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  1. I can confirm that my kids love playing with the BWE. Size must have something to do with it, but I think it’s mostly because of dropping bricks in buckets and watch them going all the way to the back, and then catching them with the mining truck. Had to buy a 42035 to keep them from fighting...;) 42070 was a favourite as well, but that would really have been a lot better if it was fully remote à la 8043. That would have justified the price tag better, too...
  2. rener

    42080 Forest Harvester

    ...associative thinking, but your comparison with 42043 gives it some pun, too...
  3. After viewing 42082-B on a bigger screen I must say I like it, despite using the same undercarriage. I've never seen a model like this in Technic (or any Lego) before and the convoluted way the rope is used looks very interesting. I also suppose it has to be able to make some kind of sudden drop, I wonder if and how that will be done...
  4. It looks in fact like also the superstructure is the same, and just the boom is rebuilt. Which looks like a cheapo, though the functions seem pretty cool.
  5. Because you’ve made your point perhaps? Dozens of times already?
  6. When quoting a lengthy post with the purpose of asking critical/rhetorical questions, you'd better get your facts right. The box weighs around 6 kg, as mentioned in the Brickset review. Heavier than 42055, by a bit...
  7. +1. I think we’ve seen more than enough for now. Patience is hard to come by these days...
  8. Very nice, I wonder if Lego consulted him for the gearbox design of the Bugatti... And nice to see Alice Cooper is still alive and kicking
  9. rener

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Perhaps this model as a whole is a teaser, because of the new pneumatic switches. I mean, TLG won’t develop a new switch to only use it in a medium sized model, so I suspect next year’s flagship will contain a lot more of them. Until then, that new switch might persuade a lot of people to buy this set, despite of only two pneumatic functions and other (debatable😉) shortcomings.
  10. Looks like you’re right...thought I found something new, but alas. Although there still could be a cage between/behind the two laters of curved gear racks...
  11. Could this part (looks like a bent axle/pin connector) be part of the bearing’s cage?
  12. Make that one fifth, I know...😉
  13. On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, 8460's outriggers had no trouble at all lifting the machine...