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    Café Corner [10182] x8

    When it comes to that, i wish TLG released a set with some interior design for it!
  2. Jasper Joppe Geers

    MOC: City transportation 70' style

    Excellent bus! And glad you did it 8 studs wide! I'm one of those who doesn't believe in vehicles like that on 6 studs.. it just doesn't make sence. Looking at the picture i see some houses on them? Where can i have a look at those!?... Top job! JJ.
  3. Jasper Joppe Geers

    My street so far...

    Wow! What happened here?... haha! First of all: Many, many thanks for all those lovely comments, they are more then well-appreciated!!! I never expected this.. Then i'd like to ask what a tag is? I'm still new here and need to find out how everything works here. Like profile settings etc.. all kinds of things. Perhaps i should emphasize that i did not do all this over the weekend.. Most of it was done in the last couple of months, while the first things where created end of last year. The bus is the first and exists probably over a year now. I'm still really happy with it, although it could use some stickers. But i'm not fooled! I do have still loads to learn when it comes down to create cars eg on minifig scale. That will be one of my priorities for now. Oh, someone asked if this is a permanent set up? It is. I have not really the intention to take all this to any kind of gathering as i'm very incapable of transport. Because of my physical condition i do not have a driver's licence. Furthermore, i always believe everything looks best this way. When I should combine my mocs with others, i have to let the pavement go for example, which is in my opinion part of the deal... And again: Many thanks!!!
  4. Jasper Joppe Geers

    Café Corner [10182] x8

    It looks nice, and a kind of promising... What happens when you buy the Green Grocer or Fire Brigade?? Top job! JJ.
  5. Jasper Joppe Geers

    MOC: Fiat Ducato Caravan

    I just love this camper! Wish i had it driving around the street! What i really dig about this one is it's size (8 studs wide) and the construction of it. Ok, the back could have some improvement perhaps, but that doesn't seem a problem to me! And one important thing: two minifig's can sit beside each other in the front right? That's always important imo to make it look real!
  6. Jasper Joppe Geers

    ARTICLE: LEGO Health Care in Tabletown

    Actually, i feel that in the Modular series there will be one day a police station, and one day some kind of hospital as well. I do think that we have enough regular police and fire people around nowadays, which cannot be said with hospital people. Therefore, the next time TLC will come up with a hospital set, it must be really good. Not something on a newly created baseplate (that is about i don't know how much bricks high) with a few bricks on it pretending to be a hospital... it has to make sence. Right?