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  1. jesse66058

    [TC5] The Dawnbreaker

    The left frontwheel is better focused in the new picture?
  2. Hello Agrof, Have you seen this suspension build by Nicjasno: I think if you make some small changes and replace the u-joints with pulley wheels you will get far.
  3. jesse66058

    [HELP] Old Technic Education Sets

    Since you're a new member i cannot send you a personal message yet. Something about a rule of a minimal of 25 posts to activate personal message's between forum users. I don't now if an administrator could help since i don't want to publish my mail here.
  4. jesse66058

    [HELP] Old Technic Education Sets

    You mean this thing?
  5. jesse66058

    BMW E30 Build Thread

    Totally rebuilded? That's some work! But yeah, curious how you make it again and again. I think this is one of the best methods to learn how to build with Lego. Try to improve the newest chassis. When stuck you look how somebody solved it in the next episode. Amazing!
  6. jesse66058

    BMW E30 Build Thread

    Sorry to revive this 'old' topic, but i was curious how many people still follow this buildshow and if there are more copies out there! Here is mine: I was finally able to buy the tires for a bargain price and received them today. With them the model is HUGE!
  7. jesse66058

    Linear Actuator Gearbox

    I like the concept but it's just so big with so many gears. Why not improve this?
  8. jesse66058

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Outstanding job as usual! If the helical gears are working, why does the Torsen diff not work? I just love out of the box parts! I was wondering, could you combine with just like Nicjasno's Ultimate Wheelhub? Would the Nylon surface be smooth enough to work?
  9. jesse66058

    Alternative Parts for Soft Axles

    The pneumatic hoses i have do all fit directly into the connectors. No real problem. When stiffnes is a problem, you can use hoses of harder plastic. Problem solved? :)
  10. jesse66058

    Alternative Parts for Soft Axles

    What are these used parts called?
  11. jesse66058

    MOC Ferris Wheel Prypjat

    I've always dreamed about building a Ferris Wheel. I think personally this is the best you can get. Very nice job on the structures!
  12. jesse66058

    Who doesn't like pneumatic engines?

    Once a while i had a simple goal to make a gas powered boat with a team. If i translate right: baking powder and lemon juice create a sufficient gas. An 0,33cl plastic soda-bottle filled with 1/8 baking powder and 1/8 lemon juice. It was enough to make a simple replica of the engine as the SYS I3 run for about 5 seconds. With the ideal concentrations should be experimented, anyhow it was more a fun than a high-grade experiment. :P
  13. Hello everybody, Since i never posted something i have build, i thought this would be something nice to post. Since another project which i'm following has took a break i thought it would be nice to use one of LPEPowers engines in an official LEGO set. :) I've tried the SYS I3 in 8285 with no succes so far. Today i had some spare time and made a fast moc-up with 8146 which works. Lightweight body and very simple chassis. No suspension or else was needed, i did build a torsional bumper, because safety first! This was the result in 3 hours: Very disappointing the V8 did not fit. :P Geared 1:3. The result was blazing fast. Now we can call the model a real nitro muscle car. :) When the video is uploaded to my Dropbox i'll post some footage here with a small teaser about a more serious project. :P Edit: Here it is: https://www.dropbox....7lsjk/Forum.wmv It seems like Dropbox is putting down the videoquality a lot. :/ Edit 2: Resized images due their too big size.
  14. I have seen tons of loads of papers and building instructions of many Dacta Sets including Interface A and B in my school. Scanning all those paper will cost some time. Maybe in the future i'll try it to digitalize. @ Phoxtane If you have the manuals of LOGO, does that mean you have the diskette with LOGO's on it!? I'm seeking for one to make for a long time in history making many Interface's A working in the original way. :)