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  1. JRBricks

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Speaking of Mandalorian updates, anyone have a good suggestion for Pascal's head? Was thinking of maybe Tasu Leech's head or even Tony Stark's. Or another alternative? Thanks...
  2. JRBricks

    Lego Harry Potter train motorized

    Jangbricks shared some great tips and instructions on options to motorize the Hogwarts Express over on his YouTube channel. Worth checking out.
  3. JRBricks

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    Haven’t had this issue but I did adjust the head a bit. I switched the 2x2 modified brick with the ball with the regular 2x2 brick underneath it. That raises the head a bit and looks better IMO. Maybe that will help with stability I don’t know.
  4. JRBricks

    Purist Star Wars Figures

    Marge Simpson's orange skirt gave me an idea for a purist Doda Bodonawiedoo from Max Rebo's band. The skirt has a black line in the middle so I turned it inside out. Not the best, but it'll do...
  5. JRBricks

    What to use to wrap LEGO set

    I’ve used this wrap to ship intact sets before with no problems.
  6. JRBricks

    Sand Green bricks for the Green Grocer?

    Bricklink is really your best option. I know it's expensive - you need at least 50 of those 1x2 bricks with groove, not to mention another 50 1x8 bricks, both of which run $3+ even in large quantities. Just for those two parts, you're looking at $300+. They're gonna remain that way until they are released in more sets, and who knows when that could be!
  7. JRBricks

    The Best and Worst of 2019

    Best theme: Creator Expert/Modulars Best minifig: The Mandalorian Best set(s): Jurassic Park T. Rex Rampage and Lunar Lander Worst theme: Brickheadz - sorry just not into these! Worst minifig: CMF carebear - just creepy Worst set: Wooden minifigure Most anticipated for 2020: UCS Star Wars set(s) and I have no doubt a baby Yoda is coming...
  8. At least you’re on the waiting list. As soon as it went live I clicked on the lightning deal box in my cart for the lower price and had a message saying the waitlist was already full. Less than a second. Smh.
  9. JRBricks

    Updating Your Minifigs

    This was mentioned over in the Ninjago thread...legs for Admiral Thrawn and Yularen...
  10. 2017 has been a great year for Lego fans - many great sets so far, and of course, many more to come! I thought it would interesting to see what everyone's favorite sets have been so far this year now that we are halfway done...and what they predict will be their top ones by the END of the year. Your favorites can be from any line, any theme, any size (even a CMF), just for fun. So here is my list so far and will that be the same for the end of the year? Undoubtedly no! Your favorites so far include only ones released up till June 30th, whether you own them or not...and predictions for the end of the year include ones that will be, or rumored to be ;) released before Dec. 31st... My top 5 halfway through 2017: 1. Saturn V 2. Assembly Square 3. Carousel 4. UCS Snowspeeder 5. SW Bounty Hunters battle pack By the end of this year top 5: 1. UCS Millenium Falcon 2. Ninjago City Set 3. Saturn V 4. Assembly Square 5. Old Fishing Store Fantastic year, and a bit pricey! But certainly a great one...
  11. JRBricks

    [MOC] Macaw

    Wow! Just amazing!
  12. JRBricks

    Purist Star Wars Figures

    Purist Tonnika sisters... Tonnika sisters by JRBricks, on Flickr Tonnika sisters by JRBricks, on Flickr
  13. JRBricks

    [LDD] A Space Shuttle Size Comparison!

    Nice comparison BrickWild! My favorite is still Discovery 7470. I added some tiles to it to give it a smoother look.
  14. JRBricks

    Speed Champions Alternates

    First of all great mods EROL! So this isn't so much a mod as it is just swapping colors. When the Mustang came out I originally wanted to try to make it orange with a black stripe, but not all the blue pieces came in orange as well, so I did red instead. Couldn't put all of the stickers on there and some I could cut around the blue or white. Has anyone else tried any of the other speed champions vehicles in alternate colors? I'm currently working on making the Porsche from last year black instead of gray.
  15. JRBricks

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I have the 7468 Saturn V set and it's a neat little set but I would love to see this version as a set. Instant buy for me if it gets made...