructions would be very much appreciated...;)
  14. rener

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Truly sweet MOC! This fits very nicely with the latest modulars, especially Downtown Diner. Somehow it reminds me of "Hotel Coral Essex", from Revenge of the Nerds...;)
  15. This is my attempt of RC-ing 42078. 42078 RC by Rene Ren, on Flickr Inspired by the placement of the servo for steering by Efferman, I decided to give it a go. My goals were to use as few extra pieces as possible (mostly from 42030) and to maintain the clean looks of the set. I used the following PF-components: 1 battery box (technic), 2 PF-receivers, 2 L-motors, 1 M-motor, 1 Servo and 2 short extension wires. I’m fairly satisfied with the result. Most of the PF-components are not or hardly visible and most importantly: everything works! (with one minor exception, later fixed). The result is partly visible on the pics, but since I took none during the building, I’ll try to explain some solutions: Truck: - Battery-box: to my surprise, this fitted in. First I just dropped it behind the servo, but there it interfered with the steering arm. So I had to hang it on a couple of axles. Not the most elegant, but sturdy enough. Via the yellow 7L-beam and a few small parts, the on/off switch is handled via the 2L-half beam on the back side of the cabin. - Servo: pretty much just like Efferman placed it. Works fine. - Receiver: above the battery-box. With a little modification of the roof and upper back side of the cabin, only the receiving end is visible. - L-motor for driving: this just fits below the back side of the cabin. To make it fit, I had to replace some 15L-beams of the chassis by 13L ones, but I think structure isn’t weakened much. - Short extension wire: from battery-box to the plate behind the cabin, for easy (dis)connecting the trailer. 42078 RC by Rene Ren, on Flickr Untitled by Rene Ren, on Flickr Trailer: - Receiver: the only very visible proof of RC ;) - L-motor: in the center of the trailer, below the bed. Geared down a bit, but in fact this was mostly needed to make the gearing fit properly. For the big LA’s, an M-motor just hasn’t enough power. In fact, even the L-motor suffered a bit, so later I geared it down a bit more (see last pics). - M-motor plus short extension wire: in the center, below the bed, behind the L-motor. For the small LA’s it has enough power. Untitled by Rene Ren, on Flickr Untitled by Rene Ren, on Flickr Link to the rest of the album: Thanks for watching, hope you like it.
  16. As all entries are great, but some are more great than others, here's my vote: 3: 10 7: 6 4: 4 14: 3 13: 2 15: 1 Number one really stands out for me, the rest of my list is mainly nostalgia-based...
  17. rener

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    If anything, it makes replacing the LA’s by pneumatic cylinders a more attractive idea...
  18. I did have the same problem a while ago. In my experience, just mailing the owner to explain the problem got it solved pretty quickly. Good luck!
  19. Very impressive model, functions seem top-notch! I see a nostalgic analogy with 8880 and its B-model. Hope you can provide instructions for this one...
  20. rener

    [MOC] Ultimate Muscle Car

    Very nice and compact design, drives very good too!
  21. Makes me wonder...should I go Bricklinking this or just buy a real one??
  22. Hi Jim, Thanks for your review and marvellous pics! I got this one as soon as I could get my hands on it, for 200 euros, which I consider a plenty good enough deal. Still building though... it's quite large. One small remark: in the list of functions you seem to have forgotten the motorized slewing of the superstructure (just the one 42009 didn't have...;))
  23. rener

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    But, "rough terrain" isn't the same as "all-terrain", right? I don't really get why this machine would need suspension, or even a pendular axle. I mean, for operating it has to be positioned horizontally anyway. And real ones (like here: ) don't seem to have any form of suspension. "Rough terrain" seems more defined by the huge wheels/tires, so maybe Claas tires are more appropriate for this one...
  24. rener

    [MOC] Pneumatic Side Loading Forklift

    That's what I meant indeed (sorry, my Canadian isn't really well ;)). But since you already used a third party rope, flicking in an extra t-piece wouldn't really be cheating from the C-model-perspective, right?