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  1. yepyep14u2know

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    I just picked mine up yesterday from Toys R Us. It's the only 2H that they had though.
  2. yepyep14u2know

    [MOC] Full RC Compact Excavator

    That's amazing though! Could almost be an official set! Any chance you'd have instructions or an LDD file?
  3. yepyep14u2know

    [C-MODEL] Snow Groomer

    Very nice! Are you planning on making instructions?
  4. yepyep14u2know

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I would like to join also please.
  5. yepyep14u2know

    [HELP] Lego 4 x 4 Crawler Build Issue

    And Jim, please try to watch your spelling/grammar. Spellcheck works wonders! (begin senctence with a) Sorry Jim, just had to shake you up with a little fun.
  6. yepyep14u2know

    42042 - Crawler Crane - General Discussion

    I did Jurgens ultimate 8043 mod and that's the bucket it uses. It looks small, but digs more efficiently.
  7. yepyep14u2know

    42042 - Crawler Crane - General Discussion

    Uploading them to my computer now. I'll include images shortly. The 42042 tracks are wider and longer than the 8043
  8. yepyep14u2know

    Arctic Truck problems@! Help please (42038)

    I had the same problem. I don't have a picture as it's already assembled, but look closely....there is another small round grey part that appears to be part of the turntable but it goes somewhere else. Don't force it, just make sure to compare the two pieces first.
  9. yepyep14u2know

    What did you get for Christmas?

  10. yepyep14u2know

    Technic 2015 Discussion and Speculation

    Just got back from my local TRU! They also had the 42031 and 42035 available, but since I just spent $1,500 on a new camera lens, this was all I could get at the moment
  11. yepyep14u2know

    Technic 2015 Discussion and Speculation

    My local TRU has the snowplow in stock. Almost picked it up tonight....
  12. Between the 3x5 liftarms, by the pullback
  13. yepyep14u2know

    Technic 2015 Discussion and Speculation

    Here's (hopefully) a better pic of the inventory. Sorry, I don't have my DSLR with me and I'm using the cheap camera of the iPhone 6.