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  1. Cian

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That's something imagined on forums by mostly US-based AFOLS There are multiple buildings in the line with European derived architecture. There's a computer in one of them. It is blatantly not a retro Americana line.
  2. Cian

    [MOC] Copenhagen Airport - Pier E

    That walkway out to Go is grim; this looks like rather an improvement!
  3. Cian

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Consider we've finished a 'block' now, a corner to start the new one would be in pattern, surely?
  4. You'd be surprised how accurate to life this can be - many suburban 1930s-1950s cinemas in Dublin are in fact carpet showrooms now - generally if they're not a bingo hall or a furniture shop, they're a Des Kelly Carpets!
  5. Cian

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Classic town sets rarely if ever had stairs, we're becoming too picky these days ;)
  6. Cian

    MOC Modular Drugstore for comments

    Needs a decent comms cabinet or else I won't install any dispensary systems for them ;)
  7. Cian

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Majority of them in Ireland are red - Dublin, Waterford and Inisheer as three different ends of the scale there - top 25 international airport, small regional/commuter and tiny tiny regional. I think only one airport in the entire country here has yellow ones even though I'd see it as traditional. The last Lego one was yellow though
  8. Cian

    Modular Buildings for future years

    Its generally ignored as if it never happened - I was surprised that it turned up in the Mini Modulars. Was branded differently (Factory) to the others and designed externally.
  9. GE looks like any late 19th century British sphere of influence department store. TH looks like a fair few of the early 20th century town halls in Ireland which would have swiped their designs from elsewhere. They do a fairly good job of ensuring no set looks massively obviously from one specific area - even FB which seems to be based on a specific New York station doesn't look much unlike any other city fire station of that era.
  10. Cian

    Building Cafe Corner via Bricklink

    Barring about ten parts, my almost visually identical CC and GG are now built Revered the staircase door and swapped the dark blue arch for dark bley on the ground floor of CC; changed the windows on the middle floor to actually be windows and changed the type of frame on the top. I'm still missing the birds. On GG I swapped the extremely dear sand green 1x8s for either 2 1x4s or 2 1x6 + 1 1x4 depending on where they were sited; also swapped some adjacent 1x3s for 1x6s as I was short on these due to a typing error on PAB. Also changed the glassless train windows for the new type that I also used on CC. I think they look fine, another AFOL might notice the differences but that's about it.
  11. Cian

    All possible 2CVs!

    What wheels did you use that fit behind the guards at the back? The part numbers are near illegible in the Hispabricks PDF unfortunately
  12. Cian

    Building Cafe Corner via Bricklink

    Takes a different inner part, see above for the suggestion I received and took (using two 2x3 panes in that frame rather than the 4x3 the proper frame uses)
  13. Cian

    LEGO Printed Bricks...

    Newsagent/tobacconist isn't the same as newsstand though (and there are still a few of those here in the same areas - major city streets and train stations). They're sort of like convenience stores, just traditionally they'd not have sold any fast food (they often do now), and mainly sold sweets, magazines, cheap toys and greetings cards and usually a small amount of "essentials" rather than a full range like a convenience store does. They're basically identical to a Danish 7-11
  14. Cian

    LEGO Printed Bricks...

    "tobacconist" was a synonym for "newsagent" when I was a kid - in the late 80s / early 90s - in Ireland. This being where sweets were sold too.
  15. Cian

    Building Cafe Corner via Bricklink

    Finally got around to ordering the parts from CS. The sand green grooved bricks are not in stock and are marked as out of production despite the ordering system having them green ticked and getting a confirmation email about it... This puts the price up quite considerably if you have to Bricklink these. Unless you can find two cheap Diagon Alley's (hah!), these are about $1 a piece on Bricklink in any quantity. Can sub 6 or 7 of them for solid 1x2's which are a fraction of the price. The rest of them are very very visible...