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  1. I've been gone awhile; maybe once I get reacquainted with the forums I'll jump back in! 

  2. Time for my semi-annual check-in, it would seem.

  3. Make that five years. Time flies.

  4. I've been here for four years now. Feels odd.

  5. Tidying up a few things around the profile, then it'll be back to regular posting!

  6. I'm back, hopefully to stay.

  7. Jamie Berard posted on my Facebook wall wishing me a happy birthday! ZOMG!

  8. New computer is BIGGER! FASTER! STRONGER! :D

  9. :look:

    I should be worried, shouldn't I?

  10. Crap, I forgot all about that. And it was fun. :D

  11. I like how we're stalking and counter-stalking each other's profiles. :P

  12. Yeah, it just doesn't look that impressive to me. Well, not 200 bucks impressive anyway. :P

  13. I saw you stalking my profile...

  14. Congrats on the regulatorship!

  15. Nice iced rice there, Masked.

  16. Thanks! I'm sure you'll reach duke status far more quickly than I did. :P

  17. Yup. Hit 2000 last night. Why? :P

  18. I was wondering when they'd finally promote you. About damn time.

  19. Sisco

    Whoops. Guess who just died.

  20. I bow down to your superior pranking skills, sir.

  21. I can't find my stupid camera! D:

  22. Can't. Find. Stupid. Camera. *annoyed with self*

  23. Good to be back! Jess will have a new class and outfit tonight!

  24. Where are the balloons? Do I get a cake? :P

  25. Nope; just mooching off assorted friends' computers. :/. Turns out that I'll probably have to buy a new computer...