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    Hoth Rebel Base Mocs

    I have to admit I was sceptical at first, but now I've got 7666 Hoth Rebel Base I've grown to love it. It's not perfect (and it could really do with some Tauntauns) but it has many possibilities. You don't need too many extra bricks to make a really neat diorama. I've taken a LOT of photographs of my mods so I'm going to post up a few at a time. I'd love it if in between my posts other people would post their comments, and any pics of their own Hoth dioramas, especially if they use all or part of 7666. Part 1: Exterior The Rebels man their trenches waiting for the Imperial attack. The door is exactly the same as in the original set, but I used four 1x2 tiles to plug the anoying gaps! I modified the 7666 gun turret to get rid of the useless missiles and built a second one to go with it. The radar dish here is the one from the 4500 Snowspeeder set. Note the commander sitting up in the observation post, giving him the best view of the battlefield. A Snowspeeder getting ready to go out to defend the base.
  2. PaulC

    To the Bumblebee-Mobile!

    That's cool... if a little bad for the eyes!
  3. PaulC

    Car with lights

    I really like these. I think lighting really adds mood to both vehicles and buildings in a display. If you made brick built roads such as in this moc from RebelRock you could build holes under the vehicles to pass the wires through and hide them. As discussed before, Lego used to make a 9v light and sound system which could come close to your mocs, but not quite. I tried building the smallest vehicle I could with the Lego parts a while back. It looks quite odd because of the constraints of fitting in the battery box etc. but I was quite pleased with the results. This police van has headlights, blue roof lights that flash on and off, a working siren, is completely portable and measures only 4 studs by 12. I certainly couldn't do this for a motorcycle!
  4. PaulC


    That's fantastic! I love the trailer with the spare wheel too. Your inspiration has in turn inspired me to come up with my own tiny town car. It oddly comes out at the same price in Lego Factory as my basic car, but people who only do short trips in town might prefer it as it's more economical, easier to park and it has about three times the luggage space! Obviously it owes quite a bit to the SMART car, and others like the Toyota Aygo which gave me the idea of just having a glass panel for the hatchback. As usual you can download/order this in three different colours from my Lego Factory Gallery. You will need to replace the brick sides with doors (you have them) on the blue and yellow version.
  5. PaulC

    Road Repair Crew

    V-LI-01F My recent purchase of 6187 Road Construction Set has inspired me to make my own road crew. I ended up using... oh, about 10 parts from that set! The excavator is made entirely from the 4915 Mini Construction creator set. The rest is my own design. Enjoy! The Road Repair Crew set out on another job, bringing with them everything they need. Once arrived they unload and cone off the damaged part of the road, setting up temporary traffic lights. Using a jackhammer they break up the damaged part and scoop it into the truck. The truck takes the material back to the depot to be used in other construction work, then it brings back a load of fresh hot bitumen. The crew spreads the bitumen over the hole and roll it flat. The crew can take a break while the new surface sets, then they pack up and are off to the next job!
  6. PaulC

    RAMM Falke utility helicopter

    Another excellent moc Chuck, compact and packed full with detail and innovative building techniques. I've long been an admirer of your RAMM series of Military mocs, and I really should have posted before now and said so. Sorry! Great ideas and a unified colour scheme make RAMM stand out from the others, with designs that seem very close to real military vehicles. I even love your troops, such a simple idea pairing a clone trooper torso with that "criminal" hat, and it looks so effective. I wouldn't want to have to fight those troops with that body armour! I'm curious... does RAMM stand for anything?
  7. V-LV-11A TO V-LV-11D I've been playing around with Lego Digital Designer this weekend. However, I like to prototype my creations in real bricks too. Please note: All the creations below have been uploaded to my Lego Factory Gallery and will appear there as soon as they've been moderated. You can download the .lxf files and even order a few copies there if you want. First up, a while back I saw that Calvin had come up with a really simple cheap car design that could be ordered from Lego Factory. It was a great idea and I've tweaked it a little and come up with my own version. It's very similar so I guess you could claim that the General Block Corporation from my town has indulged in a little industial espionage and "borrowed" the design from Legoda Motors in Legoland! :'-( This is a bog standard car that's cheap enough for your regular wage slaves. It has room for one suitcase in the back, and side doors are not even available as an extra-cost option! :-D The car is available in a large range of colours and styles and is designed so that you can populate your town with large variety of vehicles for very little money. The relative prices are something like this: Tan: £3.39 Blue: £3.39 Light Grey: £3.39 Red: £3.42 White: £3.47 Vintage Black Model: £3.62 Rare Yellow Model: £3.74 Modern Dark Grey: £3.87 A deluxe version of the car is available. This has been designed so that you can replace the side panels with doors if you have them. Extra features include: front fender, towing hook, opening hood with powerful 2-cylinder engine :-D , leather seat and room for two suitcases. Here you can see the design similarity of recent products from the General Block Corporation: Of course a towing hook needs something to tow, so I have designed this nifty caravan which is available seperately or together with the deluxe car. Inside is a bed, wash basin, stove and storage space. You will have to add the tap, pot and cups from your own bricks. The two tan cylinders can be placed under the tow bar to prop up the caravan when it's parked. The perfect home away from home! Except when the Daleks invade! Eeeek! :-D My Dalek design is inspired by CaseWindu's excellent design. You will have to add the claw and lightsabre hilt yourself.
  8. Great review VBBN! Minifig car doors! Lots of other neat pieces! I got this set after I saw your review and the general theme of it inspired me to build this (I used about 10 bricks from this set and a lot of others).
  9. PaulC

    Me! With my Army!

    Nice to see my tanks there as part of your display Dr. S! These pictures have encouraged me to get back into the UK Lego scene and join the Brickish Association, so hopefully I might get to meet some of you guys soon. Ralph's planes and cars are particularly impressive, and I also really like Dr. Sinister's twin barrelled anti-aircraft tank. I admired these models when they were posted earlier on Eurobricks but never commented because sometimes my online time can be a bit sporadic. Kudos to Ralph and Dr. S. and everyone else who took part!
  10. PaulC

    LDD: Cars, Caravans and ...a Dalek?!

    Thanks again for your coments all. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond but I've been away. Here we go... I do! Nice work Salvobrick. Unfortunately you won't be able to get the Dalek from Lego Factory as they have refused my design on the grounds that "it infringes someone else's copyright". If I get the time, I'll post a parts list so that people can build their own. The General Block Corporation are doing so well from their arms sales to neighbouring towns that their market position is far too strong for them to be bought out at the moment. In fact they might soon be in a position to buy out Legoda!
  11. PaulC

    PaulC joins the Arms Race

    That's fantastic Dr. S! I really like your modifications, especially the front and rear lights. It really reinforces the idea that these compact tanks are designed to patrol city streets, and therefore need to be "street legal". I'm sorry that I got rid of the original .lxf file before you had a chance to download it. If you check out my Lego Factory Galley you'll find that I've put it back up so you can grab a copy if you want. You'll also see there are some new models there too. I've just got back from a holiday in Norfolk where I got the chance to visit The Muckleborough Collection of military vehicles which has given me lots of inspiration! I'll be posting details of these new models soon.
  12. After observing the arming up of it's neighbouring city-states, New Block City has decided to create it's own military and join the EN purely for it's own defense. Our largest (and only) arms manfacturer, the General Block Corporation, also sees this a an opportunity to export it's unique weapons designs to other members and make a quick buck or two! Inspired by the beautiful green military vehicles of Doctor Sinister, the General Block Corporation's designs are compact enough to fit down your city streets and are thus ideal for urban conflicts. I want to continue to experiment with these models, so I'll be updating this topic as and when I come up with new designs. Here is picture of the entire army so far, waiting to cross the border at Checkpoint Timmy (Sort of like Checkpoint Charlie, only the guy manning the guard hut has a Timmy face! :-D ). The latest addition is the ultra-compact T700 Main Battle Tank (more details in a post below): The T4837 Light Truck (cargo version) is made almost entirely from 4837 Mini Trains adding just 5 pieces plus a minifig: Add a few more bricks, and it becomes a fighting truck! Note the nifty folding tailgate: The left over wheels from 4837 have been used in the T38 Armoured Personnel Carrier. It's armed with two forward-facing mortars and four machine gun ports, two on each side: The APC can carry two soldiers as well as the driver, with storage for their guns on the inside of the rear door:
  13. PaulC

    LDD: Cars, Caravans and ...a Dalek?!

    Thanks again all for your kind comments. They're waiting for moderation at, so they should appear in a day or two. Maybe, but I'm real busy at the moment (that's the trouble with being an AFOL, real life keeps getting in the way)! It may be one or two weeks before I can do that. Do you mean something like this?
  14. PaulC

    Cars To Fit in Scuderia Truck

    You're right, these cars might fit. And they're only four wide, so you might be able to fit them in side by side and get more in!
  15. PaulC

    10185 Green Grocer Review

    That is picture is just a whole corner of wrong. My eyeeees, my eyeeeees! :-D Seriously, I hope you and your Greengrocer enjoy your time together, and that Mrs Sinner isn't too mad when she finds out she's been replaced!At these prices, it looks like I won't be getting any of these wonderful sets. :-( I'll just have to content myself with my two beach houses.
  16. PaulC

    LDD: Cars, Caravans and ...a Dalek?!

    Thanks! Bwa Ha Ha Hahahaha! It's all part of my evil scheme for world domination! :-D My advice would be not to spend any money on these cool cars, but instead save it up... because I've got a stonking new APC in the works!!! You may not think MOCs are your strong suit but I really love the stuff you've built, and not many people could come up with something as consistently funny as Grunts.
  17. PaulC

    Palace and Parliament buildings

    These are really good, and have a very "official" and "presidential" feel to them. They're so heavily built that they also look like they could double as a pair of fortresses if any trouble starts! *wacko*
  18. PaulC

    Towns Index

    My town is called New Block City. It's a bit of a "work in progress" at the moment, but it would be cool if you could add it to the index. There are so many great towns here that I can't keep up with them all! My latest updates were posted in this ancient topic.
  19. PaulC

    4996 Beach House Review

    Thanks for the review Dunamis, this is a great little set! I'm also very impressed with Takuto20's mods. I've been trying a few of my own. I liked the tower block design, but a lot of stuff needed fixing. Firstly I added a 4th wall, and made it so the storeys could be lifted off like in the other models. I also added flowers on the windowsills and doorways out on to the balconies. Still to be added is an extra door for the top floor which I'm going to get from the new doors and windows pack. I added a chimney that goes all the way up the back of the house, and has a fireplace on every level. Each floor is fully furnished with a fireplace, wash basin and bed on the upper levels... ...and a corner sofa and coffee table, plus an extra large fireplace on the ground floor. Finally here is my idea of what to do with two copies of this set! All the parts pictured are from 2x 4996, except 5 extra fence panels and the minifigs. The house on the left has it's garden at the rear.
  20. I have a question, if a kindly Mod is willing to answer: I recently posted on Brendan Powell-Smith's Brick Testament topic (in the Other Themes section) and we started to get into a bit of a religious discussion. On reflection I think we should keep this stuff out if the "Lego" part of the board, and only discuss the MOCs themselves there. Is there any part of Eurobricks that we can continue our religious discussion in, or should this be kept outside of Eurobricks alltogether? Thanks!
  21. PaulC

    10192 Space Skulls Review

    I think you're right. When your whole ship is the shape of a skull, a skull sticker seems a little redundant!Thanks for the reviews Dunamis. I love these sets and I can't wait to get hold of them! *skull*
  22. PaulC

    new lego parts packs

    The old style windows and shutters are still currently available in Lego Factory and Pick a Brick... so why only include the sub-standard new ones in this pack? Why, Lego? Why??? |-/
  23. PaulC

    Grunts - Episode 28.

    Another great episode... do I spot a line from the movie Aliens in there? That's one of the all time great quotable movies for military fans. "Any Questions?" "Yes Sarge, how do I get out of this chickens*** outfit?" :-D I heard you on episode 25 of the LAML Radio Podcast the other day. Great interview, and really informative about your creative process and how Grunts came about. Keep up the good work!
  24. PaulC

    Religious Discussions

    Point 2> I'm grateful for all the hard work the mods put in around here, and I wouldn't want to make any more work for you.Point 5> You're right, I've seen this happen on other boards where people's strongly held beliefs have been discussed. I've even seen it happen in a discussion about 6-wide versus 8-wide Lego trains! I was a little concerned we'd said too much, so thanks for the reassurance!Thanks all for your sound advice. On reflection I agree with the general consensus here and I'll certainly stay away from discussing Religion or Politics in Eurobricks.
  25. PaulC

    The Brick Testament - David vs His Own People

    Thanks for your amazingly thorough answer Brendan. Now I think about it, you're probably right - this sort of religious discussion is probably best kept outside of this topic which is in the "Lego" section of the board. I'll limit my comments here to your fantastic MOC's in future. However I wouldn't mind further debating the religious issues. I'm unsure of the protocol too, I'll find out and start a topic in the right area soon, or send you a Private Message.