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  1. I was really surprised at the crowd today at my local Lego store. Got there about 30 min before opening and was about 40th in line. They also had 60 R2s and by time they opened there were way more people in line than that. Surprised at how popular this set has been. Looks like a great set though and looking forward to building it.
  2. JRBricks

    LEGO IDEAS 21326 - Winnie the Pooh

    This one would be great for Kessie... https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=27370pb03&name=Duplo Bird with White Chest Pattern, Yellow Beak and Feathered Eye Borders&category=[Duplo, Animal]#T=S&C=105&O={"color":105,"iconly":0} Hard to find though. You could always do the azure bird from the last two modulars.
  3. Can someone kindly point me to info on NI-L8 protocol droid? My limited Star Wars knowledge and lack of info on typical searches leads me to nothing lol.
  4. JRBricks

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I’ve only had missing pieces twice. Both this year. Both Star Wars. I was finally able to get the UCS Falcon and it had 3 missing pieces. All very small, common pieces that I had, but still, I was kinda surprised. And the Cantina had an opened bag inside. I was a bit nervous it was gonna be missing a lot, but I was only missing the reddish brown container box. Luckily I had an extra in my own bins. I wasn’t planning on calling them to replace any of these, but maybe I should to let them know about quality control issues. My guess is quality control at Lego has slipped a bit this year, maybe due to trying to quickly fulfill demand which seems to be at an all time high for them.
  5. I had to wait a few weeks after I signed up for them to email me when they had new stock. I went with the Mark 2, not sure how different it is from the first version though.
  6. The Nebulon B Frigate Set that was originally for SDCC. Set 77904. Is this the last of the sets for 2020?
  7. Very cool collection! And thanks for sharing. Edit: You need a Jeremy Bulloch autographed photo to go up there next to Logan.
  8. JRBricks

    Are the mosaics worth the money? ?

    Excellent points @ShaydDeGrai, very well said. We all have definition of what is valuable to us and to each his own. I grew up very modestly too and at times have been through up and downs financially. I am grateful to be able now to afford a little income towards Lego, even some higher end sets that I certainly couldn’t have afforded in my younger years (such as 3 mosaic sets!) And yes Lego has a lot of intrinsic value and I hope we all can enjoy this great hobby no matter who we are.
  9. JRBricks

    Are the mosaics worth the money? ?

    Seems to be a lot of threads lately on the forums about complaints on how expensive Lego is. Yes it can be pricy for some, but there are ranges of sets and prices to accommodate various ranges. Maybe it’s because there are more larger 18+ sets out or maybe Lego is producing some great stuff. As as for the mosaics, I love them. Bought 3 Siths and made the large Vader. Very fun to make and it’s a great display piece.
  10. JRBricks

    [REVIEW] 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    Fantastic review! Thank you so much. Really can’t wait for this. I already have Yoda’s lightsaber hilt. In fact I have the whole lightsaber. And it even included a buildable Yoda. (See set 75255 ?)
  11. JRBricks

    75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    Add $150 to the Cantina, making it $500...and I’ll still buy it.
  12. JRBricks

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Nothing here. Guessing no news is bad news.
  13. JRBricks

    How common are missing pieces?

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed this recently or not, but it seems maybe Lego’s quality control is slipping a bit. Perhaps it’s in a rush to get out a backlog of orders now with the reopening of factories. So we got our UCS Millennium Falcon last week after it was finally in stock again. After bag 4, we are already missing 3 pieces! One 1x2 LBG plate, one Technic Pin, and a black 1x2 grille piece. We very carefully remove all pieces from each bag as we always do, so this is very out of the norm for sure. Even double checked the empty bags. Nothing. No big deal as I had all three but I have never had a single missing piece in a set. Ever. I hope Lego isn’t rushing out sets and hopefully they go back to better quality control. I would rather wait a bit longer if it meant no more missing pieces.
  14. JRBricks

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Lego has posted a video of the piano coming soon...
  15. JRBricks

    MOD Haunted House 10273

    Great job! Love your new interior, so many great details!