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  1. Jimosaurus

    [LDD MOC]Zenith - Old Republic escort cruiser

    I'm just blown away by this. Wow!
  2. Jimosaurus

    SHIPtember MOC #1

    Simply gorgeous!
  3. Jimosaurus

    [LDD] Small Scale Tantive IV

    Thanks everyone for the compliments and advice! I plan on going back and looking through some different front designs I had. I was alittle upset with how blocky that part turned out. Also, my turrets need some work. I'm thinking of getting rid of the dishes on the sides of them and shrinking their overall appearence. Anyway! Thanks again, I'm glad you guys like it. On to the next project.
  4. Jimosaurus

    [LDD] Small Scale Tantive IV

    So I recently finished my first LDD model for this site. It's the Rebel Blockade runner Tantive IV. There were some challenging parts such as getting the engines to align with the rest of the ship as well as the front section. I must give credit where it's due. I based some of the appearance on Dapper-D2 and Hollander's Tantive IV such as the side panels and engines. Overall you can see there are some major differences. I made sure to include all canons like the actual ship including the two duo canons near the front. What's neat about the top turret and radio dish is that they both rotate. I used the 2x2 spinning plate so that they both have rotation along the vertical axis. The bottom ones do not rotate sadly. Also, the turrets on the side of the body are on friction-less pegs which allow them to spin around as well. The outer appearance of the engines is very similar to the original by Hollander and Dapper, but the internal structure was a pain and it took me days to invent my own. You can see from the bottom that i also included the escape pods. Although there are 4 per side in the actual movie ship, I couldn't find a way to make that look nice. This is why I settled for 3 instead. So let me know what you all think! Any tips or suggestions are welcome as I am just starting out here.
  5. Jimosaurus

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hello, Jimosaurus here, I've been following posts on this site for awhile now but never made an account until recently. I love checking out all the creations that people post and I hope to get tips for, and show, some of the things I've made recently. So, just wanted to say hi and happy building to all of you!
  6. I've been designing my own Tantive IV from Star Wars, once I get the front figured out I'll be uploading it!

  7. Jimosaurus

    Episode III - the birth of Vader

    That's a crazy amount of detail in there, especially on the walls. I think it capture the movie scene very well.
  8. Jimosaurus

    Star Wars MOC Olympics on IDS Round1

    Reminds me of jurassic park, and I love how the vaders are cleaning up after banthas. That gave me a little chuckle.
  9. Jimosaurus

    Seoul's Strikes Back

    I do enjoy the vast number of storm troopers but I feel there could be more variety, maybe even some more detail on the exterior walls. Either way I think it looks rather impressive.
  10. Jimosaurus

    [MOC] LOTR Minas Tirith

    Looks so much like the movie. This is spot on.
  11. Jimosaurus

    [MOC] Buffalo Bill Wild West Roughriders

    Those are some snazy looking buffalo you've got there. Nice work!
  12. Jimosaurus

    Troll Dreadbringer

    The wheels and landscape look fantastic! I especailly like how the back is open with multiple levels of figures.
  13. Jimosaurus

    Hollander’s Corellian Corvette

    I was wondering how messaging worked. I thought maybe I broke something haha. I can recieve messages now and I also message Hollander asking about his. I'll have you know I built a blockade runner similar to yours but sadly I can't get the front to look nearly as well. That's mostly why I was asking about your model. Once I get the front fixed I plan on uploading it. I do appologize for just showing up and asking for it. I've been lurking on here checking out the creations people post for awhile but just never made an account. In all honesty I don't really need either file, just tips on how to create the front cockpit area. I was wondering if there was some trick to it haha. So again, I'm sorry for coming across as rude. And thank you for the advice.
  14. Jimosaurus

    [LDD WIP] Micro Old Republic ships

    I love that Defender on the far right. Love these micro ships you've made.
  15. Jimosaurus

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    I like the wheelbike. It always seemed like an interesting concept.