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  1. Jesper

    Persian House (MOC)

    Thank you everybody. I know that it's not a masterpiece if moccing, but I'm quite satisfied anyway. I'm also fond of the wooden roof-beams - glad you like it too. The house hasn't got an interior yet - actually it's quite ugly on the inside - I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.
  2. Jesper

    Persian House (MOC)

    Last week-end I got hands on some bricks (1X2 & 1X8) in the new colour "Medium Dark Flesh". It was obvious, that I had to build something persian, to see how the new colour looked on large surfaces . This is what I came up with: More photos on Flickr.
  3. Jesper

    "MOC" parts

    Why don't you just contact LEGOs Customer Service by phone, and order the parts (if they're still in stock)?
  4. Jesper


    I think it might be a test. But you can buy one now (if you have the money):
  5. Jesper

    Chrome Darth Vader Raffle

    Well it's sure hard to choose, but my votes are as follows: Venator Star Destroyer by thire5 UCS AT-TE by Anio UCS Shuttle Tydirium by Cavegod Emperor's Arrival by Morten Sonne Imperial Shuttle by Rufus
  6. Oh yes - I can only commit that. But why do we see all the americans cry, because one set a year they can't get it. All those tears - so cute. What about all the sets sets, that we don't get in Europe, because You're such a BIG market? So - I'm voting for - same sets all over the world.
  7. Jesper


    But once there were :
  8. Jesper

    MOD: Greenhouse

    Hmmm - well - I recognized them at first sight: (page 6 in 6161 instructions)
  9. Jesper

    Shock Stormtrooper in LEGO ad!

    Well, maybe this discussion is over, but saturday night I was bored, and made this: It is a nice minifig after all.
  10. I've asked the members of the Danish LUG "Byggepladen" (The Baseplate), and these ideas came up: Soldiers Fregate = Big ship for the Imperials to fight Brickbeards ship Port Royale = Minor civillian ship , a warehouse and a couple og soldiers - a little like the old Imperial trading post, but more civilian. A little carriage would also be welcome. Pirate's Inn = A little inn with a couple of pirates, a bartender, a monkes and a parrot. And of course mugs with grog on the table and some barrels and packing cases. Port Royale and Pirate's Inn should be build on some kind of a pier (like the new 6242 Soldiers Fort), so that they can be put together to a little town/habour enviroment - something we missed in the old Pirate series. Big palm-island with a big cave for the pirates to hide the treasure. Shipyard Harbour Something like this (from the LEGO Idea-book #260): Small Pirate Boat Small Fort (reminds me a little of LEGOLAND Billunds Fort Smaller sets for a new wave could be - a soldiers turret - like the old and charming 6265 Sabre Island - natives in a canoo - pirate in rowboat with a treasure chest who has arrived a little island with some natives The natives can get some bigger sets in the next wave Edit: Could someone fix the pics, please.
  11. Jesper

    Instructions for a very old set

    Could you be a little more specific?
  12. Jesper

    [MOC] My Millenium Falcon

    Well Kim, in the two available pictures of Cloud Cars on Wookiepedia, they look a kind of orange. See?
  13. Jesper

    Study Danish language

    Try this link - if you want to study in Denmark - just let me know, and I'll find another link.
  14. Jesper

    Coming straight from LEGO World...

    Hello and welcome, my Ambassador. You know that I've allways admired your way of building - and the way, you always bind a tale to your MOCs. Welcome aboard - guess I'll soon see You again - to bad, that I missed the opportunity to meet you at LW 2009. Best regards Jesper
  15. Jesper

    The free Mini V-19 Torrent raffle

    Hey that's cool. Count me in