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  1. I believe the correct term is Aluminum Foil. And yes, I think that will work better than anything else. Or just use a swiffer duster to get rid of the dust.
  2. Captain M

    2011 LEGO Architecture News & Rumours

    What I'm wondering is where did Brickset get the information for this set? They never stated any sources, and the only info there is something about the real skyscraper.
  3. Captain M

    2011 LEGO Architecture News & Rumours

    Burj Khalifa. I wanted to know if this was real or not, because we haven't seen any images of this set yet.
  4. Captain M

    ExoForce gone for good :(

  5. That new gladiator helmet is going to be a must-have.
  6. Captain M

    Hm... what to do?

    I have sets 8992, 8993, 8994, 8995, and 8996. I have taken them apart several times to attempt to create a massive MOC, but every time I try I fail and disgracefully assemble them together (again). So I need ideas. What would you like to see with all of these sets combined together? Thanks.
  7. Captain M


    Basing my theory off of the minifigure's themes; Adventure in the Underwater Realm with Skeletons?
  8. Captain M

    10214: Tower Bridge

    Not to rush anyone, but when are we going to get a review of this set?
  9. Captain M

    How long will MMV be available?

    I want it to, but I'm waiting until it goes on sale like the Bionicle Vehicles did(50% off!).
  10. Captain M

    Pink Knights - Still an Issue?

    I was about to say something similar, because I just checked my lone Lion Knight from Knight's Showdown, and I noticed a pink tint from the white on the printing.
  11. Captain M

    Hero Factory 2010

    Well, HF launched in august this year, so they haven't been out long. We also haven't seen any pictures of new sets, so these should stay in production long enough until the second wave comes out(if there even is a second wave).
  12. Think of the brick as a metaphor for a giant wall of fire.
  13. I think this would go in Website & Forums, unless you were referring to dedicated members of this specific forum? Anywho, the significance of my name is... simple? I like Lego Pirates, so "Captain", and the "M" stands for the first letter of my first name.
  14. Captain M

    Pink Knights - Still an Issue?

    I still have yet to see any pictures of this problem. Anyways, it's a printing problem, right? What happens when the printing/ink cartridge goes bad? They replace it. So, the printing/pink knights problem should be "limited", I don't think it will be here long.
  15. My dad did some work for a 3D printing company a while back, and him and I got to see a tour of the plant. It would take hours, if not days to print a Lego Brick.