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  1. Persian House (MOC)

    Thank you everybody. I know that it's not a masterpiece if moccing, but I'm quite satisfied anyway. I'm also fond of the wooden roof-beams - glad you like it too. The house hasn't got an interior yet - actually it's quite ugly on the inside - I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.
  2. Persian House (MOC)

    Last week-end I got hands on some bricks (1X2 & 1X8) in the new colour "Medium Dark Flesh". It was obvious, that I had to build something persian, to see how the new colour looked on large surfaces . This is what I came up with: More photos on Flickr.
  3. "MOC" parts

    Why don't you just contact LEGOs Customer Service by phone, and order the parts (if they're still in stock)?
  4. Legostadt

    I think it might be a test. But you can buy one now (if you have the money):
  5. Chrome Darth Vader Raffle

    Well it's sure hard to choose, but my votes are as follows: Venator Star Destroyer by thire5 UCS AT-TE by Anio UCS Shuttle Tydirium by Cavegod Emperor's Arrival by Morten Sonne Imperial Shuttle by Rufus
  6. Oh yes - I can only commit that. But why do we see all the americans cry, because one set a year they can't get it. All those tears - so cute. What about all the sets sets, that we don't get in Europe, because You're such a BIG market? So - I'm voting for - same sets all over the world.
  7. Legostadt

    But once there were :
  8. MOD: Greenhouse

    Hmmm - well - I recognized them at first sight: (page 6 in 6161 instructions)
  9. Shock Stormtrooper in LEGO ad!

    Well, maybe this discussion is over, but saturday night I was bored, and made this: It is a nice minifig after all.
  10. I've asked the members of the Danish LUG "Byggepladen" (The Baseplate), and these ideas came up: Soldiers Fregate = Big ship for the Imperials to fight Brickbeards ship Port Royale = Minor civillian ship , a warehouse and a couple og soldiers - a little like the old Imperial trading post, but more civilian. A little carriage would also be welcome. Pirate's Inn = A little inn with a couple of pirates, a bartender, a monkes and a parrot. And of course mugs with grog on the table and some barrels and packing cases. Port Royale and Pirate's Inn should be build on some kind of a pier (like the new 6242 Soldiers Fort), so that they can be put together to a little town/habour enviroment - something we missed in the old Pirate series. Big palm-island with a big cave for the pirates to hide the treasure. Shipyard Harbour Something like this (from the LEGO Idea-book #260): Small Pirate Boat Small Fort (reminds me a little of LEGOLAND Billunds Fort Smaller sets for a new wave could be - a soldiers turret - like the old and charming 6265 Sabre Island - natives in a canoo - pirate in rowboat with a treasure chest who has arrived a little island with some natives The natives can get some bigger sets in the next wave Edit: Could someone fix the pics, please.
  11. Instructions for a very old set

    Could you be a little more specific?
  12. [MOC] My Millenium Falcon

    Well Kim, in the two available pictures of Cloud Cars on Wookiepedia, they look a kind of orange. See?
  13. Study Danish language

    Try this link - if you want to study in Denmark - just let me know, and I'll find another link.
  14. Coming straight from LEGO World...

    Hello and welcome, my Ambassador. You know that I've allways admired your way of building - and the way, you always bind a tale to your MOCs. Welcome aboard - guess I'll soon see You again - to bad, that I missed the opportunity to meet you at LW 2009. Best regards Jesper
  15. The free Mini V-19 Torrent raffle

    Hey that's cool. Count me in