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  1. My Masters are not amused! But I am. Perhaps with the help of this machine I could be liberated from these two cat overlords that have taken up residence where I live.
  2. 16: 10 3: 6 10: 4 1: 3 6: 2 2: 1
  3. 16: 10 10: 6 11: 4 14: 3 18: 2 9: 1
  4. [TC5] Ornithopter

    That's great, I'm glad you liked it. During building the wings seemed flimsy with frictionless pins so I decided to go with the friction ones. But the wings might not have had all the supports at that point so maybe the frictionless would have been better at the end. Thanks for the .lxf-file. I still have a lot to learn about the LEGO digital designer
  5. [TC5] Ornithopter

    Well, as promised I have finally made an .lxf-file. It took a bit more time than I anticipated. This was my first time with Lego Digital Designer and I ran into some problems getting things aligned and gave up on it. But I wanted to finish it before I took the model apart, so here it comes: I wasn't able to connect the wings to the model so they are separate. Also some parts aren't connected properly, but I hope it's clear enough if anyone wants to build it. If someone's willing to look at the file and maybe give me some pointers about how I could have done it better, I would appreciate it. I know there are some alternatives to LDD, maybe one of those would be better for models like this.
  6. 21: 10 25: 6 18: 4 8: 3 33: 2 31: 1
  7. Same thing happened to me, I ordered 4 castle sets and received none. I did receive the free gift, 40140 Flower Wagon in mail though, but it's not much of a comfort. I was already feeling a tad sceptic about LEGO quality after christmas, when I built the Tower of Orthanc which had a couple of bent 1x8 bricks.
  8. The suspense is finally over. Congratulations to the winners! There were many great entries, thank you everyone who voted me.
  9. [TC5] Ornithopter

    Yes, I would have liked to add more functions to it, a moving control stick as well as pitch and roll movement. But had to settle for what I got. A motor powering the wings would make adding more functions to it easier. There are a couple of designs on youtube with more of a "da vinci" -look:
  10. [TC5] Ornithopter

    I'm not familiar with making instructions or an .lxf file. But I have been thinking about learning. I have couple of weeks of holiday coming at Christmas time, so if I can get over my laziness, I might be able to learn to make something.
  11. [TC5] Ornithopter

    I changed the pictures, the old ones were a bit orange.
  12. [TC5] Ornithopter

    I think that's just my lack of skill in photography
  13. 37. Ornithopter Ornithopter, made with parts from 9394: The functions: - Flapping wings - Hand-of-God steering - Rudder moves when steering - Fake engine Here's a little video: Topic: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=102942 Updated with some better photos.
  14. First of all, thank you for this competition. I haven't made any Technic MOCs in a couple of years, but I was inspired by this competition. Here's my entry: Ornithopter, made with parts from 9394: The functions: - Flapping wings - Hand-of-God steering - Rudder moves when steering - Fake engine Leftover parts: Here's a little video: Updated with some hopefully better photos