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  1. legoman960

    MOC(s): Some Of my recent MOCs

    Cool! I really like the first one. It reminds me of Ridley from the samus arran games
  2. *scrapped old character Name: Filvendor Age: 30s description: son of a small clans leader, gone off on his own in search of adventure and defence against any possible threats to the elve kingdom status: adventurer equipment: a master of the bow, and trained with use of the spear. Filvendor travels lightly, wearing lightweight armor and living off of the land as he travels on his trusted steed abaccus. looks: wears a light shirt of mail, and a stronger silver curiass over it. He wears a dragon helmet, the symbol of his clan, and has the arched eyebrows and complexion of an elf. * if I can get a picture taken, I will try to post it.
  3. legoman960

    Some questions.

    Hello! I haven't posted on this forum too much, but recently i've been interested in making a custom minifigure. I've read through several of the references, and have learned a lot but I could use some help with answering some questions. For making customs in paint, is there an image, or anything that I would be able to get my hands on that is the shape of lego torsos? How do I know what size decals should be when printed? Will this involve a lot of guessing? Any advice for someone who is starting out and VERY new to this? Ps, I would like to make a custom of one of the blades from oblivion. I saw that somebody else made one and has it for sale, but I didn't think that it quite captured the look. Here is a picture of what they look like, I'm not really sure what details to focus on in minifig form.
  4. legoman960

    eBay madness

    I was looking on ebay for imperial soldiers and I found these blue coats for sale and it seemed like a really good deal. I can't get them but thought I should tell some people who could heres the link Click here.
  5. legoman960

    "Clone patrol transport".

    Nice! I can see that thing flying around Coruscant.
  6. legoman960

    Console Wars

    I have a wii, but I don't think there are too many good games for it so i think i might get a ps3 or possibly an xbox360. I think i will get a ps3 but its a hard choice because half my friends have xboxes and the other half have ps3s.
  7. legoman960

    ARC-170 Review on Youtube.

    I like what they did to the set it looks much sleeker now, and more like it did in the movies
  8. I don't really like the whole concept with how the cannons work. IMO the cannons should use a blast template similiar to warhammer 40k and that everything in that radius would take damage, but how much damage they take will depend on how close they are to the center of the template.
  9. legoman960

    REVIEW: 6299 Pirates Advent Calendar 2009

    I have to say that the cannon that comes in the set seems more like a mortar to me and maybe could be mounted on small ships.
  10. legoman960

    10210 MOD - Brickbeard's Revenge

    Luckily for the imperials those bright red sails just make the ship a better target.
  11. legoman960

    How can you buy minifigs in bulk?

    I found this forum a few days ago and I came across the pirate section I've seen some of the huge collections of minifigures and I'm wondering how you buy them in bulk. Can you order minifigs such as imperial guardsmen straight from lego or are you stuck buying them one at a time for 3.50 from the lego website.