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  1. [REVIEW] 75192 - Millennium Falcon

    Hi Jim, Thanks for this incredible review, which is a joy to read and to watch. The interactiveness contributes much to the reading pleasure, bringing some diversion to a very (very) longread! Which a very (very) big set like this obviously deserves... Since my wife will probably veto me getting hold of this one, it's easy for me to decide what to sell to get it anyway...
  2. Impossible LEGO

    My main point, in fact. I got it out myself with help from a potato knife with very thin blade, which hooks behind the stop of the 4L axle with stop. But the construction shouldn't have been in the instructions in the first place.
  3. Impossible LEGO

    Just found out that 42070-B is lacking in another, more unexpexting way. The construction as built in steps 106-107 is impossible to undo by normal means. Don't know if there are more official models which are impossible to break down, at least I haven't seen this before. Another good reason to reconsider building it... https://flic.kr/p/XZa44A https://flic.kr/p/YnHKxX (hope I got the pics right, I'm quite a noob with flickr)
  4. You're right there. I should have used some more words to express that I don't really mind the rather unfinished look, and that I like most of the outside coloring and shaping. Even my wife was impressed by the thing! (Not an "argument", I know...😉) I won't really argue about the design with you, since that's your forte (and totally not mine), but somehow it seems functional. Random as it may seem. Regarding the B-model: probably the first one since 8275 which I won't bother building. One hypothesis/hope/longshot could be that something spectacular WAS being created, but passed a deadline. And that Uwe was asked to quickly design a set that could pass as flagship.
  5. I think you're misreading some matters, as I already mentioned the MSRP is outrageous by any standards. My opinion regarded playability, not pricing, which you totally ignore, just like the comparison with other big sets I mentioned. Furthermore I don't think I was really presenting an argument, just an observation which lead to an opinion about playability. Nothing illogical about that if you ask me, but feel free to present the opinion of a bunch of other kids who disagree.
  6. You seem to reject any argument which doesn't support your thoughts on 42070. I assume you built it yourself to solidify your opinion?
  7. Considering that Uwe Wabra designed both these extensively overpriced sets, he may be considered the Neymar of Technic Designers... But on a serious note, IMHO 42070 is, price aside, a lot less worse than common opinion seems to agree. Building experience is really nice, many gears, no boring/repetitive parts. It indeed looks a bit unfinished on some parts (missing rear bed, interios, doors) but overall it looks big and mean like it should. Functions work pretty well and my kids love to play with it, much more than other great sets such as 42009 and 42054. In fact, 42070 is their favorite, together with 42055. Which makes me think Lego hits its target audience pretty well... By the way, switching manually between remote functions is not a problem for them, probably because the need to attach the cable manually anyway... On topic, I think the review of the B model hits the nail on the head. A missed opportunity, especially with so many great parts left unused.
  8. Hi Jim, thanks for this great review of an excellent product that I wasn't aware of until now! The links you provide to sariel.pl and technicopedia don't seem to work right, the redirect to your review...
  9. Nice and fair review, Jim! I think this set is not very interesting for experienced builders, but excellent for kids or beginners. Looking at the instructions, the B-model actually seems very nice and probably even more functional than the A-model.
  10. I'm building the set right now, finished the gearbox and wheel setup. I'm not a (great) MODder, but I see possibilities to make a setup like 8043, with 3 motors controlling 2 functions each, and an M-motor to switch between functions. There seems to be enough room to cram in two M-Motors, by removing/simplyfing parts of the gearbox.
  11. I guess working on the review, don't you? That gives thousands of bosses (on EB) and no pay, so some rest and play seems more than well deserved. After all, all work and no play makes Jim a dull boy!;) I patiently await the review!
  12. Test Poll 2

    Worked for me (or seems to anyway), on safari. Please review B first ;)
  13. This looks truly epic! I'd like to see it in action! Did you also build nine mining cars? ;)
  14. Impossible LEGO

    Fingernails won't do, unless made of steel, in my experience. I only managed to separate the parts with help of a small knife with a very thin blade. And not without some damage to the pieces. Remarkably this construction was also used in 8448, but it doesn't seem really "legal" to me. At least it's not possible to separate the pieces by normal means...
  15. Small detail: the close-up video shows dog-bone frames in red, in the crane ;)