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    MOC: LDraw Fire Engine

    I have a decent sized Lego fire department that I and supplementing with LDraw apparatus to fill in for missing trucks. My question is what is everyone's preferred angle to view these in LDview? Do most people just stick with the standard 2/3 view or change the lat/long of thier renders? This angle just seams unnatural to me. Maybe because when I shoot them, I shoot them like I would an actual fire engine, and expect that angle of view. Thanks.
  2. JoshMcCray

    [MOC] Wrestling Ring (WIP)

    Thats fantastic. definiately have to show this to my son, who is a huge wrestling fan (me, not so much). On my fire truck MOCs I used shoe laces for hoses, that might work for your ring ropes, or ever that string kids use to make friendship bracelets (it's colorful too).
  3. JoshMcCray

    Greetings from the Sunflower State

    yep, 9 minutes from Oak Park Mall, little longer to get to the Legoland at Crown Center
  4. Hello All, My name is Josh and I have been playing Legos as long as I can remember (except for a time in High School when I was too busy). I live just outside of Kansas City, in Overland Park. I have amassed quite to collection of bricks. Even with what I have built, I still have 3 large plastic totes full. I really enjoy MOCs especially fire department stuff. I went to College to be a firefighter but never joined a department because i lacked experience (evil catch 22 if you ask me). At one time i was big into a Lego Fire Group called the International Association of Lego Fire Departments, or IALFD. I think it is now defunct but i still enjoy looking back at some of the pages made by the members. There were several of them back in the day. I started a similar list, organized differently, called the Association of Lego Emergency Medical Services. Currently I have a Lego Fire Department for a fictitious city call Morse that is based off my community made of both real physical Legos and .ldr models. The old website for it is One of these days, i plan on updating that (read as "I forgot the login info")