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  1. Svad

    [MOC] Arrival of Deadpool !

    Really cool.
  2. Love it, great details, great facade.
  3. Svad

    Sandyman's Water-Mill (Hobbiton, The Shire)

    Your MOC appeared on Lord of the Brick and I would assume you know the website well. http://www.lordofthe...hebrickavenger/
  4. Svad

    [MOC] Striped Townhouse

    I love it, especially the facade.
  5. Svad

    Mr Wayne's secret

    This is niccccccccccccccccce. Great details, great pictures.
  6. Svad

    Saddle Up Apone

    Beutifully done, this respresentation really makes Legos come to life.
  7. That seoul station is GORGEOUS!
  8. Svad

    MOC: Class 116 DMU

    AMAZING train, awesome details... it's magnificient!
  9. Svad

    Sandyman's Water-Mill (Hobbiton, The Shire)

    Hey, I looked up your creations, you're really talented. Keep up the good work!
  10. I've all of the TOR sets and I intend to buy any new ones that would released.
  11. Omg this is so well done, pro work! Do you voice every charachter by yourself ?
  12. Svad

    MOC: Old man's garden

    I love your MOC, the details, the interior of the house, the house itself, the little bridge, the dense vegetation... Great job!
  13. Svad

    WIP MOC: SNCB AM66 (1st MOC)

    @ronenson: Here's a picture from, it doesn't white to me though I'm colorblind.
  14. Svad

    WIP MOC: SNCB Desiro ML

    @bartvdpoel: I haven't seen any 18 since they don't run in my region yet, but I see 13s everyday.
  15. Svad

    Orðlokarr Castle

    You're two sick brothers! This is huge and so detailed... waw...