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  1. Well, speaking of categories,

    Even though i quit playing with bricks for some time now, i still like to see what's going on, and i'm still amazed that there's never been a Zoo categorie.
    One in which you can have a big starting set, and some medium and smaller sets to extend your Zoo. Let alone a huge exclusive set with all kinds of species in it...
    Or would a Zoo be a kind of moral/political thingy?

    Cheers, JJ.

  2. Hi all,

    not sure if this is the right place to drop an idea/question:

    Has TLC ever done a genuine pinball machine? I mean, if the designers can work out a roller coaster,

    ferris wheel and all sorts of things with lights and sounds, a pinball machine would be wonderful wouldn't it?


  3. Well then,

    after all the modulars we had so far, i think it's time for an accessoire set. Some set with additional things to live up your street of modulars.

    And i'm not thinking minifigs, but lets say a modular park, with bins, additional trees, pavement etc. A phone booth? 
    Howebout a paper stall? Or a food truck of some sort.. maybe a modular market?

  4. 56 minutes ago, Herky said:

    I have not read through all 17 pages, but the third floor apartment bugs me.  I guess the bed is by the window?  So he has a small kitchen, the bed and then the living room with tv.  And cookies.  And a corner toilet, so no shower, no place to store clothes, no place to do much but bake cookies and watch TV.  Just not a good use of that floor in my opinion, but hey, access to the roof where he can get a tan and bring his cookies for guests.  I do like it, but just looks way too cluttered, again with putting 3 things in one build, just do a garage or just do a vet's office, stop cramming so much into one build that it looks so over cluttered it doesn't work.  Who goes to their Vet's office above a garage?

    What other purpose should it be then? I agree with many here that a vet is quite an odd one.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Comon27 said:

    A building on the outskirts that also ties in with the modulars. Excellent description.

    I share that thought. The more i look at it, the more i think it belongs among another set of buildings rather then the current modulars.

  6. Just now, kodlovag said:

    I think designers are forced to use the new molds, or at least new colors of an existing mold, in every new sets. This is pure business. It is not good for the business, if the lego fan can copy/rebuild the exact same stuff from his/her existing bricks. And therefor the new bricks (molds, colors) are usually used at critical places. And we have to buy the new sets. And TLG following this rule since, well... maybe the beginning.

    It has become a lot easier over the years to produce new bricks/molds as well as colors. Don't think it's such a big deal any longer is it?

  7. 3 hours ago, BrickFit26 said:

    I would make the base floor dark orange and the 2 upper floors would be a lighter color that would go well with blue.

    What kind of blue would that be then?
    First floor medium blue, second floor Sand blue?

    It's just that the dark orange colour like this is just too dominant to my taste.

  8. First impression: lot of nice ideas, but somehow it's like a work in progress. Like the designer didn't have the time any longer to work ideas out a bit better.

    Facade of the two upper floors are a bit too repetetive for me, but other than that, no complaints. It just has to grow on me i guess.

  9. 1 hour ago, paupadros said:

    So in the end, it will be the first rumour that emerged! I'm also a bit curious about the architectural style they might go for; the first floor being a diner kind of forces the rest of the look of the building, but a petrol station could basically be a one off-thing on the ground level for then to be whatever on top. Here hoping for something really well crafted, packed with great pieces and great shaping. A corner unit ultimately allows for a more free floor plan, so it would be great to have an alleyway of some sort (Mike -yep assuming this modular's his :tongue:- said he liked buildings that didn't go until the end of the plot). Hoping for some Vibrant Coral, but that's wishful thinking.

    The time's coming, guys!

    Probably it's kind of Disney'esque. Something genuinely made up. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Mosse1997 said:

    Feels weird if they did go all in on renewable energy with Plants from plants and a Wind Turbine but also released a gas station. But on the other hand, as you have discussed before, the whole line of modulars are not futuristic, so an Gas station or Garage from the '50s would make sense.

    As the geek I am, I would love if they team up with Tesla and released a modular Showroom. Or just released a new Theme "Elon Musk" including the SpaceX rockets from the Lego Ideas, Modular Tesla Showroom and a Technic Tesla Model X (same size as the Porches and Bugatti) 

    it is probably too controversial for Lego to make that deal though. And they would perhaps not put another company brand on a modular building.

    It has always been difficult for TLC to stay away from any kind of politics like that.

    Sure, a wind turbine is oerfectly acceptable, but how did this Vestas thing came to be originally?
    I don't think TLC is there yet when it comes to a charging station instead of a gas station. 
    It's more likely that if the next modular will be a gas station/garage a charging point could be part of the design.

    Anyways, we're still not sure if indeed it'll be a Gas Station/Mechanics Garage, Police Station, Library, Vet, Post Office etc.. 

    are we?

  11. 49 minutes ago, jaesroe said:

    if the Auto repair shop or  garage would be the next modular theme...then this concerns me that the focus on building's design aspect might be slightly less than other theme as probably there would be at least one or two cars.... Earlier in this thread someone mentioned that a car was included in DD so would hardly see the repetition of adding car in 2019 modular but....it seems that there is no more 'certain' rules for modular line anymore. one of the rules that 1corner 3 non-corner building rule seems also long gone story....so...can't even guess in which style this 2019 modular would look like.... but please be classical design...like CC or GG.....

    You might say that. My guess is that if it's a Jamie Berard design, surely it will be a surprising cookie thing to see, even when it's a garage. I'm sure he'll come up with something. :wink:

  12. 1 hour ago, Withacee said:

    Yes! We saw the façade a few days ago, now it's the complete set.
    Looks like a nice new printed 1x1 round tile, too.
    Sadly, it looks as if these sets (Dragon boat race, Chinese new year, Dragon dance) are not going to be released world-wide?

    But is this a genuine Lego set?...