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  1. My color mods: orange and yellow. Video:
  2. vladoniki

    [MOC] Custom Gaz 51

    Great MOC! :) Have you colored white 47712 Technic, Panel Fairing #24 Small Short, Small Hole, Side B and 47713 Technic, Panel Fairing #25 Small Short, Small Hole, Side A, I don't find them in white color?
  3. Red Cab The red one. Here is my version:
  4. vladoniki

    [MOC] Rock Crawler

    Greate crawler! Thanks for the instruction! I have assembled it and made new axles with differential. In attachment is the .lxf file of my version of the axles. Video: Gallery: https://www.flickr.c...157665579750413 Rock Crawler.lxf
  5. vladoniki

    MOC: Ferris Wheel

    Wow! It is fantastic! Here is my version - http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=65776entry1608675
  6. vladoniki

    Ferris Wheel

    Here is my version of Lego Ferris Wheel. Its height is 50 cm. More photos - http://gallery.brick...2013-06-02-2810 Video:
  7. vladoniki

    WIP: TV Tower Sofia

    Thanks! 1. I have used more than 6000 bricks. 2. Satellites are random number. 3. Scale - about 1:53 :)
  8. vladoniki

    WIP: TV Tower Sofia

    Thanks! It is very stable, because of the strong construction. Inside photo:
  9. vladoniki

    WIP: TV Tower Sofia

    The TV Tower Sofia is complete. It is 197 cm height. More pictures - LINK.
  10. vladoniki

    My 2011 town layout at the Taupo Hobby Expo

    Amazing! Which set is the electric track with the two cars running around?
  11. vladoniki

    MOD: 4954 – Model Town House

    ...and some interior and stairs.
  12. vladoniki

    MOD: 4954 – Model Town House

    Thanks! Here are some more changes.
  13. vladoniki

    RC Train Tracks: Reversing Loops

    Thanks! I am talking about that: . Is it possible without flexible tracks?
  14. Is it possible to be assembled a layout similat than that: useing switching track, straight and curved rails? Would you help me with similar construction? My idea is to turn the train direction to 180 degrees. Thanks in advance!