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  1. Awesome review as always.. And I noticed that on the printing on Harry's cloak of invisibility it actually has the symbol for Rassilon from Doctor Who. :D Its the Time Lords symbol.
  2. dyntar

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I don't buy many Star Wars sets just some from the main scenes or characters from the original trilogy movies. My list is short but I want Sy Snootles, Max Rebo, Wuhrer, Ponda Baba, Dr Evazen and Zuckuss. We have the other bounty hunters so Zuckuss is the only one missing now. I also wouldn't mind a Princess Leia on Tantive 4 with R2 and a transparent tiny minifigure as the projection.
  3. dyntar

    Predictions for LEGO City 2018 sets

    Well in the last few years we have had Swamp, forest, arctic and now jungle themes. I think next year the city sets will go on Safari so we will get more animals like the Ostriches, camels, lions, parrots, monkeys and maybe a gorilla.
  4. dyntar

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I'm going to go with a big cat theme. - New Mold will be a Lion, [although it will probably just be a new head ] The re colour will be the big cat as a lioness.
  5. dyntar

    Guess the next animal mould round 2

    Awesome :D. Now I just have to find a way to get the tigers in bulk
  6. The set looks awesome with so many historic figures. The Highwayman kinda fits with being blacked out. They used to be called names like The Shadow. So a bit of mystery suits the figure.
  7. dyntar

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I've seen a few pictures of this ship. It looks great but none of the pics show the zombie shark. Isnt that supposed to be in this set?
  8. dyntar

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    The only really loose connection between Red Dwarf and another Lego Dimensions property is Doctor Who. Both made by the BBC. And in a few scenes on the show Red Dwarf if you look really closely at the shuttle bay you can see the Tardis parked inside it. So im guessing if it's not a new pack it will be an area that can only be accessed with the Tardis. And a Red Dwarf set just reached 10000 supporters on Lego Ideas.. So it's not entirely impossible for it to become a set.
  9. dyntar

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Just saw that post too from the official Lego Dimensions page. It showed a picture of the Red Dwarf bunk room! How awesome would a Lego Kryten be ?
  10. dyntar

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    My local Toyshop has a confidential list of whats being released next year. They wouldnt let me read it .. But the shop keeper said there's a Pirates Of the Carribean ship coming out early next year. She didn't mention anything about other Pirates sets. So it may just be the one ship.
  11. dyntar

    Guess the next animal mould round 2

    I'm going to guess that the next new animal will be a tiger. [not very likely but you never know] a new recolour - the goat in grey. The goat was only released in 1 set it needs to appear again. :D
  12. dyntar

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    Raganas castle is great especially with the dragon head on the tower. I think she should get her own Black and dark purple dragon next year.
  13. dyntar

    Lego Elves 2016

    Its good to see there finally being an evil side to the Elves. We need more sets for Ragana. Hopefully next year she gets her own Black and dark purple dragon. :D I'm not a fan of the Elves dolls themselves so Maleficent has taken over the castle for herself. It looks like it was built for her.
  14. dyntar

    Favourite CMF From Each Series

    Here's my list its definitely a historic based pick. Some series it was a lot harder to pick just one. 1. Forestman 2. Pharaoh 3. Elf 4. Kimono woman 5. Cleopatra 6. Roman soldier 7. Aztec Warrior 8. Conquistador 9. Forest Maiden and Gypsy. 10. Tribal warrior 11. Islander 12. Hun Warrior wizard is close second 13. King or evil Wizard. 14. Spider woman 15. Satyr 16. Rogue Simpsons series 1 Ralph Wiggum Simpsons series 2 Professor Frink Team GB Weightlifter The Lego movie Shakespeare Disney - Maleficent
  15. dyntar

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Are there any pictures of the Strax fun pack from Doctor Who? It makes sense for them to make Strax. He's a fun character that uses guns and weapons but he's a Sontaran which is a cloned species. So once they have made the head mold for Strax they can use it on any Sontaran figures in the future. They could even make armies of them using the Galaxy troopers armor from series 13.